3rd Party Candidate With GOP Backing Joins Presidential Race

The 2016 election has taken another strange twist. A total newcomer to elective politics has thrown his hat into the presidential race.

Here are the details from Newsmax.com:

“Evan McMullin, chief policy director of the House Republican Conference and an alumnus of the CIA, announced Monday that he is launching a third-party presidential campaign. He has also brought a campaign website online.

“‘In a year where Americans have lost faith in the candidates of both major parties, it’s time for a generation of new leadership to step up,’ McMullin told ABC News.

‘It’s never too late to do the right thing, and America deserves much better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer us. I humbly offer myself as a leader who can give millions of disaffected Americans a conservative choice for president.'”



McMullin was also a Mormon missionary in Amman, Jordan for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He was in training at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia at the time of the 9/11 attacks. After completing his training, McMullin volunteered to serve in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, where he worked with counterterrorism and intelligence operations in some of the most dangerous nations, according to Better for America.

After leaving the CIA in 2011, McMullin went to work at Goldman Sachs in San Francisco, and two years later became a national security adviser for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, later becoming the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference.

His candidacy was first announced on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, where Joe Scarborough had this to say:

“I could be wrong at 7:04 [a.m.] but several good sources told me that people, er, Republicans, from let’s just say, ‘Never Trump land,’ found somebody and they’re going to put good money behind him.”

McMullin’s entry into the presidential race – and less than 90 days until Election Day – is a first in American politics. He’s a virtual unknown to almost all voters, and his background with the CIA and Goldman Sachs make him look like another Washington insider. And voters have not been kind to political insiders this election cycle.

Do you think McMullin’s candidacy is a legitimate 3rd-party attempt to put a ‘true conservative’ in the race, or is it a last-ditch attempt by Republican insiders to derail Donald Trump?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


  1. By now everybody on this planet should know that the CIA is the brain of the globalist movement. This jerk is just another traitor hell bent on doing away with our sovereignty.

  2. I’d have to say that both were considerations to the ‘Powers that Be’ behind this move. At the very least, a ‘spoiler’ to Trump… at best, a ‘dark horse’ with an outside chance to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction. Hell, ANYTHING would be better than Hellary.

  3. First, the GOP does not consist of just a few wealthy DOTARDS that can’t stand the sour grapes of defeat. If they will do anything in their power to keep Trump from winning in November they most assuredly ARE NOT REPUBLICANS!!! They are FOOLS!!! The Supreme Court is at stake and they Don’t give a damn. WTF? It probably wont be the Democrats alone that start a rebellion in this country. It appears that the elite in the GOP will be as much to blame as the Democrats. When it happens, the “Righteous Anger” of the American people will fall on both responsible parties equally!!! Protect, Preserve and Defend the Constitution of The United States of America. Not ones political party!

  4. I don’t care who else is running for the Presidency. My vote and alot of my friends from Illinois are still voting for Donald Trump. We need someone in the White House that has never held a Political Position. Donald Trump is and will be our next President of the United States.

    • I’m right there with you. Trump has never held an elective office before, as you said, but is one extremely smart, savvy businessman. We’ve been needing one of those for a long time. it’s been a good many years since any of our presidents have ever had to make payroll, been responsible to a board of directors, or have had to attempt to make as much profit for his stockholders as possible. Or, last but not least, he will have to try to balance our books for a change. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!!! There are so many attributes that he will bring to the table that would be utterly missing from the more political candidate would bring that it’s not even in the race. I see this election pretty much as a DO OR DIE scenario. If we are stupid enough to give this nation over to the Democrats for another 4 or 8 years, we all may as well bend over and kiss our collective asses, GOODBYE. Cause there won’t be enough of the U.S. of A. left, if we’re even still here at all, to shake a stick at.

  5. Trump is doomed to fail….. especially if he Wins the Presidency. Here’s what’s going to happen Boys and Girls People of all ages. !st the Feds will raise the Interest Rates causing unprecedented Inflation.Then when the Dollar loses its World Power the IMF will declare the Chines Yuan as the World Currency…All the mean while the Demoncrats will point their crooked fingers at the RNC and Blame Blame Blame.Please someone tell me I’m wrong….God Bless even if it offends you!!!

    • Wrong ! what we need is some one that will pick the right team and then put in place the conservative Supreme court that enforces the constitutional laws of this country. Once that is in place, law and order will come. Better economy will follow. Then comes a new military. Then that will be the start of a new united States of America. From there, we the people will make this the greatest country on earth. It only takes the right person to lead, and that person is Donald Trump. Look closely and you will see a very capable man who doesn’t make a lot of beautiful speeches and does nothing, like Obama and Clinton, but he says little and uses action and knows how to get thing done ! My father used to say, stop talking and get to work, actions speak louder than words ! He was right !

  6. The answer is NO. He is nothing but another Ross Pereau to take votes from Trump. Republicans who vote for him are voting for Hillary and should be dealt with. Castigated and thrown out of the Republican party !

  7. HOW can someone that DID NOT go through the primary process just “decide” to run?
    THIS move will go against all the voters that took the time to attend the rallies and VOTE for the person they want. THE “ELITES” must be scared to death that they WILL lose and all that MONEY and POWER will be cut off. (so in comes another “puppet” that can be “controlled” by the big MONEY people.) Talk about disenfranchising voters!

  8. GOP what a mess you and the Dems have gotten this country into. Spit out the sour grapes and go with the candidate that the people have shown they want. Your whole group of potential candidates were thoroughly whipped by the public in FAIR primaries. Stand by America’s choice or you will end up with 8 more years of the downward spiral we are in right now.

  9. This unknown CIA operative is the best the establishment republicans can do which further proves how far out of touch with reality they are, along with their buddies, the democrats. This is the main reason they are no longer trusted or wanted. The establishment republicans work so well with their democrat partners in crime that they should just come out of the closet and merge into one party with the democrats.

  10. I am a loyal, fiscally-conservative Republican, with Libertarian leanings. Since we cannot have Ronald Reagan available… our goal is to keep Cankles Clinton… the Benghazi Bitch out of the White House… avoiding the perpetuation of Barack Hussein’s assault on the America that most of us have lived with… based on The Constitution and the Bill of Rights… and the protection of such. I do not care one iota about this new, current, flavor of the week… stuffed into the race by all of the RINOs and establishment assholes. They could care less if the Hilderbeast gets elected… because most of them are just fat and lazy establishment bureaucrats, that do not want anything to upset their convenient and routine, comfortable life… even it it means that the rest of us will actually have to live with the continued assault on the First, Second and Fourth Amendments… that is certain to happen if Cankles gets elected… and why??? Because they will always have armed guards and government protections and pensions. WE THE PEOPLE means nothing to all of those jerks… NOW… with the Demo-Craps… we know what we are getting… just a bunch of politically-correct, “Progressive”, mind-controlled Socialists… waiting with baited breath… for the Orwellian paradise of using someone else’s money to live off of… and the government, just printing more and more and more… with the National Debt… reaching never before envisioned levels.. But to see the demise of the “Republican” party, since the exit of The Gipper… is a sad, sad… very sad state of our union… or our once-great-once-beautiful nation… continuing to die a slow and agonizing death… and the hands of someone that wouldn’t know the truth… if it bit her in the butt… and will sacrifice any person or principle… to line her own pockets and control. I do not care about him, as nothing more than another, hopefully-futile-attempt… to keep Trump from shaking up Washington and all of the cowardly minions… that capriciously make up rules for us to live by… that will not apply to them. If this guy is so good… let him run next time… go through the nomination process… be fully vetted and see if we would want him. We do not know s*** about him. This could put Killary-Billary into the Oval Office… and if that were to happen… I hope that all of those jerk-RINOs will actually feel the effects of her utter incompetence as well as the rest of us. The sad fact is that we will not only lose our rights, but if Trump does not get in to shake things up, we will be going to the point of no return, on this slippery slope, on which, we have been, since Ronald Reagan left office. How on earth can this jerk allow himself to be used, to put Cankles Clinton in office… just to not upset the comfortable lives of the establishment that have been just working us, little by little to essentially… and aristocracy… with a Socialist platform. God save us.

  11. The Republicans should be ashamed to put this yoyo in at the last minute. This is the beginning of the absolute demise of the Republican Party. Conservatism is now a full blown political party.


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