Trump’s Limo Will have Tear Gas Cannon and Shotgun

As president of the United States, a man needs thorough protection while traveling through town, and that’s what incoming President Donald J. Trump will be receiving come Inauguration Day.

For you see, it is on this day that his “Cadillac One” limousine will be debuted to both the public and the president-elect.

Set to replace President Barack Obama’s fleet of a dozen limos, this single behemoth will reportedly be stocked with weapons designed to keep would-be rioters and other such vermin at bay, including a powerful shotgun and even a tear gas cannon.

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  1. Should have a 15mm chain gun mounted on a top turret, flame throwers, tear gas launchers, and an exterior EMP emitter as well.

  2. This election showed how crooked, unreliable, shameless and distasteful the “media” has become… 15mm Chain Gun for sure!!! I love it!

  3. 50-caliber machine gun[s], mustard gas grenade launchers, 360-degree ruby laser guns, projecting high mass cobolt particles!

  4. Something to think about as well…….the skunk spray Israel uses to disperse rioters. Some say it’s worse than original skunk smell!

  5. Honestly I believe that between the muslim president and his bringing muzzys into our country for the last 8 yrs. has done exactly what was intended, to divide us. We have never in our history experienced this turmoil in an election before. What better way to conquer us if we are divided and fighting amongst ourselves. When chaos is present then fear and terror reigns supreme. who will you trust, who can you believe, the change will come but at what cost, will the change be what we have looked for and so disparately wanted? And to top it off Obuttface has said he is not going away, but will continue to fight Trump which will give his muzzy friends more of an incentive to cause disruption and deaths to further his cause the death of America.

  6. I don’t think this is a joke, is it, love it whether or not it is a joke. Hope it is true. Thanks to Hillary’s followers Trump should use it.


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