Trump’s CIA pick enters the fray

Donald Trump’s pick to head the CIA is expected to face fierce questions about the president-elect’s outspoken criticism of intelligence officials at his confirmation hearing on Thursday.

Rep. Mike Pompeo’s (R-Kan.) testimony will come under the shadow of a supercharged feud between Trump and the intelligence community, which has concluded that Moscow sought to influence the presidential election in his favor.

Every answer and question will be watched closely by Team Trump, and also by the CIA.

“Every TV set at Langley will be turned on during his confirmation hearings,” former CIA Director Michael Hayden said in a recent op-ed

Trump ripped the intelligence community at a Wednesday press conference, suggesting without evidence that it was responsible for the leak of a dossier published by Buzzfeed News composed of allegations against Trump and his associates. He also appeared to blame the intelligence community for a separate CNN report that said he had been brief about reports that Russian agents claimed to have personal and business information they could use against them.

Trump said none of the information should have been reported and compared the disclosure to “something that Nazi Germany would have done.”

Trump has previously rankled intelligence officials by casting doubt on their suspicions of Russian involvement in the election.


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          • Here is a quote from Clint Eastwood: Clint Eastwood at 84…Director, American Sniper, # 1 War Film of all times, his latest masterpiece is upsetting Hollywood Liberals, as it sets box office records. A true Patriot, he never misses a chance to stand up for America and those who defend her. An outcast In Hollywood , Loved by Those who love Freedom, despised by Hollywood and America ‘s liberal Elite. He never stops.
            My Twilight Years ~ Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood at 84…GOT TO LOVE THIS
As I enjoy my twilight years, I am often struck by the inevitability that the party must end.
There will be a clear, cold morning when there isn’t any “more.” No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat. It seems to me that one of the important things to do before that morning comes, is to let every one of your family and friends know that you care for them by finding simple ways to let them know your heartfelt beliefs and the guiding principles of your life so they can always say, “He was my friend, and I know where he stood.”
            So, just in case I’m gone tomorrow, please know this:
            I voted against that incompetent, lying, flip-flopping, insincere, double-talking, radical socialist, terrorist excusing, bleeding heart, narcissistic, scientific and economic moron currently in the White House!
            Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.
            Regards, Clint
Make my day—Pass it on!

          • Here are two ther favorites of mine:

            “The Quote of the Century”
            From the former Premiere of the Czech Republic ( Vaclav klaus)

            “The Danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable
            of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be far easier
            To limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than it will be to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr Obama,
            Who is a mere symptom to what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy that made him their prince. The Republic can survive ia Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

            Father to son

            You wonder why your country is screwed up son?
            It’s what happens when your nation elects an obscure turd from the sewage catch basin of the corrupt shit hole that is Chicago politics.
            An unqualified, community organizing, American hating, Islam loving Racist mulatto faggot who has as much business occupying the People’s White House as a serial child rapist does running a day care center. A turd that no matter how much glitter these left-wing ass pimples dumped on it still couldn’t change the harsh truth that despite the glam and hype, underneath its still a stinking piece of shit. And that’s what you have running the greatest free nation in the history of the world straight into the ground…on purpose and by design. MAKE NO MISTAKE AMERICA this worthless son of a bitch
            Is & forever will be recognized as The Worst President in The History of America!

  1. You know the swamp does not stop in Congress….There are some very disturbing actions by the likes of Lynch and Comey as not just the looks of improprieties, but downright unethical practices by the A.G. and the leader of the FBI. My late Father was very high up in Law Enforcement as an elected Sheriff for 30 years, and these two have re written the books on ethic in my view.
    The protection of Obama is rapidly coming to a close, so will he blanket pardon Lynch from any action, or for that matter Hillary and the Foundation? I foresee that Comey will resign shortly after Trump is sworn in, and maybe he should, as he handled the Clinton investigation like a rookie. I wonder if it was out of fear for his own mortality. Does Vince Foster come to mind? How about the young intern from the DNC who was shot several times in the back with no signs of robbery, or for anything other than his demise after leaving the DNC. ( personally I think that is where the e-mails from the DNC came from, just my thoughts )
    The corruption is wide, and it will take those that are strong enough to speak out and root out the bad apples.
    Everyone in the new administration have their work cut out for them, and I can not wait for them to get to work and clean up as much as they can and open the eyes of all those that have worshiped the ideology of liberals.

    • If he was elected under false pretense, vas I believe he was, then everything he signed is null and void. The man is an imposter, whose true colors will soon be known.

      • So, just PLEASE explain “false pretense” in your mind. Are you saying that the electoral college was rigged, or that because it seems that the coastal areas in Calif and the east coast should have THE say who our President should be? When you look at the State of Cal. and how they voted, Trump actually won more Counties, but because the southern part of the State and the wealthy southern coast are primarily liberal, the electoral went to Hillary.
        This is exactly why our Founding Forefathers made the electoral college , so that middle America had a voice.
        Now as far as Russia….they had no hand, and this was addressed over and over in Congress by the intelligence agencies, did NOT have anything to do with the vote, but they MAY ( understand why I say MAY) have had something to do with the media dump of the goings on by the DNC and Hillary etc.
        Are you upset because they were exposed for the underhanded way they decided to deal with Sanders? You should be. Has any of them said that the e-mails were fabricated, ah, no. The content of what went on in the DNC should shake you to your core. The fact, and yes it is fact, that Mrs. Clinton, after signing a document regarding the security of her correspondence, set up an unsecured server in her home, and after the fact she was caught the order to physically destroy all the blackberries, and laptops that she used after they had been ordered to be turned over. That has NOTHING to do with Russia, Hillary owns that one.
        So when speaking of ” false pretense” how about that woman who lied over and over again, not only to her supporters, but to the Congressional body that was conducting the investigation. Own it, live with it, and grow up.

        • No mention of George Soros? When are people going to realize that HE is the manipulator of elections. He got Obama selected with illegal votes in 2012 and this (2016) election he tried stealing 30 states, but managed only 5. Wake up.

  2. Bear in mind that the Criminally Insane A——s are the very same agency RESPONSIBLE for the propaganda that has been used to over throw OTHER governments and support butcherous THUGS in power the world over and the PRIMARY REASON WHY we are hated throughout much of the world. They are the SAME TRAINED, PROFESSIONAL LIARS who have told us such lies as: “Castro is a freedom fighter and our friend!” BEFORE they brought in “expert help” from… THE MAFIA to try to kill him… and then hatched “plans” so childishly stupid they sound like something a third grade class would come up with!
    They are the SAME PEOPLE who helped that Lyin’ B—–d Johnson foist off HIS lie about “The Tonkin Gulf Incident” on us! And ARE NOW assisting BARRY INSANE OBUTTMA our agenda driven MOSLEM CRAZY in selling HIS BIG LIE!

    • The CIA is a known asset of the Globalist’s and always has been, just because they use taxpayer funds, doesn’t make them asset’s of the American citizen’s.

    • Johnson was most likely the mastermind behind JFK’s assassination. What he did in office was criminal also, long line of democrats who force their agenda on America, well now it stops because we the people say so are not going to stop until it does. A lot of people need to room mates in a cell block.

  3. It would be refreshing if the intel community under Obama would investigate who if anyone is leaking to the MSM, that is in the tank with the democrat party! But most likely we will all have to wait for the new administration to take office, before any bad actor’s from the intel community is brought to light. Or to find out if the MSM has just been making this up with the help of the intel community…everything being put out is on very shaky ground & proving to be hap hazardously put together…???

  4. Even if that was the Russians goal, it will be impossible to determine whether it had those results. The only way to determine that scientifically would be to poll each citizen and ask them if it influenced their choice for president. That isn’t going to happen. Who is going to spend that money to take that poll? Any other method is just an opinion. …and opinions don’t get it…

  5. Not only was Obama the worst fraud president ever in the history of America, he brought in the worst criminal people in his fraud Administration. Never in my life have I ever seen such deliberately horrible actions against the American people who is supposed to protect and make life livable under the Constitution, this maniac favored Muslim’s and protected foreigners that caused so much damage, killing Americans, bombing in Boston, catch and release murderers, and paid no attention to the needs of American citizens. Americans were held hostage by this SOB and I, personally, want to see justice from the new administration to charge Obama with his treasonous acts. He is NOT above the law and should be prosecuted as well as Hillary Clinton under his leadership, and then “cleaning of the swamp” will be complete.

  6. Agree with you Kim, Seth Rich was killed in July, the Wikileaks were in July, AND the RNC convention was later in July, Trump was not yet nominated. If these so called intelligence agents would get their act together and actually investigate (follow the money), they just might find the perpetrators/criminals. Not one ounce of proof has been offered for all these allegations. The leftists are following LBJ’s rule, lie about you opponent, then watch him try to rebut the lie, smears the opponent, wastes time and taxpayers money, old tactic.


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