Trudeau Attacks Donald Trump

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes part in a news conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, December 15, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

Justin Trudeau promised to pursue a “constructive working relationship” with President-elect Donald Trump, but assured Canadians that he will continue to make equal rights a top issue for his own administration.

“Canada is a separate country from the United States and there are things that we hold dear that the Americans haven’t prioritized,” the Canadian prime minister said at a town hall event on Thursday. “I’m never going to shy away from standing up for what I believe in, whether it’s proclaiming loudly to the world that I am a feminist, whether it’s understanding that immigration is a source of strength for us and Muslim Canadians are an essential part of the success of our country today and into the future.”

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  1. Hey I have lot of ties to Canada and they are a truly socialist nation with many laws against their people. In Canada its the State first all others exist only to keep the State in control and wealthy. My experience with the Canadian Health Care system meant that Doctors who strayed from Drugs and surgery those with the highest cure rates were destroyed by Health Canada, losing their license and right to practice. Where as those who followed the party line had more patients then they could handle. One that I know of was run out of BC and Albert because of the 56 deaths associated with his work and Ontario opened their doors welcoming him in. Death in the the Canadian Health Care system is much preferred to cures.

  2. Is this guy a jackoff or WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada would be a struggling THIRD WORLD country if not for these United States of America!!!!!!! If you don’t comprenhend it is because you have NEVER studied and understand American History!!!!!!!

    • You beat me to the post and that was my immediate thought concerning this article. If Trump can now just make them pay for it!! LOL
      We can only hope a Muslim makes him the target!!

      • are you suggesting making Trump the target ? I certainly hope not we had enough of that black racist Islamic loving nit wit type of person with a stringent personal problem bordering “Bi-Polar” acts and a self deluded vision he was a king. wrong Nation , Wrong people and last but not the least, he was a compulsive liar, not one thing he did in office was for the people of America. person as to being truthful …….

        • No no no…you misunderstood mowmtn. I meant that we might have to build a wall on the north and make Canada pay for it. Also that maybe some of his muzzie buddies would target Trudeau NOT Trump!! I so agree with you on that sorry excuse for a President we have now. Sorry for the confusion.

    • good idea!!! we can also send all the muslimes that come to Americqa right on through to Canada… then the keep them up there..

  3. One of the biggest mistakes ever made by our friends to the north when they elected this BUFFOON and they are paying the price for it.

    • The Canadians probably thought he was a Justin Bieber clone. Even the Muzzies don’t believe Justin is either a ally or a threat.

    • ARE They not aware how many of the Hollywood actors are from Canada?? they come here become millionaires and NOW want to CRITICIZE??? I say STOP patronizing them . any movie with Canadian actors.
      Open the door out of our good of our Hart’s and SEE WHAT HAPPENS???
      BUT that is what made our country the greatest , was compassion for others , SHAME ,There taking advantage of that, Now we have ti set stronger guild lines or them to be able to enter OUR COUNTRY. Don’t abide by the rules and want to criticize ? THEY GET DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY,Lose there citizenship NO MORE GAMES.

  4. Good! We can send 20 million illegal immigrants up there and divert the muslim refugees to Canada…they have plenty of money and open land and social services in Canada too, so the populations can go up there and prey upon their system SET UP FOR THEIR CITIZENS. We are too busy fighting wars in 7 countries…doing what our government does, and at $20 trillion in debt, WE need the relief. So wonderful to have such an understanding and generous neighbor! Please keep your word.

    • Yes, please build an express train depot, in the middle of the Mexican wall. Make it a non stop express to the Canadian Border. Build their depot in the middle of the Canadian wall. Ask Trudeau if he wants to pay for the wall or the trains and track it takes to get to Canada from Mexico!!

    • Beverly that would still leave us with 20 million illegals. They lie and lie about the number. 11 million? There are that many in Harris County Texas.

    • It is so sad that the liberal leader of such a great country as our northern neighbor–like so many blind and bigoted libs in this country– refuses to admit that Trump has no problem with peaceful Muslims–and the very same goes with the LEGAL immigrants on our southern border– who want to come in and follow the COTUS.

      Our corrupt “lame-stream media” has consistently and criminally trashed our president-elect, twisting his words–as has been their “knee jerk” custom– ignoring the fact that he has emphasized time and time again that he is only AGAINST the “illegal”, criminal, RULE-OF-LAW trashers, and those who would allow the entry of the radical muslime terrorists who are trying to kill us, while the “useful-idiot, lying-lemming liberal “snowflake” losers spew their poison on American PATRIOTS trying to TAKE BACK AMERICA from those same “highly misguided prog-libs”!… God bless America! Drain the swamp, Trump!

  5. Let him get our Muslim imports instead of us. If they attack Canada at least they are asking for it the American people are not.

  6. Is it just me, or does Trudeau look like he is wearing mascara. We will be sure to send any of those illegal aliens deported up to Canada if he wants them.

  7. Great to hear it. Starting tomorrow we will be re-directing all muslims to Canada. Oh, we’ll be sending all the feminazi’s as well.

  8. If I were you Trudeau—I would be careful in your dealings with Trump and the USA —-there is something called a backlash that you would not want to deal with

  9. This coming from a socialist right!!! Canadian people are paying for electing this guy. I think a lot of them regret that vote

  10. I read two days ago where school classes can now have lectures on Islam without observers being present. Great move, hosers!

  11. I read two days ago where school classes can now have lectures on Islam without observers present. Way to go, hosers!

  12. What our country has now is obamas government.The F.B.I.the C.I.A.are ALL under obamas control.The liberal media kisses his ass from sunup to sundown.If the intelligence people are so concerned about our country they should have put hillery,billery and barry in prison years ago.You can’t use the word obama and intelligence in the same sentence because they are completely opposite.As far as canada ,you fix your own problems,WE elected Mr.Trump to TRY and fix ours.

    • I read (and i hope it is TRUE) That soon as Barack walks out from his speech at the Inaugural he WILL be ARRESTED on Charges of TREASON, THIS is how it should BE NO MORE CORRUPT POLITICAL WHORES GAME PLAYING.

  13. This man really needs to be educated; “… Muslim Canadians are an essential part of the success of our country today and into the future.” Boy, you’d better study up some on Islam,-read the Koran and check into Shariah law…your ignorance is indeed showing and your people would do well to dump you in favor of a real patriot.

    • Dumbass, hang around with Muslims you could get your throat cut, ha ha, unless you ARE one! LOL That little thing they do to women called “female circumcision” is REALLY a sadistic barbaric mutilation and any person that would NOT condemn it is absolutely STUPID!! Doesn’t have a damn thing to do with education!

  14. Good for Trudeau!!!!!! At least Canadians have a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong!!!! Sad that the American People are so stupid and easily CONNED!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Beverly has it right! We can send the muslims to Canada , then tell Trueau to keep his nose out of out business and build a northern wall.

  16. “In my life, there are two things I’ve found I’m very good at: overcoming obstacles and motivating good people to do their best work. One of the challenges ahead is how to use those skills as successfully in the service of others as I’ve done, up to now, on my own behalf.” – Donald J. Trump

    Best wishes to you, sir, and may all the naysayers eat their words!

  17. You forgot to mention that mental illness is your mainstay and Muslims inbreed and Islam is a bloodlust society and we Americans DO NOT need Canada. You may want to think about it. I sure hope the Canadians wake up before this guy totally ruins their great country.

  18. Well yeah! Canada opened up its great north west 1848 and nobody came. Canada has got alot of room with nothing but scrub trees and weather. What a jerk you are Trudeau.
    Was it inspector Trudeau that Peter Sellers was the cartoons voice? Immigration is Trudeaus strength. I wouldnt be broadcasting that one inspector, and a feminist to boot HA – HA – HA You cant make this stuff up!

  19. Thats OK Justin, you can have the Muslims from the US and maybe we could kick in a little to move some of the Mexican folks from Texas, New Mexico and Arizona up to your place. Sure was nice of Canada to offer to take them.

  20. I was laughing my ass off earlier at some on the liberal Canadian whiney posting about how they are so above everyone else. Fakes. This is the type that stabs you in the back just like Obama and scum kerry did to the U.S. and Israel. They are directed by satan. 8 years of Obama and this clown has spent more than all past presidents combined. The lazy bloke can’t even work an honest day. He spends 100 million plus on golfing vacations and sits there like a king and signs executive orders-lazy bastard. Their arrogance is priceless.

  21. Another liberal wing nut. He wants the muslin’s WE should send him ours. Just wait till
    they (the Canadians) start having problems. They will kick his liberal butt out, I can’t
    believe the Canadians want the muslin problems, and they are many.


  23. Canadiens need to get rid of that corporate globalist shill. I’m sure the usurious Rothschild Bank of London and the Federal Reserve banksters just love him.
    Appears the election system is broken in Canada too and his opposition wasn’t quite able to get the landslide victory Trump got to offset the fraud!!
    Wake up folks, globalism and traitor like him are a thing of the past and are getting swept away everywhere you look.
    Get on board the Let’s Make America Great Again express………it’s almost ready to blast off!!

  24. Oh, yes, Canada, the country who sent a Muslim father into the U.S. to kill his daughter and her friend for becoming a Christian. Yes, Canada, the country who destroyed the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts just so homosexuals and lesbians could have access to boys and girls. Canada sends their people over to the states to get surgery and treatment because it takes so long to get what patients need under their national health plan. They wipe out our stores because everything costs more in Canada than in the states. Our stupid state gives them a special bridge to cross over that our taxpayers paid for so the Canadians can take our jobs at a better pay than what they get over there. I live on the border, I can see them from my back window over the lake. A lot of times I have to drive to a city deeper into the states to buy something that the Canadians have cleaned our local stores of. They also come over here for cheaper gas. It is a socialist gov’t and that is what you get with socialists who make laws because the activists demand it, their gov’t does not listen to what their present citizens actually want. The drug criminals come straight from Mexico to Toronto through my area and you wonder why the Canadians don’t stop it, well our gov’t too. The land is good over there for farming, the only thing I say about that country. Oh, yes every time our country goes to war like, Vietnam and Iraq the Canadians run over here and join up so they can become citizens easier. That is good about them. But also Canada gives U.S. citizens who refuse to serve asylum no questions asked. That helps us too. Guess there are some good things about Trudeau and his country.

  25. Hhhhmmmmmm…..I wonder if he’s interested in taking some refugees from Hollywood, along with some GBLT’s, and a few Muslims, nice sturdy fellows who could maybe work as lumberjacks, or something? Instead of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, could we maybe build a Nuevo Laredo, Toronto and Winnipeg express? Nonstop service?

  26. Who cares what this idiot thinks? I thought about a northern wall years ago when the moooslems started taking the northern route to the US. I see that many more here like the idea of a Northern Wall. I guess that means brilliant minds think alike!

  27. MR. TREDEAU should shut his mouth about the UI S A as he is doing to CANADA what is happening in the U K right now! If he loves these MUZZY BASTARDS so much I suggest he move to one of there countries of pig stye’s! His old man sucked and this PUP IS SUCKING JUST LIKE HIM! Wake up CANADA, land of my FATHERS BIRTH near OTAWA in 1897 REBUTE HIS MUSLIM RANT FOR YOUR OWN SAFTEY!

  28. Trudeau should prove no problem in accepting our criminal deported illegal immigrants. I’m sure the Canadian people would love it. Also Canada can be the dumping ground for jihadist refugees.

  29. This Canadian fag was “hot” for Obummer. Seeing Photo Ops of the 2 together, he’s looking at Obummer just like George Clooney did. In those photos it’s hard to tell if O was thinking about banging them or they were thinking about banging the Obummer. You know the saying, “Fags of a feather . . .”

  30. tI love to hear the so called man of importance think they can turn people against a man that the AMERICAN people choose to return our country back to ‘IN GOD WE TRUST” Why did you not object to all the Criminal act of Barack Obama??
    We will inform all the of the UNITED STATES TO SEND ALL MUSLIM TO CANADA.If they think there faith is right, THEN WHY ARE THEY LEAVING THERE OWN COUNTRIES IF THEY ARE SO HAPPY WITH THERE BELIEFS???YOU REALLY DON”T MAKE EVEN COMMON SENSE.We Will Notify all the states to send all the muslim immigrants that the MURDERER Barack told them to take over the UNITED STATES???WHO WILL NOT BE AROUND TO CARRY OUT HIS DEVASTATION OF AMERICA. YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE THAT TRY TO PLAY HITLER IN AMERICA.SAD part Barack will have more Blood on his hands. Muslins are not welcome to bring the Dicktrene into America

  31. Truedeau is a jerk and without the US to protect his country, it would be ruled by Russia.
    Wonder if the Canadians ever consider that possiblity?

  32. I prefer head lice to Obama, but I have been seeing references that he is gay. Does anyone, anywhere, have any direct knowlege or proof of that? I could not think less of him regardless, but even a rat like him deserves the truth be told about him.


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