Mark Sanford: ‘I’m a Dead Man Walking’

Mark Sanford has nothing left to lose. And he’s here to haunt Donald Trump.

None of this feels normal. The congressman greets me inside his Washington office wearing a wrinkly collared shirt with its top two buttons undone, faded denim jeans and grungy, navy blue Crocs that expose his leather-textured feet. Nearing the end of our 30-minute interview, he cancels other appointments and extends our conversation by an hour. He repeatedly brings up his extramarital affair, unsolicited, pointing to the lessons learned and relationships lost. He acknowledges and embraces his own vulnerability—political, emotional and otherwise. He veers on and off the record, asking himself rhetorical questions, occasionally growing teary-eyed, and twice referring to our session as “my Catholic confessional.”

And then he does the strangest thing of all: He lays waste to the president of his own party.

Most Republicans in Washington are biting their tongues when it comes to Donald Trump, fearful that any candid criticisms of the new president could invite a backlash from their constituents or, potentially worse, provoke retribution from the commander in chief himself.

Mark Sanford is not like most Republicans in Washington.

His policy résumé is beyond reproach to those on the right: He was D.C.’s dashing fiscal hawk during his first stint in the House, and then, after term-limiting himself and returning home to South Carolina, he won the governorship, vetoed hundreds of measures from his Republican-led Legislature and gained fame by refusing to accept President Barack Obama’s stimulus funding in 2009. His political instincts are razor sharp: Sanford has never lost a campaign, which, joined with his ideological mooring, once made him a conservative favorite for the presidency. And his personal failings—namely, the infamous 2009 affair with Argentinian television journalist María Belén Chapur—appear to have been forgiven by the people of South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, who sent him back to Congress in a 2013 special election before re-electing him in 2014 and 2016.


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  1. One thing Sanford..Either your for OUR Elected President or Your against. What have you done so far while Obama shoved the Unconstitutional Obamacare down our throats & you and your Colleges got a special deal from OBOZO? Or save American Jobs ? You have done STFU

    • I totally agree, unless he can show that he fought non-stop against everything that Buttcrack Ovomit pushed, then he has nothing to be whining about. Where was he when we wanted the fake birth certificate investigated? He stays quiet on the most valuable and important fights! What is telling is that he calls himself a Republican – being Republican means nothing, but being a Constitutionalist means far more! We had the same thing with Cruz, who fought many good fights for the right but when it came to being honest and trustworthy he failed us miserably by claiming he was a “natural born citizen” and illegally running for POTUS. They are ALL politicians – but Trump isn’t!

    • You may be aware, or not, that VERY “conservative” Supreme Court, Chief Justice, John Roberts, who doesn’t care for the “politics” of Obama, fully upheld the constitutionality of The Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare,” because it was.
      As a “matter of fact,” even with all its’ problems, the American people do NOT want it rescinded, without a viable health insurance alterative.

  2. What you’ve DONE is in the past. What you do NOW is what matters. Career politicians are on the way out. Get with the program or go home.

  3. Maybe we can get rid of these career politicians and have term limits. The country can’t tolerate much more of the..It’s all about me..treasonous Pinocchio corruptocrats who would short circuit a lie detector device if they were hooked up to one.

    • He thinks that just because his SC constituents backed him and voted for him that he is something special – well those dipshit SCarolinians also voted for Lindsey Graham! Nuf said!

  4. this man is a complete sack of crap! he goes after his own party while kissing the a$$ of obama in eight years…and all the other little discretions youve done, it may be forgiven in your little part of the world, but in the rest of the country, who voted for donald trump, not so much. so heres the choice you sack of crap, youre either with donald trump and the growing trump american voters, or youre against him along with the rest of you wimpy, impotent rinos and were going to have to take a piece of your a$$!
    the choice is yours…..

  5. Sanford is a politician..” a politician is one who makes promises, to get elected, and then forget to do them.” Trump is a businessman…” a person who runs a business, makes jobs, and profit for his shareholders, while keeping true to his word”, a businessman seals a deal with a handshake, it is his bond, the lawyers write the fine details.
    Trump has not lied to the people that elected him, he has did and will continue to do what he said…it is his word. Like a Pol he has embellished, and rounded out some stories, like all good leaders, but to say he has lied, to say, he will not keep his word, that he is not a man of integrity, is a lie too far for Sanford to tell. Go back over his (sanford) orations on the campaign trail, how many things did he promise that were not done, how many lies. or untruth did he tell, how many promises did he leave on the table. There is nothing so sanctimonious as a born again liar, sinner, do-gooders and snob, You are a Republican it’s your job to help the man that the leader of your party and the country, he is trying to help your people and all the people. Don’t try to tear him down ’cause you think you are better, smarter, or just plain jealous. Roll up you sleeves and pitch in, give a hand, no one knows everything, somethings you may know, and can do better, so man up… help Trump make America a better place. We don’t need an opposition, just do what is best for the American People, and get on board with who ever is trying to do it…because at the end of the day, there are no winners or losers, we are all still “Americans”.


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