Republicans Plan On Repealing ObamaCare “Within Weeks”

Will they or won’t they? The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein says they will — meaning Republicans and their pledge to repeal ObamaCare. Despite rumors about delays and concerns over procedural roadblocks, Republicans on Capitol Hill tell Klein their commitment to immediate repeal is “ironclad.” They already have a strategy laid out for success, which borrows a page from Harry Reid’s playbook:

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In the weeks following the presidential election, there’s been some debate about whether Republicans would actually go through with repealing Obamacare as opposed to getting cold feet. But after a number of conversations with senior GOP leadership aides in both chambers of Congress, this is the message I’ve received: Republicans are moving full-speed ahead on Obamacare, and could have a bill repealing much of the law on President Trump’s desk within weeks of him being sworn into office. …

The new Congress will be sworn in on Jan. 3 and will immediately get to work on a mid-year budget resolution. The budget resolution would require just a simple majority, and because it’s only a resolution, it doesn’t require President Obama’s signature. All that’s necessary is for the House and Senate to pass the same resolution. As a result, this part of the process could take place when Obama is still in office — and Republicans expect to have it finished by the end of their second week back, or around mid-January.

As an actual budget document, it won’t have much meaning, as the federal government will already be in the midst of the 2017 fiscal year and spending levels have already been set through the appropriations process — so it’s unlikely to be very contentious. Even though it won’t have an effect on spending itself, it will be significant procedurally, because the document will be the vehicle for Republicans to include reconciliation language. That language will be necessary for Republicans to pass a repeal bill through the Senate with just a simple majority, thus avoiding any attempt by Democrats to block the bill.

According to Senate rules, reconciliation bills cannot be filibustered, which is why Republicans only need 51 votes to succeed. They do, however, require a presidential signature, so they will have to time the bill in order to avoid Barack Obama’s veto pen (and phone). Donald Trump will take the oath of office less than three weeks after the start of the session, so it’s not going to happen until then — and might take a bit longer, since the budget resolution itself will still get some debate and editing along the way. The 2017 fiscal year has only been set through the end of April thanks to the use of continuing resolutions, so there still may be a few contentious issues left to hammer out. And be sure to real all of Klein’s lengthy report, which touches on some of the differences between Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell about what can and cannot go into a reconciliation package.


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      • I ask many conservatives who favor the repeal of the PPACA to explain how people who cannot afford to pay health insurance premiums will pay into “health savings accounts.” ? You appear to be somewhat knowledgeable, perhaps you can answer my question.

        • It won’t be easy to do that, but it will certainly motivate them to get a better job. Hopefully, in the not too distant future more decent paying jobs will be available because of the Trump administration. With the plans Mr. Trump has presented, there does seem to be some hope. The way we were going, which was the wrong direction, only greater poverty and the inability to use ObamaCare because of higher premiums and deductibles was a certainty for all of our futures.

  1. Of course they are going to repeal the Affordable Care Act, because insurance under that unconstitutional piece of garbage is not affordable. What Obama and the Democrats created has many tentacles, and it will take some time to unravel it, but they will get it done. They will replace it with marketplace initiatives that return individual decision-making back to We the People. Insurance companies throughout the states will be able to compete for our insurance dollars, and we will not be fined or punished for not purchasing an insurance policy.

    • so like it was. healthy people going to er rooms when needed. the sick not being able to afford healthcare, etc. the idea that having insurance companies sell across state lines will limit prices is just ridiculous. insurance companies will increase costs associated with the work it takes to recruit across state lines making savings neglible. bottom line what you are proposing will leave many millions uninsured with tax dollars going to pay for their medical tx when it becomes needed.
      also remember the prvisions many people like such as children being on their plans until age 26. no pre existing conditions, no limits on coverage cost money. with less people in the insurance pool if you leave these provisions intact premiums will go up for everyone especially worker sponsored plans

      • Mike, I don’t think it will be the way it was, because that was bad, but not nearly as bad as ObamaCare. It is not ridiculous that allowing competition to occur across state lines will help. That is not the only element of the replacement plan. There is going to be a provision for health savings accounts as well. Something ancillary to our insurance system is the gradual decrease in illegal alien costs at medical facilities. Your insurance will be portable from one job to another and from one state to another. These are some of the positives that I believe will be beneficial. I’m looking forward to seeing the complete replacement plan.

        • the hsa sounds good but if you are not willing to get insurance at all I am not sure what good it will do for many. plus that could be a precursor to creating a different system for medicare. i realize that is another conversation

          • A single pay or system. anything else and there will be a middle man like insurance companies. Fine, Some kind middle man system.
            But the people set the rule, with one goal, to Bring the price of health care down… Plus no one get’s left behind (American citizen) That be two goals, Whatever. We need to change the rules, and if the middle man or insurance company don’t like it tough, Price are coming down,
            they can change or quit. The name ” insurance company” sounds like a scam to begin with. That belongs to auto or life insurance. not health care. I know how about “SCAMMERS r US” YOU SEE A DOCTOR THEY SEE CASH…

        • Putting the pieces together from your posts I think I have a picture of you and your past.

          Government or arms manufacturer high level employee for many years
          Probably have several pensions
          Had former employer health insurance until the PPACA was enacted.
          You have Medicare and possibly access to the VA.

          So, you’ve got yours, Jack!

          The illegals and the poor can die in the streets, as long as you’ve got yours!

    • yes let’s cut taxes on the rich they pay too much. let’s get that unemployment rate back up to a more respectable 9 to 10 percent. let’s ensure we have less health insurance, can we get involved in some more wars as well?

          • No it isn’t. The obama White House only counted people who were drawing unemployment compensation and stopped counting the millions who ran their benefits out but were STILL UNEMPLOYED! Typical democrat ploy to try to con Americans into believing the economy was great and all was well in la la land. Those days are over, thankfully, and now we can get on with undoing all the damage you democrats caused over the last 8 years.

          • the u3 is the standard that has always been used. also you are aware that the economy was in the toilet by republicans when Obama came into office.

          • Lie. And his record deportation numbers……………LIE.
            Obamaocare………..Lie, Found out about the I.R.S. on the news………Lie

          • nothing I wrote is a lie. please give a fact. fact obama has deported more people than any president before, the u3 which is how the unemployment rate is calculated has been the same for decades. you simply writing the word lie only serves to show you are undereducated like most trumpsters

          • He counted catch and release as deportations. The Marxist P.O.S. Obfuscates EVERYTHING! Uneducated? Why’d we hand you your Butts then?

  2. It won’t be too soon for repealing any and ALL the CRAP that black bastard pushed on to the public. In fact, that BASTARD needs to be hung by his gonads and left to rot…..along with that THING he is supposedly married to…….a rope will fit nicely around that THING’S gonads.

  3. Insurance companies throughout the United States are the biggest rip-off. Republicans need to find a way get rid of Insurance companies. They are the biggest reason are health care prices are so un-affordable. Richard Nixon is the co founder of Kaiser Permanente that should say it all right there. He was a crook! If the Republicans are just going to leave the Insurance companies in-charge It will still be Obamacare with a different name, but still not affordable with a bunch of rules that only let the Insurance companies get fat, while we the public get screwed. Like with Obamacare “you like you’re
    doctor keep your doctor” Insurance companies said bull sh!t, We are in-charge that anit
    going to happen. Prices were to go down to be affordable. Again Insurance companies said bull sh!t, We are in-charge that anit going to happen. So Republicans want to change it, then change it, Put up or shut up, but, Don’t leave the Insurance company’s in charge. It will be a waste of time if you do.

    • the only way to get rid of the insurance companies would be to go to a single pay or system. anything else and there will be a middle man like insurance companies

          • I think we probably agree on a lot of other issues as well, and I know the feasibility of this change is not going to be easy, but in a capitalistic system, the free market will prevail.

        • Just how many Canadians access our health care system? Conservatives have been making this claim for a decade but never produce documented verification of this claim.

          • truthfully as someone who has lived in Canada for short periods of time. there don’t. the very rich will of course seek out the best surgeons many of which are in this country, but the average Canadian uses their government single payor system

          • I don’t know the exact number, but anecdotally, I have neighbors here in Nevada who bought second homes just so they could use the American medical system because of wait times in Canada. I also have associates at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN who encounter patients who need more immediate assistance.

          • I could formally research it, but I’ve not had a need to do so. Perhaps, that’s something you might like to do.

          • Why should I attempt to prove your alleged point for you! There must be an extreme right wing group that can supply you with the information you need to prove your point.

          • No, that’s you-too lazy and endowed with a false sense of entitlement. You want someone else to do the work for you. This is not corporate mahogany row-Do It Yourself!

    • It does seem both sides are intent on creating these middlemen and its drives the prices up. Why cant congress trust us to take care of ourselves. If they dont trust us to do that , we can just work till we find a bunch that will

  4. Sorry! I don’t trust republicans to do anything. I think Trump wants to repeal Obama care, but republican congress will find a way to screw it up.


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