Was Trump the only Republican who could have won?

The conventional wisdom was that almost any of the other 16 Republican presidential candidates could have run better than Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton’s team certainly believed it.

Now that Trump is president-elect, not only was his weakness clearly exaggerated. With the benefit of hindsight, Trump may have been the only Republican contender who could have broken Clinton’s blue wall and pulled off the upset.

“I wouldn’t have believed it,” said a D.C. anti-Trump conservative. “Now it sure seems like it.”


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Source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/was-trump-the-only-republican-who-could-have-won-this-year/article/2607397


  1. It’s a real toss-up and a moot point–Trump or another primary candidate as winning the election. Given all the exposes on Hellary from Wikileak and other sources, it’s possible, but many of the other 16 were also Washington insiders. The middle American voter revolt might not have been so significant in this case.


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