Conservative Talker Announces New Network Launch in December

It looks like more Americans than ever are fed up with reporting from the mainstream media.

Here’s the report from Western Journalism:

“Conservative talk show host Mark Levin announced on Monday that his existing Levin TV media company will be expanding in December under the name Conservative Review TV, an online network geared for conservatives.

“In addition to Levin, CRTV will feature Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn.

“‘We know people have rejected liberal media bias and there is an enormous demand for straight, bold conservative talk and they will get it here from a wife variety of talent. This is much bigger than any of us. It is about our beloved audience,’ Levin said in a statement.

This is a movement with millions of liberty lovers who know cable TV content doesn’t square with their world-view. Proudly conservative in context, CRTV will allow popular personalities, presenting scholarly thought, culture to comedy, the liberty to be themselves.’

All the cheerleading by the mainstream media for Hillary Clinton appears to have backfired. More and more conservative viewers are fed up with the liberal advocacy and attacking of our strongly-held beliefs. It’s refreshing to see more conservative media alternatives to the dinosaur media.

Do you think this could be the start of more new conservative networks and media options?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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