What Trump’s hiring freeze means

When President Donald Trump announced a hiring freeze on federal jobs on Monday—one of his first actions as president—conservatives cheered, and Democrats and federal workers reacted with horror. Legislators on Capitol Hill called it a “knee-jerk decision” and a “mindless way to manage”; J. David Cox Sr., the head of the American Federation of Government Employees, declared that “all Americans should be outraged.”

How big a deal is it? Experts on the federal government point out that Trump’s move, by itself, doesn’t actually do much. “There’s less there than meets the eye,” said Paul Light, a professor of public service at New York University. For one thing, the document—officially a presidential memorandum, not an executive order—includes large holes. It exempts all military personnel, which makes up over a third of total government employment. It also exempts jobs deemed “necessary to meet national security or public safety responsibilities,” without specifying what they are. And broadly speaking the president just doesn’t have the power to make big changes in the federal work force. It’s protected by civil service laws; the order won’t curtail their benefits or make it easier for the government to fire workers. All those changes have to go through Congress.

Where the move matters is in its symbolic value: A signal to congressional Republicans that Trump is serious about reforming generations-old civil service laws, and tossing the ball firmly into their court.

If Trump actually goes to war with the federal workforce and cuts it down, he’ll be managing a trick that has largely eluded earlier presidents. Ronald Reagan, too, imposed a hiring freeze on his first day in office. Jimmy Carter imposed three different hiring freezes during his presidency. But overall, the size of the federal workforce has barely budged over the past few decades, stuck at about 2 million people since the late 1960s, according to the Office of Personnel Management. (And counter to the Republican rhetoric about bloat, it’s quite a bit smaller, relatively speaking: as the country has grown, the percentage of American workers employed by the federal government has fallen from 5 percent to 2 percent in the last 60 years.)


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source: http://www.politico.com/agenda/story/2017/01/what-trump-hiring-freeze-means-000287


  1. All of the EPA needs to be GONE. It was designed as a hiding place for those getting worthless degrees, in nothing that’s applicable in the real world.

      • That’s over 60 years ago A lot of new technology has been developed since then.If you thought that was stifling back then take a good hard look at the EPA

      • PITTSBURGH, in Pennsylvania (PA) ends with an H, there are a few other cities named Pittsburg, in other states! In the ’50s, I graduated high school and went into the USArmy; it was a wonderful place, back then!!

        • It was (and is), as long as you didn’t mind the smoke from the steel furnaces. Since the EPA cleaned up the air, you can now see the city from the mountain by the airport.

      • I lived and worked aboard shrimp boats in the gulf, when they used to change oil/filters and dump them anywhere. The Coast Guard put an end to that old practice. It’s amazing how fast the environment cleaned itself up. Just like the recent BP oil spill, it’s now as if it never happened.

  2. Time to get RID of worthless SLUGS sitting at a desk and doing NOTHING but sucking up OUR TAX Dollars. No MORE Assistants to the Assistants to the Assistants. Time to pare DOWN the BLOAT! STREAMLINING is the answer.

  3. You time has COME. All of you government PARASITES are on the CHOPPING BLOCK..”OFF WITH YOU HEADS”. All of you. You have been a detriment to OUR country and is the TIME for all of you to GO. Teachers and professors next. WHY? Because, most of you are useless.

    • I’m for doing away with alot of the Government Fat. But remember Trump can not do this alone and he does not have the power to Trim the Fat out of the government. Congress has that power. Trumps freeze is only temporary. I do not think Congress will go along with what Trump wants because it would affect them, they might have to do some kind of paper work or even read a bill that is proposed ( we have to pass it to see what is in it ). And maybe some of their perks or benefits they passed for themselves could be in jepordy. Their automatic pay raise every year, Their retirement plan they voted for themselves, their healthcare plan that they voted for themselves( they voted themselves our of the ACA).

  4. You can tell that all of these articles were written by former Obama hasbeens. That’s why it has taken someone like President Trump to just go in and take care of business, ignoring the naysayers. They like to claim, “Oh, Trump promised all of these things and has yet to deliver”. Yet, President Trump has only been in office for 1 week, and has accomplished more than Obama did in 8 years. Once all of President Trump’s cabinet appointees are in office, the job will get done. And, America will be much better off in the long run. The only thing Obama did was add $9.3 trillion to our national debt. We are not at full employment. Once more American taxpaying citizens are actually back to work to help generate more tax revenue, and once more federal government cuts are made, we will actually begin to have a balanced budget and produce tax revenue instead of running a deficit. It all adds up. Too much government waste. Too much spending on illegal aliens. Too many American citizens out of work or under employed. Too many people receiving government benefits. There is a lot that needs to be changed, but you can be sure the biased media will only focus on trying to make Trump look bad. That’s why I ignore them.

  5. As a federal employee of DOD from many years passed, I remember dealing with hiring freezes, and they were quite annoying, but we always found a way to bring someone on board when push came to shove. It’s really hard to evaluate the efficacy of a hiring freeze when what’s really needed is to eliminate entire departments of the federal government. That will actually bring down the numbers of people employed in the federal government. There is absolutely no need for the Departments of Education, Energy, and Commerce, and the IRS and EPA should be paired back significantly. After all, if tax collection is going to be simplified and EPA regulations are to reduced, employees are going to be surplus; therefore, not needed.

  6. Remember back when the Republicans were accused of the insensitive government shutdown. They said all non essential personnel could stay home. DC looked like a Ghost Town proving that about 60% of all government drones are actually non essential.

  7. About time. Federal employees should be trimmed by at least 60%. Many Washington jobs should be returned to the states if they want or need them. It is time to get rid of big government. Use the budget savings on deficit and tax reduction. Also stop grants for ridiculous projects. No bonuses for public employees.

  8. I read some where that a lot of federal employees owe the federal government in back taxes. They should pay their bill like the rest of Americans or go to jail. Also, there’s a few politicians that need to pay theirs too! Heard Soros owes 9 billion. He needs to pay up or extradite him to Russia for screwing up their monetary system.. Russia will take care of him quietly!


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