First Thing Hillary Did During the Debate Was Very Disturbing

Some online observers of the 2nd presidential debate noted the lack of a handshake between Trump and Clinton. However, others noticed something even more disturbing, which fuels more doubt about Mrs. Clinton’s health – and her ability to handle one of the most stressful jobs in the world for the next four years.

Here’s the observant report from the Conservative Tribune:

“… some people on the Internet were also quick to notice that Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton couldn’t wait to sit down in her chair at the very beginning while Republican nominee Donald Trump remained standing.

“Clinton has been accused by many of being in poor health. One of the pieces of evidence used by some to support their claims that Clinton is sick has been footage of her sitting whenever she can during her rallies.

“The second presidential debate was no different. While Trump walked around, or stood, the whole time, Clinton sat in her chair every chance that she could.

“It is possible that Clinton was doing this simply out of habit (she has done many town hall debates before), or it is possible that she needed to sit because she is in poor health.

“Either way, the visuals alone were bad for Clinton. On one hand, you have a very energized candidate who is acting like a leader. On the other, you have someone who can’t wait to sit down. 

“Not the best comparison Clinton could have asked for.

Hillary Clinton is a flawed and corrupt candidate, and her lack of health and energy at this debate didn’t help her chances. While she can take medication to temporarily hide her coughing fits, no pills can hide the fact Hillary doesn’t have the stamina to be presiden.t of the United States.

Do you think Hillary’s immediate sitting down was just a habit, or did she need to because she didn’t have the strength or endurance to stay standing?

Give us your take in the comments section below.




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