Press twists Trump speech to vets

The veterans in the room heard exactly what I heard, a potential commander-in-chief who is committed to them.

On Monday, Donald Trump was invited to speak to a meeting of the Retired American Warriors Association. This is an illustrious group of America’s finest: men and women who have served in our military. Veterans from all conflicts going back toWorld War II were in attendance. What an honor it was for me to be invited to participate in this meeting.

While it was a great talk, the press coverage of it deserves five “Pinocchios” for false reporting.

Trump opened his portion of the meeting by offering an aggressive strategy to confront a looming and growing threat to America on multiple fronts, cyber warfare. It was a comprehensive strategy to protect America’s private sector, infrastructure, and our government. He provided another solid strategy to make America stronger and safer.

This opening presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience. The audience clearly was concerned about what was happening with our troops coming home from war zones. In America, an average of 22 veterans are committing suicide each and every day. That’s 20 per day, not per month.

Trump responded in a heartfelt and caring way, saying this is totally unacceptable. He made it clear that he stood with our veterans who had suffered the horrors of war, watching their friends be killed or maimed, experiencing the fear of being the targets of live fire, and witnessing the brutality of al-Qaeda and ISIS. The focus was how terrible war is and how some veterans continue to suffer when they come home because of what they experienced on the battlefield.

Trump outlined a plan where veterans would not need to wait to see a doctor to get the help they needed. His plan would bring new accountability to a broken Veterans Administration system that has lied and falsified documents and records to protect itself rather than provide the medical care that our veterans need.


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