Transgender Activists Attack Pro-Family Bus

Pro-family groups leased a big orange tour bus to highlight the big obvious — but perhaps temporary — fact that a person’s male or female sex is decided by biology, not by politics.

But before the bus could get out of New York, two attackers smashed several windows, punched holes in the side, and spray-painted political demands — “trans rights now!” and “trans liberation” — over the huge orange-and-white message on the side of the bus, which says:

It’s Biology

Boys are boys … and always will be

Girls are girls… and always will be.

You can’t change sex. Respect all.

The attack was inflicted after the conservative organizers had “call[ed] on all Americans to respect the free speech rights of citizens to debate these issues without fear of being demeaned, harassed, or threatened with retaliation.” The #FreeSpeechBus tour began Thursday in New York, and it is being led by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), International Organization for the Family, and CitizenGO.

“We filed a police report and there is video surveillance” of the two attackers damaging the bus and attacking the bus driver, Brian Brown, the director of the National Organization for Marriage, told Breitbart News. The attack took place near the United Nations building.


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  1. The real haters are the liberals who allow this stuff to go on. “If you hurt our feelings, and you don’t agree with us, we have the right to do anything we want to you, and it’s OK, even if we are violent”. The people who are God-loving, Pro-Human Life, Pro-Trump, are the ones who are being silenced and ridiculed and inflicted violence upon. Free speech is no longer in the USA, unless of course, you are a liberal who has no values or morals.

    • Conservative Americans need to stand their ground, start swinging back at these mentally deranged “Freaks of Nature” and their liberal supporters. We don’t have to put up with this, we just have to put a stop to it. Why didn’t the people on the bus get off the bus and beat their aszes ??? You have to fight fire with fire.
      Semper Fi

    • Nor is there free speech in Europe…If a women there reports a rape by a Muslim, she is arrested for hate speech on the spot…western culture is being suicided Clinton style…

  2. Okay, it’s NOT “just biology.” You think maybe God had something to do with it, too?

    According to Kabballah (Jewish mysticism), the SOUL ITSELF is either “male” or “female,” and the body that forms in the mother’s womb REFLECTS THE NATURE OF THE SOUL INSIDE OF IT.

    Of course, liberals don’t believe in God Almighty anyway, and they’re all probably going to Gehinom (hell.)

    • No, I do not! Every human person has FREE WILL and they are making the decision to be violent and destroy others’ lives by violence and intolerance! Transgenders are mentally ill; but the violence needs to stop!!! We all supposed to be entitled to FREE SPEECH in America, but again, if you aren’t a flaming Libtard, you have no voice!

      • They are not mentally ill… they are deceived and believing the Deceiving Serpent. But all illness comes from that same deception and fallen nature/fallen world. God did not create mental illness so in that sense they are mentally ill. I just refuse to give the legal excuse of mentally ill to excuse them of personal responsibility. The original sin was “disbelief” in God and what God said. It was the deception of the deceiving serpent that Adam and Eve believed… so they gave the dominion that God gave to Adam away from God… and gave their dominion to the deceiving serpent/fallen angel/Satan… and to evil destruction. God’s Word says that when a nation honors God that it is blessed. The foundations of our country was based upon honoring God/Jesus and we have been a blessed nation. The enemy has been attacking that foundation and trying to destroy their influence in our nation… as well as trying to destroy our nation itself. We, the people, need to return to honoring God/Jesus… to stand and not be silenced.

  3. this is lot of b.s, it is about time to do the same to these immoral and show them we do not tolerate their actions. they need to be taught a good lesson.

  4. I’m sick of the evil, intolerance and hatred of these people who can’t tell male from female. Not only are they mentally ill, they are dangerous and should be confined. I’m getting sick of their BS and feeling a lot less tolerant of them all the time. It’s their own fault.

  5. Queers are an evolutionary DEAD-END and need to STFU, less than .03 of the population constantly rubbing their sex in everyones faces gets REALLY tiresome. Take your sex back into your bedroom like us NORMAL people do!

  6. These liberals are so full of hate, so intolerant of a different view and so willing to use violence and destruction to further their agenda! Isn’t that alone enough to reject their views?

  7. Apprehend the offenders and put them in a prison of the opposite sex and see how they are honored!!! and/or how long they last!! This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave… looks like we’re all going to have to prove that we are FREE and we are BRAVE…. KNOCK THE SHIT OUT OF THESE – ANTI THINKING AND PRO-VIOLENCE LIBS. The number of us who are straight and honest well out number those who are constantly harassing the rest of society…. let’s get nasty and do something about it. IN GOD WE TRUST

  8. Once again the fascists attack people who do not think as they are told. This PC bullcrap has to stop. Face the true facts. Genetics, not politics or delusions determine one’s sex. That is fact. If you want to wear clothes of the opposite sex that is your privilege, but do not demand that I pretend that you are other than what you are.

    • Plus, they use the rainbow, (which was God’s promise to human beings) as their symbol. What a tragedy that today’s youth believe the rainbow means “homosexual” and not that it was God’s promise to us!

      • I am sure “the rainbow” is their big recruiting tool, “look at all the pretty colors”. Never seen a bigger bunch of ” unhappy folks” when they get the stage and attention. Pushy is the wrong way to make friends.

  9. You know what “Transliberation” is? It’s a confused, selfish, queer, who has had their sexual parts, permanently rendered inoperative and meaningless!! That liberated them every time! That’s right before they jump off of a tall building! Ahhh!! Freedom!

  10. Free speech only applies to liberals. If you are conservative, you are required to keep your mouth shut. Sorry, I will not comply.

  11. This type of behavior is unacceptable! We all have First Amendment Rights! We can discuss differences with respect or at least leave someone alone that disagrees with you if you cannot behave responsibly.

  12. I loved a talking head’s commentary the other day… can put on a pair of rubber feet, and something on your head to look like a rooster, but you will never be a rooster. You are pretending to be a rooster. Even surgery doesn’t change the sex you were born to be. You will always be whatever sex God created you to be. All the makeup and surgeries in the world won’t change what you are.


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