Why I’m voting for Trump

(CNN) – They are showing up in droves to see Donald Trump: Men and women, overwhelmingly white, frustrated with the country’s first black president, fearful that they are being displaced by minorities and immigrants, and nostalgic for the way America used to be.

And Trump is thriving, tapping into the fears and anxieties that have erupted into the open in an extraordinary presidential campaign.

The voters pledging their allegiance to the Republican front-runner hail from all corners of the country. They work on farms, in nursing homes and run small businesses; they’ve voted for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and participated in the tea party movement; they are high school students who will vote for the first time this November and retirees and veterans who came of age during World War II.
In Trump, these people see the next president of the United States.

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source: http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/27/politics/donald-trump-voters-2016-election/index.html


  1. I’m voting for President Donald J Trump. Always. I’ve been following since day one. I’ll leave my information below. My Verizon “Cell Phone” phone is dead and I’m left hanging without usage of a phone. Unfortunately for me I can’t access my mail that I need my cell phone to make the linkage to read my mail. RJS.


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