Never Trump Leader Makes Bold Claim

The Establishment is still trying to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t win in November. Unofficial “Never Trump” leader (and neo-conservative) Bill Kristol made a bold claim in a recent interview with Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC.

Here are the details from the Conservative Daily Post:

“It seems the leader of the ‘Never Trump’ movement let slip an interesting detail about the Speaker of the House. Bill Kristol has claimed that Paul Ryan has been secretly working to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t win the election in November.

“He had an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday which is where he made this claim. But during the same interview, he said that Trump’s vice president running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, doesn’t like Trump.

“Alright, well that just doesn’t seem right. Sure they may have some disagreements on policy, but that doesn’t mean that they hate each other. Besides, if Pence really did hate Trump, why would he agree to be his Vice Presidential running mate?”

The article goes on to try to explain the method behind Kristol’s apparent madness:

“Some other Trump endorsed candidates have lost their respective races. Whatever the case is, it’s still interesting that Kristol would bring this up.

“Now it is important to note that Ryan might try and launch a Presidential bid of his own in 2020 if Hillary Clinton does end up winning the November election. So it could be true that despite endorsing Trump, Ryan does want to see him lose to set up his own Presidential election bid.

“But the question you should be asking is this. Does Ryan really want to see Clinton win and go through four years of her in charge just to set up his own challenge? My answer would be that it isn’t likely he wants to see that.

Also I wouldn’t really be trusting the words of someone who is leading the ‘Never Trump’ movement. He could be saying whatever he wants to try and get people to turn against Trump. While he does bring up some interesting points, he ultimately just wants to see Trump fail.

“Yes there are disagreements between Ryan and Trump, but that doesn’t automatically mean that Ryan is trying to sabotage Trump’s presidential bid.”

Those Establishment folks are a stubborn lot, aren’t they? This year’s election has exposed the myth that Washington insiders really care about conservative principles and values. Kristol and other insiders know that if Trump wins, their power inside the Beltway will go down dramatically.

We think that Mr. Kristol protests too much because of this reason.

What do you think – is Kristol attacking Trump because he would lose a lot of political power going forward?

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  1. Reality is, the RNC and DNC are like 2 rival gangs fighting for turf. Both of them want to control the turf, but they will join together to keep a third gang from moving in “Their” turf.

  2. Kristol is no conservative. He is just an opportunist . I’ve always considered my self ultra conservative. If his example is conservative, I must be a liberal!!

  3. Kristol is a RINO … one of the “Business as Usual” Crowd in DC … who really wants Hillary to win the Election so Nothing will Change in DC … the Democrats and the RINOs are afraid that Trump will make too many Adjustments to their “Well Oiled Political Machine” … and Expose too much of the DC Corruption to the American People.

  4. I have no respect for Kristol anymore. It’s really interesting to sit back and watch and listen to those who are showing themselves to be what they are. They are coming out of the woodwork, I guess because they are feeling desperate. Generally, they go to great lengths to hide what they are and what is really driving them. It’s all about money and power and not letting any of us usurp their gravy train. I find it intriguing and satisfying.

  5. I absolutely cannot stand that man. I would not trust a damn thing out of his mouth. Much like Hillary, his truth is certainly not MY truth.


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