Jorge Ramos: America Is ‘Our Country, Not Theirs’

Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos declared on Friday that the United States belongs to Latino migrants, emphatically stating to a Spanish-speaking audience that “it is our country, not theirs.”

Ramos took an unusual tack, pivoting from talk of diversity and togetherness into boasts of conquest. Mass immigration, particularly illegal immigration, was a fait accompli. There is nothing the U.S. can do about it, and they must accept that America is “not their” country and that illegal aliens, particularly Latinos, “are not going to leave,” he said.

“I am an immigrant, just like many of you,” Ramos said in Spanish, as translated by the Media Research Center. “I am a proud Latino immigrant here in the United States. My name is Jorge Ramos, and I work at Univision and at the Fusion network.”

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  1. Jorge Ramos is a divisionist and a fool. He plays on latino sentiments and does not tell them the real truth. Half lies. Tell them their obligations towards this country not only the rights that he thinks they have. Illegal= NO RIGHTS NO FOOD STAMPS-NO HEALTH CARE NO FREE EDUCATION for their illegal children. We are a giving nation but we also HATE to be taken advantage of. Univision should get rid of this obnoctious reporter.

  2. Well those Mexicans that will be kicked out by President Trump, will be really angry when they’re looking at the backside of that wall that they’re going to be placed behind, won’t they? Funny!

    • I lived on the Border! The Deported Beaners are bused a little way into Mexico and let out. They Beat that same bus, back across the Border to the U.S.A. Deporting doesn’t work. Brand them with a Big “M” on the Face. M for Mojado! Mexican Spanish for ‘Wet-Back’!

      • Wetback was a term CREATED by a Mexican American! I have no shame using it! If your back is wet on this side of the Rio Grande, then you’re a WETBACK by definition! Go back across and dry off in the Mexican Sun!!

  3. This moron has been causing discontent since he crossed the US/mexican border, probably illegally. Lock him up until he is deported. Have the inmates poke him in the pork until his farts are silent.

  4. Shut down Univision because they really only have “one” vision: the destruction of the United States. Shut them down for sedition and treason. Arrest these invaders and prosecute them.

  5. This guy seems to have lost his mind. He certainly strengthens the argument for deportation. Jorge Ramos seems to be proposing a Latino version of Black Lives Matter – some kind of militaristic movement. He is getting his Latino buddies in trouble.

  6. Well, if the Democrat’s “Reconquista” proceeds as planned, the wetbacks are going to have to share it with Somali Muslims that Obama shoved down our throats, after they dragged dear US soldiers through the streets when we sent a peacekeeping mission to their country, Maybe their way of thanking us will be to vote Democrat and socialist, like I expect of the Mexicans and other Latinos.

  7. Well, if the Democrat’s “Reconquista” proceeds as planned, the wetbacks
    are going to have to share it with Somali Muslims that Obama shoved down
    our throats, after they dragged our US soldiers through the streets,
    when we sent a peacekeeping mission to their country, Maybe their way of
    thanking us will be to vote Democrat and socialist, like I expect of
    the Mexicans and other Latinos

    • Actually we bought the “territory of California” from Mexico!!! There was much more to it than just the “State of California”!!!

  8. Is Jorge Ramos an illegal immigrant. A close look at his status appears warranted. If not that, then possibly a psychiatric exam is in order. At a minimum, he suffers from Trump Election Trauma Disorder!

  9. Anytime you want to make a move, feel free! Meet you on the front line if you got the guts. Got a feeling your all mouth?

  10. Arrest him for TREASON and SEDITION! Arrest him for calling for the overthrow of our government, he implied it if not stated it. Deport his DWARF *SS and shut univivion down for good!! I’m tired of GOD DAMNED mexicans telling us what WE can and can’t do in OUR country and getting away with it!

    • Yeah, Go to Mexico an’ see if they let you stay, and run a Gringo TV station! Then try telling them how to run their Nation. Preach Overthrow of their Govt.and you’ll Disappear!

  11. Ramos has always been an obnoxious individual with an attitude holier than God! So he thinks!!! He plays the Latino game whenever it is convenient or needed for him to brake into a conversation. He is a two face leftist that loves living in the USA and make a lot of “dollars”!!! Ever heard of him donating to any cause, even for Mexico??? You never will, rest assured!!!?????

  12. Jorge …pronounced “whore hey” You are a asswipe the country is fought and bought paid for with US CITIZENS…..if any tie it would be to Indians but that was fought and bought also so blow your hot air into your own shithole….you slandering moron maggot.

  13. Is Jorge Ramos a patriot? Does he stand for American values? Is he proud of our military veterans and our free market capitalist economy, which gives opportunity to hard working people to realize their dreams? Will he defend religious freedom? Will he stand to defend life from conception to natural death? the Second Ammendment? Will he fight to erradicate socialism and homofascism from this country? Does he consider Donald Trump his president? If the answer is NO to all of these questions, then, NO, IT IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY. I am a Mexican immigrant, I became a U.S. citizen in 2013, I am proud to call my self an American and all of my family voted for Donald Trump because we could not bare to think what would happen to this great country under Hitlery Clinton.

  14. The Mexicans feel that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California belong to them and that their integration into the U.S. was not legal. That is their mindset pure and simple.
    I cannot speak for any state except Texas, as I live in Texas and know its’ history concerning Mexico. I start with “Remember the Alamo.” Davey Crockett came over from Tennessee to fight with other brave men against Santa Anna. At the site where the San Jacinto Monument is located a battle ensued between the Mexican army and the Texas army led by Gen. Sam Houston. Houston waited until 3:30, which is siesta time for the Mexicans, and the attacked then. Houston caught them unaware and was successful in beating a much larger army than his own! Santa Anna order the Mexican troops to retreat south of the Rio Grande. A treaty was signed acknowledging the Mexican defeat, but even at that there were many Mexican incursions into Texas during the time Texas was a sovereign Republic prior to becoming a state of the U.S. Perhaps Ramos needs to do some history research. It seems to me Hispanics and Muslims want to take over America simply by illegal entry and coming as “refugees.” Vicente Fox, a previous Mexican president stated, “We will take over these territories without firing one shot.” Are you seeing the picture, America?

    • Sir you are one hundred percent right, a Texan myself, many generations, I grew up in a highly populated area where Mexicans dominate and when I was a kid I would here them talk about how their lands were stolen by the gringo and that they would take it back without firing a shot. And how would they do it? By breeding and population. White people don’t reproduce at the rate that the Mexican population does, white people can’t afford having too many kids like Mexicans because Mexicans get the cream from the government with public assistance simply because their considered minorities. I can tell you one thing that people that live in the northern part of the United States have no idea of what’s going on here in the southwest as they don’t have the population of Hispanics/Mexicans that we have……..yet. So anbody that says anything that they perceive as negative about Hispanics/Mexicans is called a racist. Soon they will experience what we’re dealing with here.

  15. I sometimes think we need a FOX news in Spanish, because the Spanish news stations are extremely biased to the Left. How do I know? Because my family members watch it! I am Hispanic. I see the brainwashing going on!

  16. Hold on to your horse KEMO SABI ( in this case, the Mexicans ) If I was paying attention while reading U.S. history, the INDIANS were the first people to occupy this land.
    SOOOO ……..,how can you MEXICANs claim that you were the original owners of this land. Don’t let my name ” Injun Trouble ” fool you.

    • Jorge is a Spaniard…didn’t they takeover Mexico and still are in charge controlling their corrupt Politics. That’s why it’s still a 3rd world country that leaches off America by sending all their poor here who get under the table jobs and send 13 Billion back to Mexico…a for them.

      • The Mexican Ruling Class has a lot of Blond, Blue Eyed Spanish ‘Mexicans’ in it. They don’t associate with the mixed race Mestizos – Indians -Peons!

  17. We’re going to have another war with Mexico…this time we’re taking the whole enchilada…we can rename it South Park…Matt and Trey can run it.

  18. The Mehicanos can fight it out with the Muzzies. One thing is for sure, our loony libbys could care less, they will give it all away.

  19. I am BEGGING this piece of dog sh!t to come say that to my face, and I will DESTROY his. He has NOTHING in common with our founders. ZERO. He is a suck-bag, and I’d pay good money to practice my ko punches using his face.

  20. So who gives a damn about this dude; never heard of him until now and really don’t care to hear anymore. If he is dumb ass enough to think that this country belongs strictly to a bunch of wetbacks from S.A. then go on and let him live in his stupid, but dangerous, dream world. He has been watching far too many Fast and Furious movies.

  21. If you read down thru these comments this dude does not seem to have made too many friends in America. Imagine that 🙂

  22. Texas was won by General Sam Houston, at the Battle of San Jacinto, when he fought
    the army of the Mexican General Santa Anna, and won. So we won Texas from Mexico, and we fought Mexico in California also; but believe payment was also made for California.
    No an inch of the United States belongs to Mexico, except for the land their Embassies stand on, and only because we grant them that.

  23. Evidently he has never been told of THE BATTLE OF SAN JACINTO where my great-great-grandfather and 975 other men KICKED BUTT on thousands of Mexican soldiers, took Texas and everything south of THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE away from Mexico. FAIR AND SQUARE!

  24. I was dating a lovely Hispanic doctor from the Valley across from Matamoras. An American. We were together for about a year but I got so tired of his constant hatred for America because he claimed we stole Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California from his ancestors that I had to end our relationship. A sad situation.


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