Trump hotel ranked 37th best in DC

President Trump’s newest hotel, which he promised would be be “the best hotel in Washington,” has just been ranked as the 37th best in the D.C. area.

According to an annual ranking by U.S. News and World Report, three dozen other District hotels bested the Trump International Hotel.

The report remarked on the hotel’s extravagant accommodations and decor, and noted that guests recommended the BLT Prime restaurant for dining. The review also noted that “some recent travelers complained of noise.”

The new ranking comes less than two months after a luxury travel group ranked the hotel the third-worst new luxury hotel in the world.

United Kingdom-based Luxury Travel Intelligence described the hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue as “garish” and one that values “more quantity over quality,” according to its review.

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  1. It is not #1 in D.C. because of the violent liberals that needs to be removed from their Political Careers that no one in America with any sense loves….being a criminal and Tyrant gets them News from the Media and that is Really Good for Us since that helps to get them Arrested, Tried , and Prison! anyone Tearing Up America in any Violent Way should be Marked for the Rest of Thier Dirty Lives and Not Trusted in America by Americans! Good Upstanading Citizens are tired of Tyrants, Traitors, and Criminals in Our Politics and Those Who Follow Up in following these Worthless Ways!

    • Wrong. It’s because of what I said in my post above. You’re just going off the rails on things that have no relationship to the article’s premise. If you’d have gone to the SOURCE (an extreme left Trump HATE site) hopefully you’d understand the intent of this FALSE “finding”. It’s propaganda and another LIE. These SCUM will never stop trying to destroy him. NOTHING needs to have even an ounce of truth in their nonsensical blather and horse CRAP. As long as it denigrates their ENEMY. A bazillion times a day if possible.

  2. Just because the hotel has Trumps name on it and the fact that Trump himself said it was the best, does not make it the best. It has been rated the 37th best in DC and the 3rd worst in the world. Oh boy!!! We are going to get an ear full from Trump on this, I wonder whom he is going to blame for this. The ratings were rigged and the results have not been properly presented to the public by the press. He is going to have a lot to say because he is the best and everything he does is the best and the whole world is picking on him and his business. This is a large slap to his ego!!

    • Make sure you stay at a Motel 7 next time you are in D.C .I’ve heard they will leave the light on for you.Sounds like your kind of no tell motel.You are welcome
      for this information,call 1-800 468-4475 MAGA!!!

  3. Does anyone with a functioning brain believe the two reviews – by people so dishonest due to their HATRED for Trump?? This is just more FAKE news. It isn’t even possible that this new hotel could be ranked anywhere near this low. THIS makes it obvious that it’s more LIES from radical scumbags. Period.

          • Sympathy?? hehe. I hope they all get trapped in a HORRIBLE fire and die a very VIOLENT death after what the anti-American radical left (AND the sellout RINO) bastids have been doing to our nation. DIE, DIE, DIE!! haha. Laces out, Dan!

          • i don’t know if i’d go that far,though it is tempting in the case of the “RINO bastids” because they stand ready to side with the Dems at the drop of a hat apparently-i think we know who we are talking about here,too! couple of US Senators i could mention…

  4. I bet no one is surprised by this are they???If travelers want a monk’s cell or a convent
    I am very sure that would be available.Talk to your travel agency.And as far as the UK/travel agency goes,go stick your garish head up where the sun really hardly ever shines in England.Been there before the muslim invasion.I would not go back.So mind your P’s and Q’s before criticizing The Trump Hotel.

  5. what did you expect from a left leaning liberal rag? they hate everything about Trump and anything that has to do with him or long as Trump is President they will print trash about him.

  6. Anything that is said about Trump is probably false. And, even if it’s correct it doesn’t matter because what should be said about those in place before him was never said anyway.

  7. The hatred directed at President Trump by the Crooked Hillary/Obamanistas and Establishment Sore Losers is simply unbelievable. L’Crime!!!

  8. Why this article? What good does it accomplish ? it is so sad to see not only the Marxists on the left trying to destroy our president, but it seems you people have it in for him, too. I hope you’re proud of siding with our adversaries ( no, the word truly now is enemies, because they honestly want to destroy this nation) in what I believe is the final battle to salvage our nation !


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