Why Is Hillary Cancelling Campaign Events?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign recently decided to cancel scheduled events in Ohio. This has raised eyebrows and speculation on why they were cancelled.

DC Gazette has the details on possible reasons why:

“Hillary Clinton cancelled her event today in Cleveland, Ohio in order to avoid another blow to her campaign like the one in Pennsylvania just one day ago. She drew in a large crowd of dozens, while the Trump campaign drew in thousands.

“Cleveland’s event was not looking to be any different for the Clinton/Kaine campaign. When asked about the cancellation they stated it was due to times constraints. The event cancelled was originally billed as: ‘Cleveland Manufacturing Event’ scheduled for: 12:00 p.m. EDT, Sunday, July 31 Where: APOC (A Piece of Cleveland), 1310 E 49th Street

“Yesterday, in Johnstown Pennsylvania the Clinton-Kaine rally could only attract a few dozen, heavily vetted/controlled, supporters. The campaign kicked off their general election efforts by traveling via buses through Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“Some, given the history of how the Clinton campaign deliver misleading information, may speculate the Cleveland cancellations was due to lack of interest, ie. bad optics. Perhaps this is a possibility.

However, there’s a very solid argument to be made that Hillary Clinton is not physically healthy enough for the rigors of general election campaigning. It is entirely possible the decision to use large buses for travel is more attached to her health condition. 

“Time will tell. If her current health conditions present a problem for her to travel just to the first two states, how could she handle being the President? This is one more thing to add to the reasons why Clinton is not qualified to be running for this position.”

Combine this with the speculation that Hillary may have had a seizure after her DNC acceptance speech, and we wonder if Mrs. Clinton can physically handle the rigors of the campaign trail from now until November.

What do you think – is Hillary trying to hide one or more serious medical conditions?

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  2. Hillary Clinton has issues with dangerous blood clots and brain tumors. After years of working to destroy ordinary Americans and abuse and misuse her official power for money, her doctors have her on all kinds of medicines, including heavy blood thinners. A heavy schedule of campaigning requires lots of energy and strength. Lying, which represents 99% of Hillary’s slogans and platitudes, doesn’t require much intelligence or strength, but Hillary has been slipping badly lately. She’s saying things that are coming back to haunt her big time. The Cabal that owns her is getting worried. A few more slips like, “We’re going to tax the Middle Class hard”, might be noticed by the public. The Cabal which owns the major media, the NY papers, ABC and CBS, can afford to keep lying about alleged polls because Americans have been so acculturated to believe what they hear from an “established” source, but Hillary could blow it all with a few more slurred admissions like that. The Cabal is doing all they can to keep her alive. As the Harvard professor and grad student just showed. It only takes 7 minutes to hack the electronic voting machines. Our votes are not going to be counted, just like in 2000 and 2004 (See Greg Palast). Californians looked the other way when 2 million Californian votes were not counted so that it looked like Hillary won the primary. Do anything you can to prevent the Clinton Crime Family from moving back into the White House.

  3. After Trump layed out his plan she has nothing that will work and is ducking and diving to stay out of public view Her health is also an issue and maybe she is getting a new tailor that lives in America she is just trying to figure which lie to lie about this week

  4. It is well documented that she has major health problems. All one must do is just a little research. If I can find it, anyone can. The problem is that the liberal media is covering up her problems.

  5. I don’t trust anything about this thing ..but I do believe she is a durg addict..and always has been ..greed and hate and killing that says helleru..

  6. She is a bullshitter who believes her own lies. She is a dangerous person. It is bad enough to lie constantly. But to believe your own lies as truth is very dangerous. Not only to yourself but to those you are lying to, like the American people. We want truth for a change. Something politicians have ignored because they want to be politically correct and not offend our enemies.

  7. According to various articles, she isn’t drawing large numbers at her rallies. Ditto her alleged health issues. And why would a doctor prescribe rat poison to a rat? It would have to be a severe problem to require such drastic measures, I would think. Or is it that she’s so confused that the truth is beginning to slip off her tongue every now and then, and her handlers aren’t allowing the public to access her? And this is what we could end up with in the Oval Office, instead of a President. Again. It’s hard to believe that we’re collectively that freakin’ stupid. I’m still hoping we’re not. I beg of us, give Trump a chance to show us what he can do.


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