Details Revealed On Who Leaked Trump Tape

Details are coming out on who was responsible for leaking the Trump tape where he talked with Billy Bush about some pretty tawdry topics. In ‘normal’ election years, you’d expect the other political party to pull these kind of shenanigans. However, it appears that another Republican is responsible for this leak.

Here’s the report from Western Journalism:

“… new reports indicate that the man behind the tape leak might just be someone who still calls himself a ‘Republican strategist.’ In fact, that someone could well have close connections with the GOP establishment, including a very powerful Capitol Hill lawmaker.

“Dan Senor is a top adviser for House Speaker Paul Ryan who has done even more lately to distance himself from a Trump campaign that he never fully supported. Senor was also a campaign operative for the failed Romney-Ryan ticket in 2012.

“In addition, he’s a favorite go-to ‘GOP strategist’ for leftist media such as MSNBC. Senor’s wife is former CNN and NBC anchor/reporter Campbell Brown, who seemed to confirm the suggestion that Senor tipped off The Washington Post to the audio that became a focal point for Sunday’s second presidential debate.

“Brown’s winky-wink hint that her husband was the conduit for the audio… came in a rather flippant tweet. Brown had been asked by conservative journalist Mike Cernovich whether she and her husband were, in fact, the source of the audio about Trump’s sex-related bragging.

“In addition, rumors have been swirling around Washington that the source of the tapes wasn’t Democrats, but instead the Republican Party establishment. The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, not an unreliable source on these sort of things, wrote, ‘I spoke with a reporter tonight who believes the reports are true. It was GOP elites who released the audio to the Washington Post.‘”

There you have it. It’s obvious that the Beltway establishment – both Republicans and Democrats – are hell-bent on keeping Donald Trump from winning the White House. While Trump is far from a perfect candidate, this may be a good enough reason to vote for the businessman this November.

Why do you think that DC insiders are fighting so hard against The Donald? Are they afraid of the corruption he might uncover (and do something about) in all branches of the federal government?

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  1. They are all scumbags. And,yes they are all flipping out. Because a self made man,is being honest,he actually cares about his country. And,hes not a damn politician. Ive said for years we needed a working man in office. He may be a billionaire.But,knowbody gave it to him. He earned it. Instead of like the other politicians both parties.Got rich off of the American worker and shady overseas deals. Done with taxpayers money. So,they are all shaking in their $1000 loafers we bought them. After Trumps next term,we need another one just like him. Lets clean house,clean up America,California can catch on or move out. Time FOR AMERICA TO BE WHAT WE FOUGHT FOR IT TO BE. OURS


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