Congress’ new era of all-Republican rule

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday at noon, with plenty of pomp and pageantry, members of the 115th Congress will be sworn in, with an emboldened GOP intent on unraveling eight years of President Barack Obama’s Democratic agenda and targeting massive legacy programs from Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson such as Social Security and Medicare.

In the election, Republicans kept their tight grip on the House and outmaneuvered the Democrats for a slim majority in the Senate. In less than three weeks, on the West Front of the Capitol, Chief Justice John Roberts will administer the presidential oath to Donald Trump, the GOP’s newfound ally.

First up for Republicans is repeal and delay of the health care law, expediting the process for scrapping Obama’s major overhaul but holding off on some changes for up to four years. The tax code is in the cross-hairs. Conservatives want to scuttle rules on the environment and undo financial regulations created in the aftermath of the 2008 economic meltdown, arguing they are too onerous for businesses to thrive.

The only obstacle to the far-reaching conservative agenda will be Senate Democrats who hold the power to filibuster legislation, but even that has its political limitations. Twenty-three Democrats are up for re-election in 2018, including 10 from states Trump won, and they could break ranks and side with the GOP.


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  1. This is not news. WHY did so many even vote Republican? Was the only reason that they had a father or brother or friend who voted Republican? Its The Democratic Platform that has always supported the services and needs of he working low or middle income man or woman. Repbublcians are mosty for military and war, and for pro business. So cutting and hurting the low and middle class is what these pro Trump people wanted??

    • You got, that’s us all us rich white people want to tamp down the low or middle class. What an idiot, what rock did you crawl out from under. How stupid can one person be. What a dumb, dumb, dumb ass.

    • Jim Harless: Your post shows and absolute foolishness as the Democratic Party has hurt the working class people beyond belief! Government is what the Democrats majored in….I was a registered Democrat. But as a US Army officer I saw things the Obama administration did that was unbelievable! Bush did not run much of a program either, and Chaney called way too many shots! But Democrats have been so poor for economy, jobs, out of control National security breaches, then add total invasion on the cheap……Hordes of foreigners, many with absolutely no intention about becoming American Citizens…..
      Our jobs will be stolen by illegal immigrants, etc.! Have you ever been in a war zone? Have you ever actually served this nation? I sincerely doubt it!!

  2. We the voters have to do our share of cleaning the swamp come 2018. Trump can only clean the administration part of the swamp!

  3. Dave J. I am not sure if you desire to speak about military, or jobs, or something else Dave. However, Since Democrats not only support and sponsored the soc. sec. and Medicare, and now the newly elected Republicans first order of business is to take away the Health care by prior administration without providing any details of the next definition, if any, to help the millions of non-insured who were assisted with some health coverage. Item # 2 might be to cut medicare, especially for new future applicants and perhaps even more , yet not defined. I stand by an understanding it’s always Democrats who support and stand up for the needs of low and middle income America, and it’s always the Republicans who stand up for large and small business. Trump is a man with no experience to offer except as cheating his subcontractors out of their wages on his jobs, and his advice in his own book is to tell the reader to lie to people three times, then they will believe it is true, then you can tell them anything and they will believe you. He has no experience to help him, He seems to not want to learn either. He does not take briefings. His staff , for most part , has no government program experience either. We can hope that a more business approach might help with some US programs, but there are those issues , such as National security, and others,where lack of experience can be very harmful.


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