Navy Sailor Sits For National Anthem, Gets Some Bad News

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick has garnered some followers sitting (or not showing respect for the flag) during the national anthem. However, some of these folks didn’t think of the consequences when they decided to follow his lead.

A young sailor discovered these consequences when she decided to record herself imitating Kapernick. Here’s the story from the Young Conservatives:

“An arrogant Navy sailor who proudly recorded herself remaining seated on the morning of Aug. 31 as the national anthem blared through the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Pensacola, Florida, just got some really bad news.

“Speaking with, a spokesperson for the training center confirmed that the unnamed sailor was being disciplined, but stopped short of identifying the exact nature of the punitive measures. It was revealed though that the sailor would be permitted to continue training.

“According to Navy rules, enlisted soldiers must stand and face the flag whenever the national anthem is played. Moreover, if in uniform, they must salute the flat. And if in casual gear, as the unnamed soldier was on the morning of Aug. 31, they must stand in attention and place their right hand over their heart.”


We don’t pretend that everything is perfect in America today, and there are plenty of areas that could use improvement. However, there are much better ways to affect positive change than not showing respect for your country’s flag and anthem. Maybe, you know, actually rolling up your sleeves and doing something, instead of

Do you think that Colin Kapernick has started a bad trend for professional athletes, soldiers and other Americans today?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. This falls into an area of free speech, One can not FORCE respect, it must be earned! TRUE, one can be forced to face in a direction and place one’s hands in some particular place but what’s the goal of that? The sailor had signed her life over to the military for them to do whatever they wished with it, This doesn’t include her thinking. I understand the navy’s desire to maintain a positive image but should it be at the cost of individual rights that harm to one? BTW I’m a disabled navy vet.

    • just think, if she cannot follow a simple order as to stand and bear alligience to our country, what other orders will she not follow ? what did she join for and what is she thinking? when i was in you did your job, follow your orders and kept your personal beliefs out of the work place btw I’M ALSO A NAVY VET.

  2. no respect for the American Traditions, Leave my country you sorry @$$ libriturds and dummycrats! If you don’t want to support MY country get the Hell out

  3. If you can’t follow the orders of the Armed Forces that you signed up for, what makes you think we need you? Just 1 more @$$ hole that thinks the United States owes them something. can you say dishonorable discharge!


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