Biden not interested in leading DNC

Vice President Biden has nixed the idea of running to become the chair of the Democratic National Committee.

A spokesman for Biden said in a statement Tuesday evening that he will remain involved in the Democratic Party after leaving office but is “not interested” in serving atop the DNC.

“The Vice President is not interested in being DNC Chair, but he intends to remain deeply involved in helping shape the direction the Democratic Party moving forward,” a spokesperson for Biden said in the statement reported by NBC News.

Several Democrats have jumped into the race to become the next chair of the DNC, including Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a 2004 presidential candidate who led the DNC from 2005 to 2009.

Some had urged Biden to jump into the race.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who helmed the DNC during the 2000 election, argued Tuesday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that the vice president could bring the party together following a bruising election.

“I think Joe Biden is the one person who I think could bring the party together — the progressive wing of the party, the left and center … and start giving a cogent message to those working-class Democrats who abandoned us,” Rendell said.

A number of candidates have placed their names in the hat for the position vacated after Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) announced her resignation on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in July.
Ellison is the early front-runner for the job and has several high-profile backers, including former presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and incoming Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.).
South Carolina party chairman Jaime Harrison has also launched a bid for DNC position, and New Hampshire party chairman Raymond Buckley announced in an email to DNC members on Monday that he is also considering a bid.

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  1. There is a certain schadenfreude from watching your opponent crash and burn.

    Further improved by looking back at their predictions of a coming Republican crackup.

    The Dumbocrats, buying votes with the public Treasury since FDR.

  2. No, Biden doesn’t want it, maybe he is not so crazy after-all. So who have they got their eyes on, some Muslim, goes by the last name of Ellison or something, this guy is some piece of work, he is in favour of Sharia Law, believes in the Koran, and has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Now how liberal is that, sure gays go vote for him, feminists yup you too, be sure to vote for this guy.

  3. I beg to ask the question ! Why in the world do these people leave office and stay involved in the workings going on . Biden needs to take his skanky self and retire from any involvement in politics . Dingy Harry wants Congress to give him the slush fund money so he can have an office with employees so he can stay in the loop . God help us from these idiots that think once is offfice is til death do us part ! Please leave America alone ! We need a rest from these people . They inbreed with one another to keep the political blood in the loop ! Their worst than the trash I take out . Oh yea keep your females away from old Joe he’s likes to grope

  4. The only ‘cogent message’ that Democrats could give to working class Democrats who abandoned the party” is “We will no longer play identity politics, the RACE CARD or support racial QUOTAS which discriminate against non-Jewish white Americans…and we will put AMERICANS before illegals and muslim immigrants”……since that won’t happen because Democrats are so CONDESENDING …they will be in the minority for a long, long time…..

    Do Democrats really think naming a black muslim (Ellison) head of the DNC is going to make ‘working class’ people flock to them?


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