Is Hillary’s Clothing Concealing a Medical Device?

Hillary Clinton’s unusual outfit at a recent Massachusetts fundraiser fueled speculation that her health isn’t good. And she may be hiding a medical device underneath all those bulky outfits.

Here’s the story from Western Journalism:

“[Mrs.] Clinton’s choice of attire at a fundraiser in Nantucket, Mass., on Sunday has added fuel to the rumors of her failing health.

“Those in attendance of the fundraiser noticed the Democratic presidential nominee wearing black slacks and what appeared to be a long coat, possibly made of wool.

“Clinton’s choice of clothing stood out at the outdoor event in the August heat.

“Some women in the crowd were seen wearing sleeveless dresses, while many others wore shorts.

“Author, free speech activist and attorney Mike Cernovich, posted on Twitter, ‘Yeah sick Hillary is TOTALLY NOT HIDING any medical devices.’

“If she’s in good health, she’d release all her records.

“We have a right to know whether or not an ill person will potentially be running the country for the next four years.”

This year’s election and speculation on Hillary’s health gets stranger all the time. If you look at the picture, it’s not just Hillary’s choice of clothing that’s odd – but what appears to be an object strapped to her lower back.

It’s more than obvious that she has one or more major health challenges. And more than a fair question if she has the strength and stamina to handle four years of one of the most stressful jobs on the planet.

What do you think Hillary was hiding during her recent Cape Cod fundraiser?

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