Dems delay vote on Sessions nomination

Senate Democrats are delaying a vote on Sen. Jeff Sessions‘s nomination to be President Trump’s attorney general, arguing they want more time to review the pick.

“As we have done for most nominees … I’m asking that the vote for Sen. Sessions be held over until next week,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, said Tuesday.
The Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to vote on the Alabama Republican’s nomination during a Tuesday morning meeting. The committee’s approval is a first step to being scheduled for a full Senate vote.
But under committee rules, any lawmaker can ask that a nomination be held over for a week if it’s on the agenda for the first time.
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the chairman of the committee, kicked off Tuesday’s hearing by noting that Democrats wanted to delay the nomination, and said, “Of course, I’ll honor that request,” per the committee’s rules.
Democrats were widely expected to delay the vote, though Feinstein declined to comment on Monday evening about her plans.

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  1. They are proving to the American people that they are more interested in playing politics than doing what’s right for the nation. They are slowing up the process simply because they can, and not because of any other reason!

  2. What kind of garbage are the Democrats contriving? After 10 years in the Senate, they should know him. They are afraid that Sessions might enforce some of the election laws that Obama would not enforce against his own party.

  3. We were lecture by these same Democrats back in 2009 about allowing Obama to pick who he chooses for his Cabinet. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, everything has changed!

  4. Diane “Frankensteiner” Feinstem is the typical Intolerant Democrat who opposes anyone she does not agree with. She is part of Schumer ‘s coven of clowns and performs her role as a political hack very well.

  5. Just remember there LIBTURDS that what goes around will stick you in the AZZ in the future and your backers are getting tired of you holding up this process and doing nothing as you usually do for the PEOPLE. There will be more of you LIBTURDS on the unemployment line after the next election.

  6. A racist bigot in charge of the Law. Sessions has been turned down several times because of his racist views. He also believes marijuana offenders should be prosecuted, and porn should be shutdown. Rightwing fruitcakes don’t smoke weed and never look at porn, And don’t believe in civil rights,so he’s perfect for them. lol

  7. Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he filled it full of special interest billionaires! LMAO
    Trump is nuts..everyday it’s more lies. You think people hate him now…lol

  8. Senator(by the way I know your name,but) from California -I live in California—stop being a big commie and let the Attorney General take his position.. I will start something about you the next time you come up for election –and make you and your other senator a big bad person who does not desire to serve the pigs–Now let the cabinet of Mr. Trump do their business or later the Demos will face worse when the time comes–remember now the Cabinet of Mr. Trump you can not stop and if the Head of the Senate wants to over rule you he can and stop all–with the ask of the President–The Demos(Communist Party) better watch out–you made the mistake about the 60 vote changed to 51–because the ass from Nevada wanted his way–Now the demos are going to pay dearly for all you desires –

  9. Whatever negative thing President Trump can do to these communists who call themselves Democrats is more than alright with me. Do something to make them miserable!

      • “Pastor” (SIC) You are an UN-GOD-ly person, an Anti Christ. “Pray for you Leaders”. We tried to pray for the Traitor the obamination and failed to change that bastard (literally). Now we prayed for TRUMP – and YOU should too – or have your IRS Tax Exempt status removed like the DEMON-rat JACKASSES (their mascot, DUE TO Racism!) did….

  10. Your worse then a dirt bag–you are the scum of the earth and what we call you in the military -awol for duty- time will tell later when he comes

  11. Corrupt Liberal Democrats, and their radical leftist supporters, certainly do not want to “confirm” a decent, honest, law abiding Attorney General to look over their shoulder and hold their feet to the fire, when necessary… They are very pleased with Loretta Lynch, and her predecessor, Gun Runner AG Ed Holder! America already knows their track records and feel ashamed about them.
    Most thugs always act like thugs, and try to hide their actions from the Law. No surprise here, is there???


    Semper fi.

  12. I live in California and she is the Senator that represents this part of the state and we that live north of Sacramento ( which as far as we are concerned she does not represent us, she represents San Fran, Oakland and Sacramento not us ) know her very well and what she is. Her husbands’ company has benefited greatly from her time as Senator, millions of $. That may be one of the reasons she may have for trying to take Sessions down as AG. We try to vote her out but the big cities keep her in office, That is why we in the north want to establish the State of Jefferson so we can get some representation.

  13. As I read and read I see more reason to impose TERM LIMITS.. now is the time
    2 3 year terms for the House and 2 4 year terms for the Senate

  14. Why are you guys instead of giving logical reasons of why Mr. Sessions should be AG; some of you mean spirited talk come from your mouth. Some of you is always talking about other people being non-christian, Muslims or progressives.


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