NFL Star Makes Shocking Statement About Reason For Planned Parenthood’s Founding

It’s rare that a celebrity or professional athlete boldly speaks out on a hot-button issue like abortion.

However, Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson did just that in a recent interview reported by the Washington Times:

“In a wide-ranging interview on the racial climate in America, Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson brought up Planned Parenthood’s founding, saying the organization was created to ‘exterminate blacks.’

“Mr. Watson said black support for Planned Parenthood is ‘ironic,’ given that the organization was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger in order to control ‘unfit’ populations.

“‘I do know that blacks kind of represent a large portion of abortions, and I do know that honestly the whole idea with Planned Parenthood and Sanger in the past was to exterminate blacks, and it’s kind of ironic that it’s working,’ he said in an interview with Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center.

“‘We support candidates, and overwhelmingly support the idea of having Planned Parenthood and the like, and yet, that is why she created it,’ he added. ‘We are buying it hook, line and sinker, like it’s a great thing.'”

We applaud Ben Watson for having the guts to say what he said about Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. It’s uncomfortable for liberals and under-informed Americans to hear this, but it’s the truth. Planned Parenthood was never about ‘family planning,’ but about eugenics and trying to eliminate the black population.

Do you agree with Ben Watson’s statements in this recent interview?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.




  1. This moron is simply parroting conservative right wing talking points.
    Thousands of other venues ALSO perform abortions.
    But idiots like this need to focus on a visible target supplied by
    right wing media.
    Even without Planned Parenthood, women of all colors and religion
    demand abortion to be available if they choose that option.

    • Anyway it reveals another side of the liberals. Povery, enviromentalism, minority… are eye opening subjects…Democrats use them to be in power

    • Spoken like a true “IDIOT” ! You choose to believe the lies of the left and ignore the facts and truth of the right! “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES” !

      • No Mike, spoken like the true leftist liberal democrat he is…read his comments. He’s in this forum not for the truth but to oppose it, and elicit responses like yours. He is best ignored

        • I fail to see the difference ? liberal democrat, idiot, what is the difference ? I also fail to understand the purpose for eliciting comments like mine ? I guess idiot’s have nothing more important to do ? However I will take your advice in the future and ignore him

          • You’re right of course, there’s no difference in HIS case. However I made the suggestion to ignore him because he’s here ONLY to irritate conservatives and any acknowledgment that you’re irritated just encourages him…. telling him he was successful as well. The sooner these fools feel discouraged the sooner they’re more likely to go somewhere else. I’m on your side, I just don’t want to give any points to a liberal, any liberal, because liberals ALWAYS SEEK TO AVOID THE DISCIPLINES OF THE TRUTH. Why give them any notice at all?

    • Instead of bad mouthing him, why don’t you try looking up Margaret Sanger and doing some research. Mr. Watson is absolutely correct and facts are not racist. The idea of abortion regardless of who does it originated with Sanger in order to control the undesirable races.

    • I think nyou are by FAR the moron!!! See above FACTS!!!!!! They might confuse you so let the person responsible for you delusion read them too!!!! You need a big history lesson!! Not YOUR left wing talking points!!!

    • They’re not conservative right wing talking points if they are facts and you are definitely showing who the moron is here. And I would dare you to call him a moron and idiot to his face. Besides we know you liberals would never let facts get in the way of your agenda.

    • We as a society live in ignorance of the fact that the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) is the one who GAVE that life in the first place, and we therefore have no right to TAKE that life.

      My late wife, the mother of our twins, is a good example of that. She was conceived in an incestuous rape by an uncle. Had she been murdered before birth, I would have missed having such a wonderful wife for as long as we were married, and neither would she have produced the four who were my stepchildren or our twin sons. HalleluYAH, for He is merciful beyond our measure for sure!

      There may be extenuating circumstances that could be judged on a case-by-case basis, but the wholesale slaughter of these babies will be answered for either NOW in this age or in the Day of Judgment, for those who have refused to repent and turn from it. That has NOTHING to do with being “right-wing,” but simple facts of life. The sooner we realize that, the better, in the Name of our Master Yahushua, who formed each of us in our mothers’ wombs, omein.

  2. Benjamin Watson is absolutely correct in his assessment of Margaret Sanger. Her words when founding Planned Parenthood are “colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated”. How sad. I wish more black preachers would let their congregations know this fact. Kudos to Benjamin Watson.

  3. Now that he has told the TRUTH of MAGGIE SANGER’S dream he is going to torn apart for NOT being black enough!!!!! I hope everybody catches on soon 60 MILLION unborn deaths and counting!!! Hillary wrote her dissertation on Alinski BUT her HERO was always SANGER!!!! Why are PP mainly in URBAN areas and why don’t Demon Rats EVER talk about the over 10000 free clinics that preform LIFE saving exams as opposed to the just over 750 PP that use most of their services for Abortions?? BUT they always say I am PERSONALLY against abortion but for a womans right to choose!! Now choose what???? I would like to know the stats on LIVES SAVED DUE TO ABORTION!!!!!

  4. Benjamin Watson, you are right. Margaret Sanger was an evil person and no true American reveres her at all; in fact, had we been alive during her days, had we known of her evil intentions, she would have been thrown in the brig.

  5. I agree with him, if he could just make all other democrats who vote for Hillary realize that she is for what PLanned Parenhood does and who founded it . These people are being used by the democrats

  6. And yet liberals (read democrat party and HRC) still support, promote, and fund the foremost abortion organization in the world founded to eliminate “inferior negros”. How can any black person still choose the democrat party or any democrat as their executioner?

  7. Of course I agree, it is factual. That was her plan and he’s right the black community fell for it because their “new” slave masters, the Democratic Party; i.e. Hillary Clinton and her ilk, told them it was a good idea. And, God help them, some African American Pastors blessed it as well. Remember, Hillary won the Margaret Sanger award. Margaret admired Hitler and Hillary is particularly proud of this award!

    Wake up People you’ve been had! And, this was LBJ’s idea of a great society. How can society be great when they murder their children (I’m talking
    About whites as well!). Wake up American womanhood, whatever your color!
    There is absolutely nothing worthy about killing your proginy, no matter what you’ve been led to think!. There are other choices! When people ask me if I’m Pro Life, I always say, of course, why would I be Pro Death?!

    I am a single mother with a grown married daughter who some tried to convince me way back in ’73 to exterminate. I would have none of that nonsense and with God’s help I made it through and I have two grandchildren. What some would say is a
    burden that will affect your whole life can turn out to be the greatest blessing of your life!

  8. Aren’t democrats something. They always claim to be helping blacks, they have zero proof to show for it. They also started the KKK and democrats fight like it’s WW 3 to keep abortion on the books. The irony is republicans freed blacks from slavery, led the fight to allow all citizens including blacks to vote with the 14th amendment, and look at the thanks republicans get. Politics is pretty nasty and cruel.

    • If you asked the average Black person in America: What Party fought for Black rights and ended slavery in the US they would probably say the Democrat Party? They will be totally WRONG. Without the Republican Party they would be slaves today. The minorities are simply brainwashed by the Democrat Party. By promoting Government dependency through welfare they could be called slaves today. Slaves for their votes. This applies to all Democrats as well. Those Blacks who have achieved greatness in America know nothing is free, everything comes with a price. The question is: Are we willing to pay that price? To recognize that All Live Matter is the first step to break the hold of Government dependency and take pride in who we are. I was taught: First love your God then love yourself. Everything will then fall into place.

  9. Blessings on Benjamin Watson for speaking up against Planned NON-Parenthood (Murder, Inc.). May our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) look after that voice and keep it sounding off in the cause of bringing the dark deeds of the baby-killers into the light, omein!

  10. Margaret Sanger, PP’s founder was a eugenicist (good birth) who wanted to get rid of people who she considered “inferior” (sort of like Hitler). In addition, she was a dyed-in-the-wool racist. Why do you think the first PP clinics were established in almost exclusively black communities?

  11. So glad Benjamin Watson had the courage to speak out. Perhaps more will listen. He’s exactly correct. Margaret Sanger was out to eliminate what she considered the “undesirables” from our society.

  12. I see legal abortion as a way to get rid of unwanted children PERIOD. Instead of encouraging sexuality we should be teaching the consequences of sex and responsibilities that go with having sex. By avoiding pregnancy there would be no need for abortions. This may sound like old school values, but they can be relevant even today.

  13. And the only true reason republicans, majority white, want’s to abolish abortion is the fact they are becoming a minority, the browning of America is killing off their kind so they want all their white women to have babies,disabled or not.

    And if he uses this to vote for Trump, he’s more stupid than I thought.

      • Deadman,
        yep. Most black folk listen to dem left-wing white folk too much.
        Dayz dumber den dem white-folk. Dey cant dink fo demselves.

          • Americans (white men) didn’t invent guns, it was the Chinese gun power and cannons your information is faulty, I mean knowledge! after we the white man got thru with your people Redmen it would be better to be dead than Red, Is that not what your saying. the only good Indian is a Dead Indian/ Correct Redman, life is so miserable for you and yours why don’t you just Go the way of the Buffalo

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          • I’ll donate a sperm sample so your race can get you into the “Modern Age” although there’s nothing new under the sun. “The survival of the fittest.” Rules, Tell the Surrogate not to swallow it. or you don’t get the full effect!

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    • The Black community also feels the same way. I think the overall opposition to abortion is based on ethics than any racial concerns.

  14. It is absolutely correct. The Democrats have been able to sell Planned Parenthood under the guise of a woman’s healthcare clinic. ALL PRO LIFE ADVOCATES have known the truth behind this legally Tax supported Genocide of “the undesirables”. This is RACISM AT IT’S WORSE. Wise up people. There is no other reason for this deplorable murder of the babies. I am so sad that these women thought that they were even worth spending money on. The woman are duped. I hope they soon realize that Democrats don’t give a hoot about them. The keep them single, uneducated, slaves to welfare, homeless, and have taken their dignity. Sad! Now us the time for REAL CHANGE.

  15. Ben Watson has my respect and admiration for standing up and exposing Sanger for what she was. She has passed on of course….just another sick Nazi. Please help us spread the word Ben and join us with Mr.Trump. Unfortunately, our country is full of Nazi’s and Communists. Let’s root them out, expose them for what they are and stop sweeping things under the rug.

  16. Andrew Jackson,Wilson,FDR,and LBJ were all involved in keeping the Blackman Contained,Unproductive and on the DNC’s Modern day Slave Plantations!
    They were given small benefits to get their Votes! Such Shame,the Democrats are not your Friends,you are being Used! Byrd the senator was a Klansman,Bill Clinton wanted him on the Supreme Court,the Republicans said No Way Jose!

  17. Mr Watson and Ben Carson are 100% Hillary idolized Sanger but when it get’s too hot she flips as she does with omost everything else ~ Michael Lane kinda tells it like it is on Youtube ~ Michael is black and very vocal about some of the black leaders whom have become very rich by promoting hate ~ I noticed that Hillary would not apply for the cops endorsements like most politicians always do but instead holds out for the black lives matter ~ well there’s a whole lot of black cops and their lives matter to me just as much as any of the other law enfrorcers colors”” sorry about the typing , having eye surgery tomorrow

  18. MOst white-folks-(98%)-, ruined america wit evil doings, greed, hate, stealing, lying, gun worshiping, inbreeding, denial of what they do wrong, and stupidity.

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          • dredman,
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      • He’s just a white, leftist troll. I wouldn’t bother with him. He’s as much Indian as I am Asian – otherwise he wouldn’t call himself Redman.

  19. Remember: Hillary greatly admired Margaret Sanger according to her own words. So.. WHY would ANY black person back Hillary?!!?? It defies all logic!

  20. How is citing written and recorded history that any person in the world has access to something to be applauded and passed out to others like it’s some new discovery? Did no one know the person who founded Planned Parenthood had alterior motives that were clearly identified by the founding person herself? Does no one realize that the Democrats were mainly from the south and Republicans were mostly from the north? Did it slip everyone’s mind that the Conservative Christian morals and values of the Republicans led to the ending of slavery and several other laws and Constitutional Amendments that gave blacks their freedom, equal rights and the right to vote? Did everyone forget that the Democratic Party opposed every bill, law or ammendment almost unanimously every time? Do people not realize that the KKK was founded and staffed mostly by Democrats some of whom were actually serving in elected positions within the Democratic Party? There are several other things the Republican Party has done to help the black citizens of this country! De-segregation and the civil rights movement was backed and supported by Republican leadership while the Democrats were fighting de-segregation and the civil rights movement. How soon we forget who has helped an ethnic group end slavery and every else inbetween equal civil rights and de-segregation.

    Now the Republican Party is disliked or hated by most minorities. The Democratic Party had to win over all the minorities with government aid programs and supporting Planned Parenthood to bring them inline and support the Democratic Party. The Democrats are speaking with forked tongues and most people don’t think or research anything and sit by and don’t pay attention to what’s really happening! I guess “don’t bite the hands that feeds you” wins over “almost 200 years of support including massive loss of life to help the black race win equality!

    How short sighted, forgetful, uniformed and gullible some people are is incredibly amazing!

    The political elite are now playing us and making us hate and fight amongst each other. It’s not hard to see through their smoke and mirrors trickery if you just free your mind and open your eyes! Stop listening to all the hate speech that incites violence, wake up and smell the coffee people. We are pawns in their game and we are ALL going to lose!

  21. Ben Watson is on the mark She wanted to selectively get rid of us considered white trash, black babies, and any other ethnic group that was not in the white elitists ideal human class. She wanted to kill all babies with so called disabilities and abort or breed everyone out that she thought was undesirable. Planned Parenthood has never been a good or descent organization and never will be. SAnger was just as Vile an individual as Madelyn Murry if not as bad then worse. Both were psychos who should have been sent to The soviet Union and never allowed back in America because they were demented individual who’s perverted ideals would have fit the hardline communist garbage perfectly.
    To bad they didn’t keep Murry when she went to visit and asked to stay. Even the Communists didn’t want her.

  22. While I don’t agree with Mr. Watson’s point of view, it’s nice to know that there are people around, like barack and benjamin who make a strong point in favor of abortion.


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