California Goes Confederate

Over sixty percent of California voters went for Hillary Clinton — a margin of more than 4 million votes over Donald Trump.

Since Clinton’s defeat, the state seems to have become unhinged over Trump’s unexpected election.

“Calexit” supporters brag that they will have enough signatures to qualify for a ballot measure calling for California’s secession from the United States.

Some California officials have talked of the state not remitting its legally obligated tax dollars to the federal government. They talk of expanding its sanctuary cities into an entire sanctuary state that would nullify federal immigration law.

Californians also now talk about the value of the old Confederate idea of “states’ rights.” They whine that their state gives far too much revenue to Washington and gets too little back.

Residents boast about how their cool culture has little in common with the rest of the U.S. Some Californians claim the state could easily go it alone, divorced from the United States.


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  1. Dont ever use the word Confederate with the scum in California, Southeners have never been spoiled rioting terrorist like the filth in California !

    • Right! There was nothing Communist about the South, there’s nothing Gentlemanly (or manly, for that matter) about the California crybabies

    • Not all of CA is filth!! Remember, there is filth in every state. We the Patriots of CA are fighting everyday against that filth. We live in Northern CA. I worked on the Trump campaign and there was MAJOR voter fraud out here. When President Trump gets done with his voter fraud investigation, you will come to find out, he won the popular vote by a landslide here as well. Please don’t listen to the liberal loons.. they don’t talk for the rest of us! They embarrass us is what they do. Only reason why they keep getting in office here is because CA is a NO VOTER ID state. Crack down on that law and reversing it, you will see things start to change around here. Right now, the liberals/Dems keep cheating themselves in office… President Trump will fix this..I myself cannot wait!!!

      • right, too many people I talked to Voted for Trump in Califoreingia, yet their votes seemed to vanish.. I know the Registrars office in Sacramento County changed my party preference to Democrat 3 times without my request.. When I challenged them to look at the cards for my signature they got irritated and had me escorted out by police claiming i was hostile.. I should have had them arrest me then see how the Media picks it up..and the excuse the Secretary of state Padilla makes..when he claims there is no fraud..

    • Then give her a thumbs up!

      Saddest part about Commiefornia is that there are SOME good people there, just not enough to want to keep it! We should just extend the border wall around it too.

      • There are way more than you think. We the Patriots of CA will never let the libTards secede. This is a ludicrous idea and it’s already dead in the water out her. So done with the morons out here.

  2. President Lincoln noted that, “A nation divided against itself can not stand!” Few realize that this is both a correct political commentary as well as a Biblical principle as noted in
    the NT at Matt 12:25. For Lincoln and our nation in the mid 1800eds, it took a bloody
    Civil War to confirm and preserve the sovereignty of the nation itself.

    The attitude currently espoused by certain factions in California runs strongly along
    the same lines as did those southern elites in the Pre-Civil War era. What was not acknowledged then and is not now is that there is strength derived from unity. The south, with its vast wealth and lands, needed the north and would not have survived long on their own had they gotten their way. California is presumptuously falling into the same delusional trap as did the south in the 1800eds. If these separatist California’s get there way and become a nation unto itself, the folly of such a reality would soon fall upon their heads with the ruination of what they thought they held so dear.

    Before troupes are sent to Sacramento, it would be wisdom within the California legislature to reconsider their path. The state had a divided and diminishing industrial basis which is failing day by day. It has no military or armed forces that would support an annexation. The Hollywood crowd has not the intestinal fortitude nor the spine to actually stand up and fight for what they believe in. Their National Guard and all the military facilities are part of the US and not beholding to the state. With their restrictive policies concerning guns and gun ownership, they would have no weapons to provide their illegal voting base with to defend CA.

    The reality is that California is in no condition to propose nor support its annexation pipe dream. Just lots of hot air and blustering from a bunch of spineless dimwits in its legislature.

    • Dan, a lot of what you post is correct. However, your sentiments on the South are 100% wrong. The reasons for Southern secession was far different than the whiny crap coming out of California. And with an agricultural economy that was ever expanding into a complimentary manufacturing economy, we would have been just fine. A free trade South competing with a high tariff north was going to be far worse for the northern States than the Southern States.

      • Well Blastoff, I guess getting my education in the north east during the mid 60, just might have influenced my prospective as to the economic history of the 1800eds south. At the time though the south was predominantly agra as the north was heavely ind. No offense intended,and no actual comparison with the historic south and today “crybabies” was ever directly intended. I was just spewing out from my remembrances what I was the taught during that time. Other then the above, thanks for your kind words!

        • Dan, fully understood. I got my education about that same time period in the South. Thing is, the feds control what the states teach. After I reached adulthood, my sons were grown and doing fine, and I had some time on my hands, I have accomplished a good bit of research on that time period. Amazing how much is out there that just blows away what the public school system teaches. I have been studying that history for almost 17 years. Very interesting. Also very eye opening.

          • Thanks for your reply. I am quite sure, as you noted, that the geography of our learning experience had much to do with its flavoring. Interesting though how over the decades something just don’t change. Your studies, I am sure, have done much to unravel that time in our nations history. Great work on your part!

          • Hay Blastoff; Did you read that very interesting article written by Charlie Daniels in yesterdays postings? Seems to me that he had a third viable opinion about the same historical period we two were discussing. Three different people commenting on one subject with three viable and divers opinions. Don’t think that this issue is ready to ever be put to rest, do you?

  3. How great would it be for CA to secede. They would lose all their electoral college votes and all their representation in the house of representatives which means Trump would have won the popular vote. But, I wonder if they secede, could we also send general Sherman to CA to burn down all their homes and buildings? Seems fair.

    • Nope, let them go. It would be a blessing for the rest of the USA. What little they actually contribute would be easily covered by the rest of the country, and they would all die of thirst once the other Western states were no longer obligated to provide them with water.

    • NOT ALL OF US ARE LIBTARDS OUT HERE!! There are more right minded people then lefties here. I worked hard for my home. I wouldn’t want it burned down as I’m sure you wouldn’t want yours burned down either. It’s because the ones who are speaking out of their A-holes are an embarrassment to the rest of us, the right minded. We fight against this crap everyday! Fix the NO VOTER ID out here and then the Dems won’t cheat themselves into office, therefore, this state will change for the better! I, for one, cannot wait!! CA will never secede. The libTards are braindead out here! Don’t listen to them. We, the patriots will never let them!

  4. I wish they would hurry up and leave. That way Trump can change the direction of the wall. Besides, what we the tax payers pay into the biggest insane asylem in the world would pay for the change in direction of the wall.

  5. When they secede they will no longer be USA citizens and will require a passport to enter the United States. Set the fence up and shoot anyone entering illegally. F–k Califoricationia

  6. They going to force Trump to flex his muscle and rid the state and the country of a bunch of communist scum butts who need their balls stomped on big time.


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