Stephen Colbert mocks Trump

Television personality Stephen Colbert smiles while taping the "The Colbert Report" with U.S. President Barack Obama, not pictured, in Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, Dec. 8, 2014. This is President Obama's third appearance on "The Colbert Report" that will broadcast its final show on Dec. 18. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Stephen Colbert was quick to mock President-elect Donald Trump on Monday’s episode of The Late Show for Trump’s comments about actress Meryl Streep being “over-rated”

“Mr. Trump, you can refuse to release your taxes, you can call to ban an entire religion, you can play footsie with a dictator, but calling Meryl Streep overrated? No. Too far,” Colbert joked, echoing a similar one-liner he read during a Late Show monologue last year after Trump called Hamilton “overrated.” (Trump calls many people overrated via his Twitter account.)

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  1. Since Jay Leno quit I don’t watch much late night.What I have seen is a bunch of liberals.and it’s difficult to get to sleep after watching a bunch of sore losing liberal types.

  2. Really….a toad like this guy “mocks” someone? How 2nd grade is that? Another reason NOT to watch his show. He and his Hollywood “friends” seem to delight in making fun of Trump…well, isn’t that what these people are asking to stop is the bullying? that will make your mind spin Stevie boy.

      • Name one late night right wing show. What are you talking about?? The Obama administration has been so pathetic I don’t know of a right wing person who is laughing.

          • Since you can’t read nor write, Trump won by a landslide!! That’s why Hillary had no one to show up at her rallys, Obama could not even save her when he went with her to the rallys. It was no shows for Hillary and also no shows for Obuttcrack too!! Lol lol lol


        • Obama was the greatest. I refinanced 3 homes and saved them with his Harp . Program. My brother would have died without Obamacare. Now trump? He’s screwing everyone but the rich. So if your rich your ok. He’s takin medicare, social security, ACA, veteran benefits. Fortunately I don’t need them because I made millions during the last 8 years

          • Don’t worry about Jetmagnet. He can’t even write much less know what is going on in this world. He is a welfare and food stamp recipient! Go Trump Go!!!

          • How can someone who can’t spell cat make millions? You are laughable. You are as green as grass! Lol lol lol lol lol Then, according to you Trump will help you because you are a millionaire after all you say he is for the rich!! You are a hilarious goober! Lol lol lol If you had millions, why did you have to refinance 3 houses? What a dumb butt.

          • When o’stupid increased the debt by 3 trillion, (more than all previous presidents put together) that is not being serious about making American better. In fact its drives us deeper into a whole. Get your head on straight. Just because you did well doesn’t mean the majority of Americans benefitted. To keep the interest rate low hurts those that with the little savings they have, they depend on the interest paid. And for the past eight years, its been zero! jetmagnet, you’re full of it.

          • When you can’t spell nor write correctly, it shows you are ignorant as the day is long too! At least they do know where the all caps button is! ?

          • Is that all you got? Mocking others like the lemming that you are? I got news for you…ignorant are the lefties who refuse to except the truth about their liar-in-chief.

          • I don’t know who you think you are talking to, but I am far far far from a lefty. I think I deserve an apology because I am a hard core Republican as hard core as you can get, bud!!

        • I agree in big difference…. Obama bad for America and Trump is talking the principles this country was founded on aka Trump good… BIG DIFFERENCE… LIKE RIGHT AND WRONG. Look at who he has chosen for cabinet members… Doesn’t that have any meaning to you liberals?

      • Really David….that’s the best argument you and the liberal left has? I’m not even a Republican (I’m Independent), and I know enough to know who would run our country better. He may not have been the best candidate, but he defeated the “laughable best” the Dems put out there (and I still say that primary was rigged and Sanders (very smart man, a very capable candidate, no balls) did nothing to protest and fight)….probably afraid for his life as “other have disappeared” when arguing with “The Clintons”…..

        • For sure watching the democrapic candidates was like watching dumb & dumber, and Hillaries VP, my God, compared to Pence, Hillaries VP was like watching a retard..

          • Pence lied the whole time. His state was going under with his policies and he would have never been reelected as governor. He sound great in the debate…but sucks in what he’s done for Indiana, same for trump. If it wasn’t for banks bailing him out, he’s be at the soup kitchen looking for a meal

          • I think He Be very smart using IRS legal laws to bail his companies out stupid.
            The fact is, in the last 8 years of Obama, 556 banks have went under and bankrupt stupid. Also Obama bull shitted all the black people making them think he was going to make their lives better.
            The only life he made better was his own, he spent 100 million tax payer dollars on vacations with your tax payer money whiles 556 banks went under in that time. He sure made you Democrats like stupid! Come to think of it, you did that all by your self asshole.

          • You are dumb as you are about writing! Look at all your ignorant mistakes. Yes, you are definitely a liberal. You need a comma after polices, you need an “s” on sound, you don’t noeed a comma after Indiana, Trump needs to be capitalized, you need a “d” after the word he. God help you; you are working on first grade level when it comes to grammar. No wonder you have no clue as to what is going on in this world. You can’t read nor write!!

        • Thank you, Laking Fan for voting for the Trump. The left leaning loons just can’t take the fact they were defeated. What a bunch of cry babies!! We could have hooped and hollered and acted like idiots like they have done when Obama was elected, but we had way more class than they do. They don’t understand their polices helped to hurt Hillary as well as her lies, thieving, and crookedness. And as long as they don’t believe their policies are all wrong, we will continue to win. Go Trump Go!!

          • .

            I actually believe that the left, if you look at the map of west coast and east coast are the very rich which supported Hillary, and the rest of the inland country excluding a few holdouts like Colorado went for Trump. 30 states or 3/5 ths of the country backed Trump.
            What you have been seeing happening is the middle class disappearing, leaving only the rich and the poor. I say this because Bill Clinton created NAFTA allowing companies when moved to have the low wages and tax perks by moving 8 million good paying middle class jobs out of this country.The left wing east coast and west coast have most of the countries wealth and they own or have there money invested in the corporations here and in the ones they moved to Mexico. Right now Mexico is like little Detroit !! The rich are counting on all of us becoming poor so we are dependent on them and vote for them just like the black people do. I actually believe it will be the same old thing because the establishment republicans got re elected because of Trump. If the republicans do not go for some major changes, and back Trump we will be ripe for revolution.If you look at what the republicans are doing now, they got re elected and now they do not want to give Trump what he wants.

          • I agree with everything you are saying. And if Trump does not do what he promised he would do, you will never see another Republican President in office, iIf he does do what he campaigned he would do, we may never see another democratic president again . I hope and pray the latter; I am a devout Republican as I am sure you can tell.

          • Yeah JJ I’m a devout republican too. The problem is the establishment republican old guard piggy backed on Trumps election victory and got re elected because many people out there just vote a straight ticket. You talk Paul Ryan for example. He had the financial power of the purse strings and gave Obama all the money he wanted. He did not have the balls to defund and shut the government down. The result, we have 20 trillion debt now.

            Ryan was a John Boyner apprentice and he is worthless and now that they got re elected on Trumps back, they are starting to balk on things that Trump wants. Trump may be president, but the senate and congress assholes have to agree to it.

            The only thing trump has is executive orders which I hope he uses.

          • I believe he will use his EO. Trump is not going down as a loser; you can bank on that!! I don’t like Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, nor John MCCain!!

          • Yeah your right on. I think the republican party will fight Trump on everything except a pay raise for them self.
            Yeah, McCain, and Kasicks when both in Congress voted in favor of the NAFTA Treaty attributing to a total job loss of 8 million good paying manufacturing jobs. I remember in 1993 when Bill Clinton said don’t worry, we wont loose any jobs here..

          • Trump will be impeached. The GOP is going tyo destroy healthcare and they’ve never created jobs, SO it’s back to the dems in 2018, 2020. I bet you peeps don’t even know what your congress is doing.

          • The Gop was not running the country stupid, Obama did with executive orders, right on down to the transgender bath rooms.

            Obamacare, you idiot, only 5% of the country is on Obamacare, and the system is going broke, thats why there changing it. Get your facts straight stupid.

          • You, idiot, what in the world does tyo spell? You are not dealing with a full deck. I know you are on welfare because no one is going to hire someone functioning on kindergarten level. Even McDonald’s wants someone who can spell yes and no.

          • You are wrong! Liberals suck, and they also lost big time. Oh Trump pulled one on ya’ll, you idiots!!! Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol LOSERS I am laughing so hard at ya’ll. Maybe he won’t cut your welfare check too badly!!

        • You need a comma after the word remember in the sentence above. You need to go back and learn the uses of a comma. Don’t try to correct someone when you don’t know what you are doing either. You don’t look very smart when you are making mistakes too.

      • No David we weren’t making fun, we were lamenting the dismembering of our once great country by the Muslim in Chief! You , Colbert and all the rest of you , who elected this traitor twice are too stupid to pull your heads out of each other’s asses!!

  3. Steve who? Oh, I remember. That left wing lying asswipe who, for no discernable reason, thinks he is a comedian. I never watch him

  4. Is it self-gratifying to know that you are a hack and a useful idiot for the self-righteous elitists that overwhelm your home town?

  5. The only night show worth watching was johnny Carson. I have never watched another late night show since then. They are all idiots.

  6. Who the hell is stephen colbert? It is time to shut-down the cesspool of America; hollyweird! These no talent individuals are paid to destroy the fabric of this nation. The democrats have been defeated so time for these parasites to disappear also…go Trump!

  7. Meryl Streep is, probably, a pretty good actress; because, she was being honored by her peers. As a comedian, or political analyst, she is highly over-rated. Stephen Colbert has not received such an award. Stephen Colbert is a mediocre comedian. As such, he is highly over-rated. He dares to mock MSR Donald Trump, who has more property, and influence, than Meryl Streep and Stephen Colbert together. To quote the Donald, “Give me a Break.”

    • Streep is the most talented actress I know…You can’t take that from her….However in the character department, I am sorely disappointed…. I probably won’t be watching her future movies…. Boycott!

  8. I won’t get into name calling, but if the tables were turned, can u imagine what he(?) would have said about Hilary with her 40 year past. Starting w/getting fired in her first job by a fellow democrat for skullduggery practices. Then stealing, cheating, pandering, lying about American lives being murdered in Benghazi and a lifetime of FAKE LIES. The list is to long to go on. Is Steve stupid, especially that comment about destroying religion. Yes, one that cuts dads off,downs men, burns men alive, throws gays off of roofs and stones women while buried up to their head. And he’s worried about someone who acts. Yha, that’s it, just acts.

  9. Colbert is only a pimple on a horses ass. This ass wipe will never come close to Johnny Carson who could walk circles around this joke Colbert. Never watched this looser and never will, he is ignorant and such a looser.

  10. This guy is and always will be a piece of shit, I watched him once, Boring!! He would make good target practice with a daisy.

  11. How can an overrated comedian judge whether or not someone else is overrated. Colbert is about as funny as Hemorrhoids. I had rather watch paint dry than watch Stephen.

  12. I am with you Don, Steve who?? I have never watched his show & never will, plus he calls himself a comedian and he is no Comedian! He is by all standards nothing but a Damn Charlatan or a high paid NUT JOB!! I think he is Crazier than a PET COON!! Just consider the Network he works for and that will explain his Nuttiness!

  13. We can complain all we want about this poor excuse for a talk show. The only thing that talks is money. I know it’s said over and over but not buying the sponsors products is the only way to get late night talk shows back to being entertainment. I used to be a late night junkie. No more. Not one I will watch. Too bad, I miss it.

  14. So David….how’s your day going so far? When you realize what we are saying, it may be too late. You may be wearing a turban……and, and I know you do, listen to those Hollywood idiots….when you finally come around to understand that what they say isn’t gospel and you shouldn’t hang on their every word, you might make a decent American….Until then…unbunch your panties and go sit in the corner and write to anyone who will listen to you and read your comments…without laughing. Yeah, today might be a good day after all….

  15. Speaking of overrated? Colbert? What a joke, but not in a funny way.

    His show is a long way behind David Letterman’s ratings. So, how long will CBS continue hoping he will catch on?

  16. Trump is a LITTLE CRY-BABY. Maybe he’ll grow up someday and throw away his rattler ( in this case, tweet account) Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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