Booker: It’s now time to fight

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) urged Americans not to “curl up, give up or shut up” in an emotional Facebook post published the morning of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“This is not a time to curl up, give up or shut up,” Booker wrote. “It is time to get up; to stand up, to speak words that heal, help, and recommit to the cause of our country.”

In a historic move, Booker recently testified against Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.). Booker became the first sitting senator to testify at a confirmation hearing against another senator. Many speculated Booker’s decision to testify against Sessions could have been a first move toward a potential 2020 presidential bid.

“We had an election defeat, but we are not defeated,” Booker wrote. “We hurt, we fear, we may even regret that we did not do more. But character is not defined, forged or built in good times. The fire of adversity forges our steel.”

Booker said he would not join the nearly 60 Democratic lawmakers who will boycott Trump’s inauguration Friday. These Democrats are breaking with tradition after a divisive election. Many made the decision following Trump’s attacks on Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), after Lewis said he does not believe Trump is a “legitimate president.”

Booker will attend the inauguration, along with other Democratic colleagues, President Obama and Trump’s Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.


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  1. This Fool is an Idiot; just look at what this morning Our President Trump has done to put Our America back on track to being the Greatest Nation on the face of the earth and not a 3td rate country as the DUMBOCRATS attempted to achieve!!!

    • Only in your dreams Brady. Just wait until his programs start to raise your eyes. This is all about insurance and Women’s right to an abortion. I admit abortion should be ban unless in the case of it may be danger to the mother’s health and the health of the unborn baby.

      • Nope. It all about Soros and the beast. Fifty of these witches have been directly connected with funding from that war criminal. As for insurance obummercare was doomed as it could never be self supporting. It was waiting for the beast to make it total socialistic medicine

        • It appears to me you are the stupid one and you are the one whose behind need to be kick. You guys just do not understand. Fool the ACA was grossing a profit. You problem and the rest of the Republicraps is that you all do not want to be tax. You are deplorable aren’t you.

          • Nope it was not. In fact it could have NEVER been successful since it sucked tax money for many people that never put anything in to it. What was designed to do was to move from that failure to total socialistic medicine but, then hillary did not get in. And child you are in denial and next election cycle you will be spanked even harder because you ignore the reality of what is going on.

      • Thanks my wife and friends like it. Best of all during the Christmas season wearing a red Santa hat the little ones look at me and smile+ because they saw Santa!!! I started out dark brown in 1969.

    • God bless you, Pastor Burns–real AMERICAN! We need more true religious leaders who will stand up for America and true Christian values! God bless the USA…AND YOU TOO, SCOTT!

    • These are the cellar babies and the c**t lickers hanging for the last bit they can suck out of society. Get a F**k**g life and get over it. They have all had their chance at being POTUS and thought nothing for anyone but themselves. Boy an I glad WORLD WAR III hasn’t started!!!!!!

      • Don’t worry it will start and you will be on the front line. The USA is barking up the wrong tree because China will destroy us. And, we better watch Russia too, they are not our friends.

        • More bs from the left. NATO as it stands out numbers Russia considerably and with more modern equipment. China is undergoing “renovations” and might come out in some years but, has over run its own economy and has been slowing down. Thats what happens when you play games with your currency.

    • THIS IDIOT THINKS HE IS AL SHARPTON,ANOUTHER RADICAL NIGGER,HAS ANY ONE CALLED HIS MAMA A HO YET,watermelon eating crack head,i dont have time to swap spit with a crackhead see ya,wouldnt want to be ya spade,

  2. A good point has been made, white Americans are the only ones of all races who identify as simply Americans and all the others seem to need the color of their skin to precede the fact they are Americans. It seems African Americans seem to separate themselves this way from society more than other “non-white” Americans. There is nothing wrong with having pride in the culture of their ancestors but it only causes people think they should be treated different from others.

          • WE are all GODs people and need to learn to appreciate one another as such and that 5% that have a Negative attitude should be taught differently by people of their own race to appreciate the Wonderful “stew” that Our America should and can be Appreciated by all!!!

          • Jong God bless you and may you one day see the light. I can’t get mad and stoop down to your level. Your attitude that will keep America set back. Jong tell me if I am wrong but wasn’t it you that said the so-call Clovis Man as the first man in the Americas? You were wrong. Clovis (486-511) was a King in the Roman Empire.
            he was the son of a federate of the Roman Empire and the King of another Germanic tribe called the Salian Franks.
            The thing that gets me is that some of our brothers & sisters are ignorant but they think they know.

          • You see how you are reverting to name calling. First I am not a child and probably have just as much intelligence as you.

          • Jong I have no comment to what you say because you are wrong. Why can’t you talk sensible like Brother Brady. All I can say is this and I am para-phrasing, I believe it is found in 1 Cor. 1:25- … they have become so wise that they have turn the truth about God into a lie. God gave them up to a debased mind to do those things that are unnatural. Have a nice night Jong ; take the suggestion of Brother Brady and talk sensible.

          • Actually I am right and that is what pisses you off. And please use the whole of scripture not just what you want or what you have not and can not prove. Better you take a suggestion from me. You are tagged as a shill now toddle off child Truth and wisdom are two different things. They feed off each other. Since you do not have truth you can have neither.

          • Jong what I was doing was para-phrasing 1 Cor. 1:26 but I see with you I have to spell out everything. Jong I was not wrong but if you want to think that way go right ahead and I have already turn you over to God. The thing is this you want people to see your way like you know the truth. More proof to what I am saying because 1 Cor.1:26, “Consider your own call, brothers and sisters not many of you were wise by human standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth”. You see my brother the cross confounds both classes of human society: Jews seek signs and Greeks seek wisdom which is the depths of philosophy. This is why Paul said in this same chapter v. 18,”For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God”. I pray that Brother Brady will comment on this blog; maybe he can enlighten you. Just as Brady said when God made Humans he just did not make a Black man or White Man or Red man but he made us from his own image. The problem some of us and perhaps you too have allowed Satan to fill your hearts and minds with such hatred and bigotry it has created a veil over your eyes. I hope you understand what I am talking about because I am not allowing your words or no one else words to revert me to stoop down to your level. Somebody has got to use good common sense.

          • Furthermore, I am leaving you with the definition of Knowledge and Wisdom. The two does not go together. Again I hope Brother Brady will come in and give his impression.
            According to a Bible dictionary:
            Knowledge – The words for knowledge and knowing in the bible (Heb. yada ; Greek ginosko) represent significant biblical concepts that are difficult to capture with a simple definition; they have a broad range of meaning.
            In the OT knowledge is experiential and relational. The “man of sorrows” in Isa. 53:3 is acquainted with (Heb. “knows”) grief; he has experienced grief. When the prophet Hosea announces that there is “no knowledge of God in the land” (Hos. 4:1), he is equating knowledge of God with loyalty and faithfulness. To know God is to be in relationship to God (Hos. 6:6).

            In the NT knowledge can also be experiential and relational, as in the OT (“the Lord knows those who are his” ; 2 Tim. 2:19). In general, however, the NT uses knowledge in a more theoretical sense, consistent with its range of meaning in Greek.
            Wisdom – Bible dictionaries define wisdom as the ability to make sound judgments on what we know, especially as it relates to life and conduct. The wise do not value the quantity of knowledge by itself, but the ethical and moral dimensions of how we evaluate human experience and act on it. In other words for example when some of you all was talking mean spirited and nasty towards me and not only me but other people that did not believe as some of you. You see on the one hand, they saw wisdom as a serious intellectual pursuit of knowledge about the world and its rules of order and the dynamics behind its mysterious operations. Understanding yourself is the key, in relation to human nature and to God the Creator. I truly hope you understand now if you do not so be it. Remember Jong I am still praying for you and all people because like Brother Brady said when he made the Black Man the Lord also made the White Man and Red Man too. We are all precious in his sight. In the words of Former First Lady when some of you all go low , we go high …

            I do not mean to gloat but in case you did not know and this is a fact the first Human was an African. Researchers have found old artifacts to prove. Ask Brother Brady. This is all I am going to say now you have a good evening!

      • I doubt it very seriously. For your information this nation is a nation of immigrants. There is no White America , Black America, Brown or Red America. We are suppose to be one in Christ Jesus. But I forgot you probably do not believe in the bible. For your information the Indians (Native Americans) are the only true Americans; where your forefathers stole this country away from them.

        • Actually you are still full of liberal bs. There is White America and Black America or have you not eyes child??? And for your information the supposed “native americans” as you would describe them are not the first inhabitants of North America. Clovis Man was. And then was wiped out by your so called “native americans”

          • You need to take American History 101 all over again. The Native Americans are the only true Americans.

          • Nope Clovis Man was here way before what is so called “native americans” Then again if all the evidence we do have is true your “native americans” committed genocide against them as the majority of those have been found not be have had a natural death but, a violent one

        • If you are Truely a Passtor write as though you are; I to am a Pastor and since the 1960s have worked for the AMERICAN people to walk together arm in arm; sadly though your words want divison among GODs people!!!

          • As I have said my words does not want divisions. It was some of your people that started this meanspirited and nasty talk towards me. What was I suppose to do?

          • Change them with Logic and Love them. My people? I am a Cherokee and the divison starts with the Concept of “Your People” we are all Americans that need to appreciate the Stew that Our America is which takes all of our races/backgrounds to make it Wonderful!!!

          • Brady then you should know since you are a Cherokee Indian that the Native Americans were already in America using the land and occupying it at the same time. They were peaceful and they did not mind sharing this land but some of our brothers & sisters that are on the right claims that the “Clovis” Man was the first inhabitants in the Americas. I knew he was wrong when he said the Clovis Man was the first humans in the Americas. Now I do not know where he got his information but I had to go back and do research. Clovis (486-511), he was the son of a federate of the Roman Empire and the King of another Germanic tribe called the Salian Franks.
            The thing that gets me is that some of our brothers & sisters are ignorant but they think they know. Some of them are like this because that was how they were raise. Another thing this what I was trying to do was using logic and intelligence. You know my brother I too have Indian in my genealogy . My Grandmother’s grandmother was a Full blooded Chotaw Indian. The Chotaws was settled in Central Alabama and probably in Mississippi. I am taking your advice now I am ignoring them or I just do not comment at all. Truly they do not understand. I do not know the exact percentage of my ethnic heritage but I too am not 100% Negro or Black. My Daddy daddy was a White Man. You see Brady some of our brothers and sisters do not appreciate diversity. When God in his Chemical labatory of redemption took my mixed blood and dip it into some red blood and I came out white as snow.

          • Sharing? The Europeans were greeted and thought to be welcomed to share the abundance but they showed themselves to be Greedy and willing to Cheat and Kill to have what we wanted to share. But, this is today and we need to Forgive and teach one another of Our Ancestars and seek a common ground where as Americans we Enjoy our differences pulling us closer together and not further apart.

          • What can I say because you have said it. That is so true. I cannot understand why some of them want to pretend that this country is their country or the first humans in the Americas was the Clovis Man. You know I have my opinion at how I think things should be that lines up with the Holy Bible. When others on the left does not agree they revert to name calling. If everyone would remember the golden rule this world will be OK.

          • What sir do you truly expect from liberals. And in the end their “lord” really has nothing to do with our GOD and is constant opposition to him.

    • We should reject the hyphenation concept. For example, as far as I know, we do not have any African-American citizens. If they were born in America, they are Americans. Once a person becomes a citizen, they become Americans.

      • And, we should also reject the hyphenation concept of White American citizens. It was your White ancestors that stole this country from the Indians (Native Americans). I honestly do not understand how you ever got a PhD in Business. With an attitude like yours you are some kind of character. I, for one like all people but I despise people when they think and talk like you.

        • Wrong again moron. Clovis Man was the first and left his tools here. And unfortunately for you Clovis Man was from Europe. Not Asia. You really do need a education silly child.

          • What you are referring to is the Pre-historic days of the Cave Man. Excavators and Researchers say they are extinct. The first legitimate Americans are the Native American. You need to take another course in American History 101. I am not going to say anything negative to you because my friend Brady advised me not to say anything to you because you have it in your mind that you are right. May the Lord bless you.

          • Incorrect. Then again you have no education so I must give you one. For instance Clovis is in New Mexico. Secondly this happened aprox 10,000-30,000 years ago which in time is not all that long. You might to really read the Holy Bible. Not “prehistoric days” The first real natives are Clovis man that came in the end of the last ice age their boats most likely hugging close to the ice floes so they could kill seals and other animals on their way over. And child you have already stated negatively so like all liberals you response is amusing for that of a child of about five. And as for your “lord” is not my Lord as mine is truth not lies. That is yours.

          • he was the son of a federate of the Roman Empire and the King of another Germanic tribe called the Salian Franks.
            The thing that gets me is that some of our brothers & sisters are ignorant but they think they know.
            Therefore, you have it now who is wrong.

          • Boy are you stupid. Clovis Man takes its name from where artifacts were discovered in New Mexico. They directly relate to only one other group ever found. In France. Toddle off child.

        • Then do not give them a Negative reply, either Ignore them or show them a different way without all the Negatives I sadly read in your replies.

          • Brady I did not know I was giving them a negative reply. Most of the time I do ignore them and when I do speak I try to explain my rationale is when they begin to talk the way they do best (mean-spirited and nasty).

    • I do not think I should be treated differently disqus_IPXETc1 … I want to be treated fairly and given ample opportunities. If I need Affordable Healthcare to make sure I stay well that should be my right. If you do not change your attitude in HELL you will lift up your eyes.

      • Wrong again socialist. No were in the Constitution do you have that right. Only under marx and that is such low level of care that you might as well treat yourself. And child like all far left liberal loons by definition you can not be a Christian

        • I declare to you to re-read the Preamble to the Constitution with compassion and understanding. It states in part that I am entitled to certain inalienable rights endowed by the Creator. People that think like you believe in Marxist theology. I believe the child description fits your ideology of the right with their treatment of people.
          We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,
          establish Justice, insure domestic
          Tranquility, provide for the common defence,
          promote the general Welfare, and secure the
          Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the
          United States of America.
          What part of the Constitution you do not understand?

          • No actually you are the marxist as your posts have revealed child. You talked way to long and its very easy to point out exactly what you are and are not. For instance your definition of “promote the general welfare” has nothing to do with the Founding Fathers or what they intended. Then again liberal marxist//socialists have never really agreed with either the Declaration or the Constitution so they have to twist it to there methodology As for being the “minister” of anything except Satan give me a break.

          • I refuse to respond to you because you twist everything around. This is how Satan worshipers does get a little bit and run with it.

          • Of course the only reason is because you are unable to answer with facts. Of course you deflect when you have none. Typical liberal

          • Yep. I studied the original documents leading up to the Constitution they are what is known as source documents at Princeton. And yes that is exactly what they meant. Not some twisted marxism you espouse.

          • My brother my conversations are not twisted and they are certainly not Marxist. I am not going to get in an argument with you over the constitution, bible or anything else. I was taught when I was in school to read with understanding. Try to visulize the original intent of the framers of the Constitution. First off it reads in 3-bold letters: WE THE PEOPLE …
            Maybe one day you will understand. I am trying to be nice and not name calling like you did.

          • Call it what you want Jong but you are still wrong as two left-shoes. The document that got ratified and affirmed as out constitution is what I pasted above.

          • And yet you have absolutely no understanding of it. Dont worry no liberal has been able to actually understand it. It conflicts with your socialism

    • Your point is distorted and confused. White Americans are not the only true American. You forgot how some of your ancestors stole this country from the American Indian. After they showed you hospitality and taught you how to plant food and you all had the first thanksgiving. If some African Americans have separated themselves from society is because of the bigotry and hatred that comes from some of your people. It is nothing wrong with having pride for your race. It does not seems to bother you when some of you display the Confederate Flag that to me stands for separatism, racism and classism. This is not a White America or Black America. This is the United States of America.

      • Actually not quite true. There were tribes of both friendly “indians” and unfriendly. And you have now shown yourself for what you are. A black muslim. And child you might want to keep your bs straight. You first defended a “Black America” and then stated there is no such thing. You liberals are extremely funny in that you can not even keep your own bs straight

  3. Another IGNORANT STUPID NIGGRO leading their followers no where just like the IGNORANT STUPID NIGGRO who just spent 8 years in the White House and did nothing for the PEOPLE. He had a lot of parties for the Hollywood Elite while his people lived in sub standard conditions.

    • You are to kind! He is a white man hating nigger boy that need’s to “curl up, give up and shut up”. The nigger’s are nothing but ignorent, law braking, welfare recipient, shuffle butt, malcontent’s, pure ghetto builder’s. You have the green light President Trump, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

      • And, what do you think you are cracker boy. I wish I can get you in a ring and I will show you who is the nigger. You are crazy.

        • And yet you did not say he was wrong with his people standard of living going down in to the pit. As for getting into a ring you would not even hear me child. You would just be meeting GOD all of a sudden

          • Jong I have already met the Lord and the Lord will be on my side. If you ever dream that you whup me you better wake up and apologize. What you and everyone else need to do is respect other people opinion. Everyone has the right to be heard.

          • Wrong again child. The only “Lord” that is on you side is Satan. And I can do it easily by your posts you are neither a Christian or a minister. And child if you lie you have given up that right by default. Your kind is highly amusing in saying that now we all have to work together when for eight years you have gone your own way. I really dont think so child. As for “whupping” you that is very easy to do either on this site or in person.

          • Brady I am a Christian and born again . You know for your self it was not me that started all this mean-spirited and racist talk. It appears to me some of your people can talk that talk but when a person begins to retaliate then I am not Christian. God did not create any of us to be trample on but to stand up and be heard. Now whoever reads this if they will talk sensible the conversations will go smoothly. It is alright if some of you disagree with me but I am not dumb, stupid, and certainly I am not a Nigger. I have the right to express what I believe. The problem Brady is some of your people are not soundly educated and they listen to propaganda.

          • In all probability sir a shill. One that comes on such posts not to discuss as a adult but, to cause problems. And it is he that has started the negative discussion. One only has to look at what he has posted.

      • Let’s not use that N word; instead let us have respect that is Worthy of 95% of all races here in AMERICA and remember that each of Our Race has 5% that no one wants to claim.

        • Brady may God bless you for telling KWG as it really is. Each of us regardless of our nationality have a mixture of all races. For me I am mixed with White, Negro and Native American. I have more White and Native American in me than any race. What we need to do is look at the good the former President tried to create.

      • You know what anyone can be a “nigger” . Websters dictionary define a nigger as a low class , low down person. The definition fits all you dirty and low-down crackers like you. For your information I am a law abiding citizen and I am not on Welfare and food stamps.

        • Hum. Like usual child you might want to first look up what “cracker” means And child again you come from a false premise. Not all people on welfare and food stamps are criminals. And not all criminals get food stamps and welfare.

      • I have a life and it has had enough of the Economic and Racial Disaster the NIGGRO POS in the White House the last 8 years has put this Country through, like I’ve stated in the last 8 years OBLOZO and his Regime made a RACIST out of me and there is nothing wrong with me as to I’m where the POS wanted me to be. What are you an ignorant niggro?

        • ReaperHD you already had it in you and what Trumass have done was help bring out that hatred and bigotry you already had. The former President tried to work with the Republicraps when he first got in office. From the start McCondell said we are going to make him a one term President. I do not have time to go backward & forward with you because if you really search yourself it was the 1% that did not want to work with a Progressive Democrat. You all forget how he capture Osamba bin laden and how he was able to keep most of the terrorists at bay. But no just because the Democrats was able to pass the Affordable Care Act that is helping a lot of people that could not afford insurance. You have insurance and it is our right that all Americans have Affordable Health Care.

          • Another lie. Ole jug ears tried to work with no one. He actually shut the doors and locked them. You have a rather short and selective memory. And not a single Republican signed his obummercare and in fact had to bribe many of his own party. He was no where near bin Laden when he was killed and in fact Clinton had three times he could have killed him and did not and the same with ole jug ears. And child out of twenty million that got it most of those were on medicare/caid. (ten million) another five million were forced on it because of their insurance could not meet ole jug ears demands at what they were charging. Or shall we forget the 50-90 million forced off their insurance they were happy with. It was a failure from the start as it was suppose to be. The queen beast was suppose to force us to total marxist/socialist medicine during her “reign”

          • And your full of SH!T as your doing a good job of bringing out my hatred of just you, whatever you may be you seem to be just a copy of the Queer NIGGROER Redman who wanted to suck OBLOZO’S PECKER and have a 3some with First Lady MICHAEL OBLOZO and have a Queer Party.

    • People like you is going to take this country down to the ground. This administration will be fill with corruption just like the Reagan and Bush administration. One positive thing is that you all are still the 1% that does not like to be taxed. That’s the bottom-line.

      • I see you left out the NIGGRO POS CRIMINAL that just left the White House when it comes to CORRUPTION. Your about a CROCK of SH!T TROLL LIBERAL who needs to watch out when this Country does come down and it will be abt time.

      • Child if you knew the Reagan Administration you would have realized that he lifted both the very poor and the very rich and the middle came up because of it. Unlike the jugged eared one with 1.5% growth we actually had a period of 7% growth with Reagan. And we already have been in misery for the last eight years of a fraud that ruled by pen and phone not the rule of law.

    • This is what racism does for this country it brings racism, classism and sexism. When you speak mean spirited and talking about people of color a race riot will be started. If that happens all the tanks, tear gas, hoses will not stop people. I just do not understand what is wrong with you white people.

  4. Crybaby Poor loser libtard Booker, New Jersey ought to have a much better representative than your sorry self, interested in nothing but your bleeding heart bigoted, racist Komrads. N.J. can’t you do something better than Booker?!

    • We certainly do not need an unintelligent White Man trying to implement his idiotic polities. You one need to go back to your fields and plow your own field. Now you shut the h___ up boy.

        • I would rather be a donkey follower rather than a dumb elephant that cannot think. My point is that the Elephant still have not offer an alternative plan for the Affordable Care Act.

          • I would rather say that during his postings (all of them) he has basically revealed what he is a black muslim. It is a fact that only they have demanded a separate “black homeland” carved out of the US.

          • More lies from the left. The Heritage Plan was ready to go the minute that ole jug ears rammed his obscenity down our throats. After all it was formulated as a answer to “hillarycare” one more lie from a left wing loon.

      • it certainly looks like u want to start shit,well here it is farm equipment,go pick some cotton sambo,u r not in a roach infected shithole that u niggers r so use to living in now u r up town with the white man boy & we DONT COTTON to shit talking niggers,so puLL up your big boy overhauls COON & go somewhere else WHERE SOME ONE GIVES A SHIT 4 YOUR BLACK ASS S BECAUSE I DONT,find some watermelon NIGGER

        • We, are Good Americans, let the Words of those who would Happily Divide us be not used but rather start talking Civil to one another and be an Example to others so as a Nation and Patriots will be STRONG once GAIN!!!

        • Did you say “boy” or “Leroy” Please do not get me started you ignorant, no class White shit. You ain’t nothing so therefore I am not going to stoop low to patronize the likes of you. In HELL you will look up and wonder what have you done to deserve this. Satan has you so confused and mess up it is not even funny. Now you run and tell that low class scum of the earth. As far as me picking cotton you better have your white trash children to pick all the cotton you want and eat watermelon too. Cracker

    • We need to STOP picking at each other and start sharing “Concepts” that will bring the 95% that which is Good about Fellow Americans and build a Wonderful America for each other and then NO other country will dare show us any thing but RESPECT for we are United and Not Divided!!!

    • You know James that was the problem some of you all never did accept the former President. Because he was Black. Actually he was mixed but to some of you it did not matter if his mother was White and he was raise by his grandparents.

  5. It’s time for trash like him to shut up, he lost, we won and many good people in his district voted for Trump, so next election vote this clown out of office..

    • You said it just as well as anyone else – Booker is nothing more than a jersey J.O. and if you were ever in jersey —– everything is owned and operated by dots….gas stations – hotels – everything…

    • I do not think so … Just wait until the idiotic executive action takes effect and the deficit goes higher, gasoline prices will probably go higher and once again we will probably be depended on foreign oil.

      • More ignorance. The deficit will go lower because of a much higher GDP which is able to support it. We when allowed to drill here dont really need much if any oil. And keep it at about 45 dollars a barrel. SO once again liberal your lies and bs are readily apparent

  6. Whatta newark nugget – The guy is trying to bathe in the soros spotlight and MONEY – begging for support – trying and doing everything possible to take obozo’s place….

  7. The Demokrats are haters; however, they preach LOVE, as long as it is their kind of LOVE. Just like the Religion of Peace that spreads it’w word by using homicide bombers.

  8. He is a racist piece of crap a who needs to be defeated, recalled or indicted I’m sure he is guilty of something all Democrates are guilty of Sedition.

      • at least TRUMP,is not a homo,like osambo,with a man claiming to be a woman,as moochie did,with the adopted 2 children,go back to your roach infested,drug dealing,inner citys,where your home boys live,& smoke some more crack,NIGGER,

      • And you as a supposed minister of your “god” should know that the Holy Bible teaches against homosexuality. One more nail on you coffin.

  9. hey you all need to understand that Booker is campaigning for the 2020 election where he hopes that he will become president. He will do everything he can to destroy or make trump look bad and himself look good. I have a message for you Booker the american voter have waken up to you liberal progressive democratsand what you that done to destroy the usa.

    • hey william how u doing,what the american people is tired of, is niggers like osambo trowing away our money,& taking are rights away,this nigger on here does not know shit,all booker is,is anouther nigger,trying to do the same,

  10. Silly child. You did not learn from the huge spanking you just got. Instead of changing your ways because that is why you lost you double down. Thank you. You just made it that much easier to spank you again in the next election.

  11. I wonder if the Senator from New Jersey has heard the word sedition. His rhetoric certainly borders on it as does many of the liberals.

  12. Democrats like him don’t want us back on track. They prefer us to go down the same road to Communism that we have been on with Obama and the Democrats. They want as many of us in government dependency as possible, that is their route to power

  13. The country could heal if it wasn’t for a bunch of self centered liberal loudmouth assholes.Why don’t you gloom and doom bottom feeders give our new President a chance.After all we did live with YOUR elected official for eight years and somehow managed to live through it.Now We finally have another AMERICAN President.

  14. The election is over don’t they know that. If it was up to the dems we would be turning in to islam. Thank god Hillary went down.

  15. anouther stupid negro .needs to be plowing the fields behind a jackass,so plow your fields dumbass,& keep your mouth shut,dumb ass,

    • That is fine with me because you do not know how to comment without name calling. The above statement was something for any reasonable Human could say. You see when you speak like this it really shows who is the stupid and ignorant person. You need to learn ethnics and morality. I do not have a problem with people disagreeing with me but just because I do not think like you it should not make you so angry at name calling.

      • You ignorance begs to be called what James has said. The Right has had enough of your bs and now its your turn to be bent over child.

  16. YES WE THE WHITES,PUT up with your nigger for 8 long years,now its your turn to be trumped,give the man a chance,go back to new jersey & clean up your own drug infested streets,tear down those roach infested getto,s, u niggers call home,if it was left up to u SPADES,THE WHOLE world,would be ,a getto,in fact all u spooks talk about is africa,yes go there,GET A LIFE NIGGA,

  17. We have the ARAB NATIONS that are run by none other than ARABS, we also have Africa which is run by none other than BLACKS, ASIAN NATIONS which are run by none other than ASIANS and HISPANIC which is all South of the American Border and only run by Hispanics and AMERICA BUILT by WHITE PEOPLE and because WE WANT a WHITE PEACEFUL NATION we are RACIST and no other Race Run Nations are called RACIST as their NATIONS are run by ONE RACE yet they are never RACIST. Time to take back America and SCREW all these others who think they can take AMERICA from the WHITE PEOPLE who built the NATION.

  18. PASTOR W C.Are you really a pastor,a real pastor,Or are you a pastor for taxes like jackson and sharpton and a whole bunch of others that pay no taxes because they have a so called church in their house.

    • Worse than even them. If you read all his posts he wants or refers to a “black homeland” separate from others. That is a muslim ideal from Calypso Louie.

  19. The making of another Obum, Cory Booker a complete idiot that knows nothing.
    We the People, need to keep an eye on this snowflake for sure.
    Threw Sen. Jeff Sessions under the bus and then tried to run over him to be the new AG. And they were in the Senate together. But the Senate has enough Republicans votes to get Mr. Sessions in thank God.
    The Democrats are destroying there party. And will lose more seats in 2018. Keep it up, really showing how stupid they are.


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