Dem Congressman Used Tax Dollars to Honor a Dead Rapper

Democrats are no strangers to wasting taxpayer money, and a Democrat congressman did so on Thursday for the sole purpose of recognizing a dead rap musician.

New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries used his time on the House floor to honor the 20th anniversary of the death of rap artist Biggie Smalls, who was also known in the music community as The Notorious B.I.G.

“Biggie Smalls … the king of New York. He died 20 years ago today in a tragedy that occurred in Los Angeles,” Jeffries said while standing beside an enlarged photograph of the rapper. “But his words live on forever.”

The rapper, born Christopher Wallace, was killed by an unidentified black male during a 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles, according to

“I got the privilege of representing the district where Biggie Smalls was raised,” the New York Democrat told his colleagues. “We know he went from negative to positive and emerged as one of the world’s most important hip-hop stars. His rags-to-riches life story is the classic embodiment of the American dream.”

Ah, yes, the American dream of a life of drugs, gangs and crime.


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  1. No wonder the US is in trouble. When we have supposed responsible politicians honoring this kind of garbage. And by the way, rappers are NOT musicians.

  2. So doesn’t this qualify as an area of corruption
    That the new AG should indict?? Clearly the voters
    are against these actions.

  3. The lead in to the story mentions ” …a dead rap musician”. Since when does rap have anything to do with music? I suppose throwing and empty garbage can a long flight of stairs can be considered music too!

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  4. He should have memorized him from the top of the empire state building! He could have given his speech during the fall!!

  5. This what our politicians waste their time on, a love affair with a dead man. Gee, maybe he forgot that there are people still alive who need him to concentrate on the reason why he is in Congress. What the? No wonder criminals are heroes and cops are criminals thanks to politicians like this guy, gees.

  6. First of all, Rap is what people with no musical talent do. It is in no way music. Secondly, who is Hakeem Jeffriesis? Never heard of him.

  7. Why didn’t he use his own money to worship his God? his paycheck were already from taxpayers and he’s abusing his power. As taxpayers we should form a committee that monitors any wrongdoing or illegal spendings by politicians. They should be treated as employees and taxpayers are their boss.

  8. Democrats lost the election because of shit like this. There are so many problems in this country and this man uses tax payer dollars for shit like this.

  9. what the hell cant use my tax dollars for this kind of shit. Charge it back to the dumb ass democrat. to his personal account. please


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