Trump announces new sanctions against Iran

The Treasury Department on Friday announced a new wave of sanctions against Iran, taking formal action against the Islamic Republic just two days after National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said the U.S. was “officially putting Iran on notice.”

The sanctions come in response to Iran’s continuing ballistic missile program as well as its continued support for organizations designated by the U.S. government to be terrorist groups, a trio of senior administration officials said during a background briefing with reporters. Iran’s recent test of a ballistic missile, which the U.S. considers to be a violation of a United Nations Security Council resolution, was the triggering event for the sanctions, one of the officials said.

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  1. And this is just the beginning. Wait till Trump turns the Israelis loose on those goddamn camel drivers. And the Iran deal is toast.

      • NO FLY ZONE….DUH!

        Boeing E-3 AWACS, Boeing F-15 Eagle, General Dynamics F-16 Viper and Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and other US goodies that we don’t know about!! I don;t think I need to spell out the AARMS, and other toys these aforementioned carry and can use!

        ANd since the US has military bases on the south, east and west of Iran…well it is like having a body part in a vice!

        • you cant create a no fly zone in another country (bordering countries) without permission if you do then its considered a declaration of war on that country.. DUH!

          I can see it now Shooting down a Commercial airline using any military aircraft or weapon.. thats called a criminal act of war. especially when it flies through international airspace and the Countries that line the Caspian Sea going into Iran.. Yep you never thought about the Northern Countries..

      • They can fly in food. But, I doubt they’ll give it to the for free as the US and Israel sometimes do. And as for parts to build nuclear weapons, not much of a chance. No money, No nukees.

    • We don’t care if they eat their oil. We have twice as much oil in the undeveloped oil fields than all of OPEC. if we sold our oil at OPEC prices and charged Americans $1–/gal;. we’d be doing OK. We could easily pay off the national debt.

      • Oil is not the problem with iran…terrorism is the problem.

        ANd since iran has no other products they export, shut off all the exports


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