Trump Calls Out ‘Professional Anarchists’ After Riots

President Donald Trump reacted again to the aftermath of the Berkeley riots in response to a scheduled speech by Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

“Professional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters are proving the point of the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Rioters caused an estimated $100,000 in property damage in Berkeley on Wednesday, and only one person was arrested. Bank windows and ATMs were smashed, a Starbucks was looted, anti-Trump graffiti was painted on store fronts, Molotov cocktails were thrown, and garbage fires were lit in the streets.

On Thursday, Trump responded to the rioting by threatening to cancel federal funding for colleges that failed to protect the right of free speech.

“If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” Trump wrote on Twitter.


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  1. Where is the police … why do they not do their job? Did liberal leaders tell them to stand down? Suggest that they are then complicit in the damage and should be charged for the crimes so this shit stops!

    • First off remember were speaking in California here. Were cops elsewhere would be someplace eating donuts and drinking coffee the Berkeley cops are probably having tea and crumpets and crêpe Suzette.
      Being California they have absolutely no desire to hinder or slow down these demonstrators in any way shape or form. As long as they go after Trump they could probably get away with murder.

      Is a much simpler way of shutting these riots down is not as effective in Southern California this time of year as it would be in DC or Chicago, but still the fire department to do a better job. Just spray the demonstrators down with mechanical foam used in putting out airplane fires and if you really want to get a little bit creative add water soluble pink die.

      • No we are not speaking California here. We are speaking Berkeley here. Remember Berkeley? The birthplace of the free speech movement that is now trying to suppress free speech. Everyone tries to paint California with this broad brush. We’re not all crazy here, just the east coast city slick liberal transplants, that move into the high density population areas like Frisco and LA and reproduce. Along with a few other college based cities in the mix.

    • The liberals at Berkley told them to stand down CA for u,one of the guys that work for Berkley is the one who beat a Trump supporter real bad,i hope he sues both,

  2. Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets! They had no Compunction against Fooking us over in the ’60’s. Remember Kent State?? The National Guard KILLED Three Rioters! Those Riots were Nothing compared to the FLASH Mob Riots we have Today, with The instant Communication Generated by Smart Phones! Pop a few of them in the azz with Rubber Bullets, and Watch the Riot End FAST!

        • The use of water cannons actually injured a lot of people needlessly. In the cool climate is the fog setting and just drench them to the skin and subzero weather they will be around for long.
          Unfortunately a lot of the heroes that created the counterculture movement are still with us. Only now their professors and deans of colleges, in some cases public officials, and many joined American civil liberties organization’s attorneys. Instructors turn out little socialist, clones of themselves, and have destroyed free speech on campuses and are turning out educated idiots. I had a run-in with the weathermen group when I was in the service. I was a member of the bomb squad that was called out to defuse and recover three of their bombs. The first 2 went without a hitch the third one however when up and put me in the hospital for a month.

          Needless to say I would love to get Bill Ayres alone someplace just for about 30 minutes. I’m over 60 and disabled but I’ll guarantee all walk out he would not. Yes I carry a grudge.

          • I wish you could get this punk along or with Obama as both are gay and watch you use your knowledge on both of these scumbags, I would help.

      • with the same type dye they use to mark money in a bank robbery…….
        that stuff does not wash off very easy…….
        easy to identify ………..

    • I was living in California during the 60s riots and the writers were nauseating. All they wanted to do was destroy the government but they had absolutely no idea of what to put in its place.
      The majority of the rioters were just there to have a big party, free dope, and sex coming into your ears. But the primary leaders in the movement were nothing more than a bunch of cowards.
      Not going into the Vietnam War itself but focusing more on the fact that these people refuse to go in the military support their country. The war was extremely unpopular it was one of those things where the original were actually just in allowing the people of Vietnam self-determination and to slow down the growth of communist China. That was over about the first six years after that the war was nothing but a political sham making people rich the worst thing that can ever happen is for a politician to think his a soldier.
      After the Kent State incident the demonstration slowed down drastically I doubt they’ll ever know who fired the first shot or why it was discharged in the first place.

      This current batch of worthless scum buckets, the bottom feeders of America who live off the taxpayer’s dollar are not dedicated to a cause as a lot of the 1960s demonstrators were. Most of these people are either being paid to be there are simply taking the opportunity to have a good time destroying stuff and stealing whatever is not nailed down. Bring in the fire department and don’t use water hoses or water cannons these mechanical foam used in aircraft fires the demonstration will break up rather quickly.
      Then you round up say 60% of the rioters lock him up and give them a choice prosecution or 36 hours of public service with nothing going on the criminal record. Then use those rioters to clean up the mess they made.


        • Once these individuals are held responsible and can be identified that will be the first step stopping this stuff from happening. Every American has the right of free speech but they do not have the right to destroy personal or public property

      • I remember also the 60,s in Berkeley, I just got out of the USAF and come too CA. from TN. when they were stopping the troop trains on the railroad tracts, until the Hell,s Angles showed up in force and went up and down the tracts grabbing the hippies by the hair and kicking their ass very bad and put a stop too that shit. They did not know what hit them, and the people loved it all,if asked they would do the same today because they are good Americans who love this Country.

        • I would LOVE to see the Hell’s Angels face down these scumbag liberals!!! They’re just a bunch of low-life cowards, and the Hell’s Angel’s would school them REAL quick!!!

    • I believe that cattle prods and portable holding pens would be very effective. Then all the people inside the holding pens should be arrested and charged with a felony.

      • Sorry to say but some judge would release everyone of them and have the authorities arrested for cruel and unusual punishment. Better to surround them with guard troops in gas masks and literally pelt them with tear gas. Then just scoop up the writhing bodies and off the the hoosegow with them. Or you could spray them with an invisible dye that isn’t washable, then just wait a few days and start screening with UV lights, the students and lurkers that were involved will light up like Christmas trees.

        • Oh your post gave me a good laugh this morning. Great way to start the day. The judge would probably treat them to hot chocolate and police donuts as well. The “writhing bodies” got me. I really love your ideas.

  3. Here is what you do with protesters that turn violent, destructive, or disruptive to the general traffic and business of a community: Bring in the national guard armed with body cameras on at all times, semi-automatic dart guns, Ten 18 wheelers with cattle trailers in tow, and rubber bullets for the really tough guys. When they exceed any of these limits just dart the instigators, drag them into the cattle trailers, and leave them locked up there for everyone to see on public news. Do not release them, do not allow reporters near them, do not feed them for at least 24 hours. Once they calm down and sign a confession that is backed up with video and witness only then may they leave the cattle trailer to be moved to the nearest jail for further processing. When the police have enough confessions then they may proceed to arrest those responsible for funding and promoting the unrest and violence. When a civil protest turns into a riot with destruction of property and attacks on innocent bystanders you are no longer a protester, you have become a Terrorist. jwstx

  4. The inaction by law enforcement is just adding fuel to the fire. See how they act when citizens take action. Enough is enough.

    • The police were ordered to stand down. My question is since George Soros is supposedly paying them, why hasn’t he been arrested for sedition? Also, didn’t he aid the Nazi’s during WW2? You hear stories of 80 years old men being locked up or extradited because of Nazi membership, why doesn’t the government go after him? Is it because he “contributes” too much money to the democrats and the rinos? Or are those “contributions actually BRIBES?

      • Soros was part of the Nazi movement, and profited big time from the evil that was done by Hitler and his demon possessed scumbags!! He basically funded Obama and Hillary, as well as a lot of the other anti-American politicians that are fighting against Trump so hard!! He also owns a BIG share of the main stream media, which is why they’re constantly lying and inciting the liberals that aren’t bright enough to think for themselves!!

    • Russia has international arrest warrant out for Soros Hand him over then tie up all his assets until his trial determines outcome then when he is convicted give the money to the Veterans.

  5. The Berkeley riots are an extremely BIG example of the liberal left’s out of control behaviors,all because Hillary Clinton lost out to Trump,and our new CIC’s immigration policies and Travel bans have hit some kind of nerve with these protesters-this isn’t 1967,its 2017,and all this bullshit is for what,,because of a president’s legal right to change the immigration policies-the ones that allow MORE illegals to come into our country,so they can undermine our own people when it comes to labor and employment,and we’re all supposed to welcome that? sorry liberals,but you people live in non-reality! the days of Obama’s “losey-goosey” routine is GONE! and like it or not,Trump’s in charge now-deal with it! but rioting,anarchistic behavior,assaulting pro Trump people,using a Federal judge to undermine a CIC’s executive order and open rebellion from certain big city mayors who do NOT have any say over deporting illegals is a bad idea? sorry,but NO WAY! but caving into raging anarchists-loser liberals who are threatening to cause more rioting,more destruction of private property and other forms of violence,all because of a president’s valid and legal right to change the immigration policies and travel bans is NO excuse to disrupt our country! all you liberal people are proving is that WE were right about all of you! and one way or the other President Trump is going to take action if rioters think they can have it their own way-not worth the price that many of you will pay for-so foolish!

  6. If there is any Conservatives in the Berkeley area it is
    time to RE Call the Mayor and remove him from office.
    For endangering the people of Berkeley by not instructing
    the Police to use what ever necessary force to quell the
    Rioting. And Arrest all of the agitators and set their bond
    in the Millions of dollar range.

  7. 1—The President needs to issue an Insurrection Declaration under 10
    USC 332 and 10 USC 333(a) and (b) commanding the insurrectionists cease
    and desist, and (1)(A) putting the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
    at Joint Base Lewis/McChord on standby to deploy (B) putting USMC Air
    Elements at 29 Palms on standby to deploy, (C) putting the TB and OPFOR
    at Fit Irwin on standby to deploy, and (D) putting USMC elements at on
    standby to deploy, (2) federalizing the California, Nevada., Oregon and
    Washington National Guard and Air National Guard, and placing them on
    standby to deploy, and (3) ACTUALLY DEPLOYING UNITS, FROM NATIONWIDE, OF
    2—Treat the pukes taken into custody as Unlawful Enemy Combatants and lock them up in GITMO.

  8. Free Speech allows someone to damage others? The people responsible for interpreting Law are, at best, a Candidate for Trash Removal; they might learn common-sense.

  9. This kind of riot did happen under Obama too the most notable is the Missouri tragedy. The question about the troublemakers is what have they done to their country when they want too much from their country?

  10. Glad Trump put his foot down like Reagan did as gov. of Calif. He told the kids if you don’t like it, find another college or start your own. That put an end to that. The police need to use tear gas to qualm them,charge them and make them pay for the damages and expell them with no refund on tuition. We need to get tougher on these stupid and violent people and not tolerate their action of acting like cry babies and spoiled brats.

  11. Does anyone know WHY ‘’ ( is being Blocked from view?? ‘Address not valid,’ pops up and blocks the articles!
    Or is it just my puter, screwed up?? PLEASE reply!

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