Trump hit by twin Russia bombshells

Trump hit by twin Russia bombshells as he departs for foreign trip
The president allegedly told the Russians that firing ‘nut job’ Comey relieved ‘great pressure,’ while federal probe appears to get more serious.

President Donald Trump is facing new pressure over his decision to abruptly fire FBI Director James Comey after The New York Times revealed on Friday that the president told Russian officials in the Oval Office last week that Comey’s ouster takes “great pressure” off him.

Meanwhile, the federal investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has tagged a current White House official as a “significant person of interest,” The Washington Post reported on Friday. It did not name the official.

The two stories come after a week of damning revelations about the Trump White House, which is now engulfed in scandal and facing a special prosecutor. Trump admitted last week that he fired Comey in part because of the Russia investigation, blowing up the White House message that the firing was based on a Department of Justice recommendation.

Late Friday, came confirmation that Comey will also soon get to tell his side of the story: Leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee announced Comey will testify in a public sessions at a hearing after Memorial Day.

The White House has grappled with news that Trump allegedly revealed highly classified information about an Islamic State threat to the Russians in the same meeting he allegedly made the Comey remarks, and that he reportedly pressured Comey to ease off the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The new Times story cited a document that summarized Trump’s meeting with Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and the Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak.

“I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Trump said, according to the Times. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer offered a statement that did not dispute Trump’s quotes and instead presented them as the president talking frankly about the “pressure” Comey had put on Trump’s diplomatic responsibilities.

He also attacked the leaks coming out of the U.S. government.

“The President has always emphasized the importance of making deals with Russia as it relates to Syria, Ukraine, defeating ISIS and other key issues for the benefit and safety of the American people. By grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into Russia’s actions, James Comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with Russia,” Spicer said in the statement.

“The investigation would have always continued, and obviously, the termination of Comey would not have ended it. Once again, the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly classified conversations,” he added.

The Washington Post report underscored the seriousness of the investigation into possible collusion, which was taken over earlier this week by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who was appointed as a special prosecutor.

In reaction to that report, Spicer said, “As the President has stated before — a thorough investigation will confirm that there was no collusion between the campaign and any foreign entity.”


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  1. i did not read nor hear Trump say that he fired Comey because Comey was investigating him. Comey said he was NOT investigating Trump. The only people saying that are lying whimpering Democrats who ignore mountains when one of them goofs, but makes mountains out of molehills if Trump or a Republican happens to eat two scoops lce cream when other guests eat only one. They ignore the fact that Hillary signed over 20% of our uranium to Russia and then took huge donations from a Russian connection for the scam foundation the Clintons set up, plus the fact that Bill was paid a half million dollars for a speech that probably nowbody remembers or cares about in Russia. Hillary was caught lying time after time, but there is not one shred of evidence that Russia changed one vote or caused one vote to be changed regarding the election. The Democrats are epitomes of dishonesty and the way banana republics are run. Why is not anyone investigating Hillary for taking bribes and using her office to facilitate the bribery?

    • The sheer weight of the evidence collected thus far is enough to sink the Titanic without aid from an iceberg. Some needs to get their thumb out of their rear and get moving. Hate to say it but Sessions does not appear to be much of a go-getter.

      • Get your act together. There is no evidence of anything in this travesty of an investigation! The question is how long will the Dems and the FBI carry this issue with nothing to show and nowhere to go! Trump should be upset with this hypocrisy! The nation is fed up with loser liberals! They are the ones that should be investigated and that is Comey’s fault!

          • There’s no evidence of any factor that would bring about an impeachment in the first place, and in the second I would caution you to look at the body that would have to vote impeachment. The majoriy of whom are not goofed up Liberals!

          • No way dope! Considering that the FBI CIA and NSA said there was no evedinece that Russia conspired with the Trump campaign to win the election ???????????????

          • Trump said on TV that he told Russia about Israel’s info about ISIS which he did not have the permission from Israel to do. But because you misspelled evidence, you may not know what Trump is up to. If there was no evidence, we would not have Comey, Mueller, Congress etc. doing these many investigations.

          • “It’s not the weight of the evidence, it’s the seriousness of the charges.”
            By the way, how much have the oceans come up since your lord and savior has left office?
            And, just out of curiosity, do you think GW Bush will finally step down and let someone else, Trump maybe, run the country?

          • It is time for you to move on, the past is gone and I see nothing currently done of any real value for Americans by Trump.

      • You must be looking at the wrong case. That evidence you allude to is the reams of facts and crimes that Comey read off one after another before he decided that he could usurp the powers of the prosecutor and let Hillary off the hook. You liberals and Never Trumper’s are suffering from a very bad case of Psychotic Post Election Denial Syndrome.

        • Naw, Trump is the real crooked businessman who thinks he is running a business rather than executing the responsibilities of the POTUS.

          • Naw, You got it backwards! He is the real businessman dealing with crooks. And finally someone runs the country as a business, like it should be as a responsible POTUS!

          • Just a couple of corrections to your comments – “someone who will ruin the courntry as a business” and “as an irresponsible POTUS”! :>)

          • Which is best GayEGO, a business man who runs the government as a business that guarantees freedom for every one or a Chit who believes that Satan is a wonderful person to set her life to follow? A POTUS whom destroys the nation’s economy, making it another Venezuela or one who makes laws to enable businesses to grow and pay better wages? That was the choice last November. Did you bother to vote your mind? Whether you did or not, the people of the USA voted for Trump. We don’t have elections to please unsettled juveniles. We have them to pick a leader. Hillary was in no way a leader, or an honest person to head our government! It’s done. Trump won, Hillary lost! The only crookedness was on the Democratic side, and it didn’t work! Your stupid choice doesn’t matter. Hillary LOST! TRUMP WON in spite of Liberal moves to stop him. Sorry about that!!!

          • That is OK Rex, I know that you do not understand the details and did not do the research. I also understand the frustration of many Americans who are trying to break the establishment. Unfortunately, they picked the establishment and Trump cares less about the lower and middle class Americans.

          • The more you comment the more you confirm that liberal like yourself never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge. Keep bleating, it’s almost entertaining.

          • What exactly was Hillary doing during the election? What did she do before the election? And what is she doing now? Before the election she proved herself a very dishonest and conniving person. During the election she did very little in the way of selling herself to the honest and ernest voters of the USA. Her target for favor were person, not always held in highest esteem of our citizens, and tried too complete Obama’s war on Christianity. After the election, she is in hiding. She lost! She knows she lost! It’s no one’s fault but hers, and of course the moral and honest people of this nation!

          • You are the ones bringing up Hillary as you are afraid of Trump and do not want to speak the truth about Trump.

          • I guess you like making a fool of yourself. You have NO approval rating. You just a liberal troll or someone that needs the attention.

          • You just made a fool of yourself by not knowing that – as Trump would say – I was just being sarcastic.

          • Ok now you starting to comment like a spoiled child. You must really need the attention.

          • Not as entertaining as Trump who knows how to pull his supporters with his theatrical The Apprentice hoopla and only likes to win, but does not like the responsibilities of the POTUS.

          • No, YOU”RE the fool for believing without a shred of proof! By the way, he made his money honestly! Something that CAN NOT be said by the lying press! They should start advertising the fact that they have dumped real news because it didn’t say what they wanted it to say! That GayEGO is truly crooked!

        • What’s going to come of all this BS investigations is the same thing Comey came up with as his conclusion. There maybe some things that were on the shady side but nobody can show “INTENT” . Just like his conclusion on the Hillary investigation, there were things she did that crossed the line, but she didn’t do it INTENTUALLY.
          If that was good enough for everyone in Congress & the Lame Stream Media, it’s good enough in the Trumps case.
          He didn’t do it INTENTUALLY so it’s it folks.

      • Maybe I miss understand you. I have seen NO evidence of Trump having any contact with the Russians NOR any evidence that the Russians were involved at all. The FBI and CIA keep claiming it is true. BUT not a single smidgeon of evidence.
        Now IF that is what you are claiming, I want details of all that EVIDENCE.
        IF that is what you are claiming you need references. And FACT CHECKER, and HufPost will not suffice.
        As to Sessions, I fear he has been silenced by the claims of “conflict of interest”. The socialist/communist are good at silencing those people who are patriots.
        Now get this. They ARE working up the frenzy. What they DON’T know is that the patriots are preparing for CIVIL WAR. And they are the very ones trained to fight.

          • You two leave the National Socialists alone. They are digging their grave(s) with this nonsense.
            These wack-jobs lost 1050 out of 1100 counties nationally, and State houses and Governorships like they were planning it.
            With the exception of a few coastal, alt-left counties the nation is completely on to the scam.
            BTW, the MSM (the true head of the Democrat Party) is polling at 8%.
            They’re all nuts. Leave them to their digging, they’ve finally found something they’re really good at.

      • Just read some of your other posts. You don’t post like a liberal. Guess I misunderstood what you were saying.

        • In his post, he was talking about Hillary and the corrupted left. He was replying to the initial post about all of the corruption about Hillary and that no one on the left utters a word about that.

      • Right on! Some need to stop sniffing that smelly Orange gas coming out of the White House. Trump cannot give Russia Israel’s classified info without Israel’s permission. Of course, Trump and his ilk use the Putin technique to deny, deny, deny everything as Trump wants to do what he wants, not what the responsibilities of our president require!

        • So now, you’re worried about Israel’s security? They don’t seem to be. There is no evidence of Trumps giving Russia anything that would hurt Israel. In fact, there is no evidence that the so called leaker had any actual knowledge of what went on in that meeting. If you’re wanting to holler about something, think about your Ugly Hillary giving RUSSIA twenty percent of our Uranium! Of course ,it was for a good cause. Several hundred million dollars went into Hillary’s presidential campaign! They called it the Clinton Foundation, but less than ten percent went for charity! Much of it was spent on Hillary’s famous pant suits!

          • Yeah, you’re worried! If America recovers from Obama/Hillary you’ll have some real problems.

          • You are the one doing the hollering, you must be a coal miner upset because Trump has not fixed your problem.

          • contra wise GayEGO, I’m not the person who is voicing fears of
            Trumps deeds! He’s far from being as much of a traitor to our nation than either Hillary or Obama! Obama was running scared the entire eight years of his presidency, and Hillary was taking in millions of dollars with her schemes while she was Secretary of State!

        • You keep missing the point…there is no evidence because the liberals and the media have been lying to you and you are too slow witted to pick up on it! That stuff did not happen. What happened was the DNC was doing the bad stuff and to throw people off they made this crap up! Media is in on it! That’s why Maddow sounds so stupid…she is!

          • But the investigations of non-politcals like Comey, Mueller, and other FBI, CIA officials would not waste their time if there were no evidence. You are just listening to Trump as you believe his comments about calling the media fake.

      • Unless you lie about it there’s no evidence at all.! Evidence does not spring into existence when WaPo or Times prints fiction! We hear a lot of noise but no evidence of any kind! News sources of this sort are committing only to their own demise. I’m old enough to remember the BIG LIE that set Hitler going. This is even a BIGGER LIE!

  2. Divide and conquer… We are being kept divided by the media and the globalist such as Soros. While we are divided and spending our time bickering the globalist, one world order, open borders, and open trade people, are gaining grounds while they laugh at those of us who are in the ‘he is too…he is not’ crowd are busy beating each other with insults. We are all Americans. We elected a President. We need to give him his four years. At the end of four years we evaluate his performance and decide if we want to give him four more. In the meantime the swamp needs to be cleaned out. We need to rid ourselves of long term politicians who have forgotten what living in the real world is like and only remain in office to push their own agenda and interest.

    • The New World Order wants a sock puppet Prez or they go to plan be..assassination..Then make Pence an offer he can’t refuse..nothing personal..just business.

      • Don’t put it past them. They have useful idiots that will do that for them. Then the clean-up crew will catch him and he will mysteriously die just like Oswald and Ruby did after the Kennedy assassination. I fear that could happen.

    • It’s up to us! We can’t lay it all on Trump to clean up the mess. We must vet and vote.
      replace the progs and the Rinos in every election from now on. We do our job and Trump will know we have his back so he can do his job.

  3. What a bunch of bullshit. The N.Y times and its commie sister the Washington post continue to headline news from hidden sources all this crap about nothing. Even democratic lawyers have stated there is no crime committed even if true (and its not). Get over the fact your party is out of power and a man who cares about America won the election. He has already acoomplished more in 6 months then the little camel shagger did in 8 years.

    • Unfortunately, the camel-shagger accomplished quite a bit during his tenure. He managed to create disunity and conflict among the population, diminished the US position in the world, created a massive and unpayable debt, and foisted more expensive and useless government programs on us.

      • All the while vacationing and playing golf while the man-wife spent taxpayer millions on his-her vacations.

  4. This so-called news story is just more media BS to stoke the left’s hysterical false narrative.
    Make America Great Again!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  5. Dina Powell is the primary source of the White House leaks!

    She must go now!

    Trump brought this upon himself.

    There are hundreds of Obama/Clinton spies in the Intel Community who will never let go, Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, Shumer McCain, Graham, and Comey will put the final nails in his coffrn unless he has them liquidated-NOW!

    Otherwise, the Summer impeachment is a guarantee!

    • No it’s not! All six of them are cowards. They believe that they are secure since they’ve been in office so long, but THEY themselves can be impeaches much easier than it would be to impeach Trump!

  6. Go ahead you stupid lib /dems, with these attack at every turn, Lets watch how many of your bases are going to call it quits and change sides because of your idiotic moves. YOu attack his twitting which is what keeps him with the people. You can’t stand that –why YOu can’t pull a fast number on him. We love his twits because that keeps us informed and showing us how hard he is working. SO BACK OFF ON HIS TWITS. wE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE FAKE –MADE -UP NEWS FROM CNN, MNSBC, CBS, ABC, NBC. tHEY CAN ALL TAKE THE JUMP TO DAVEY JONES LOCKER. tHEY ARE NOTHING BUT FAKE. We want the facts and nothing but the facts. And none of YOUR OPINION.—WE form our own opinion. WE do have a brain and we can damn well use it. YOur analyizing has gotten us nothing but hardship. YOU were in all praising obama and we got shit———-NO MORE —We are in charge again.!

  7. who cares after 8 years of coverups by oboma , what the big deal about trump scandles,the way i see it , everyone in d.c. is a head case, until they start looking at the democrats corruption they can take all their propaganda and shove it

    • Think of the KNOWN crimes that were committed under the Obama administration and not one person has been held accountable and prosecuted. These people have cajones the size of my SUV.

  8. I wouldn’t believe anything in the Washington Post if it just reported that I went to the grocery store today. Liars, cheats, lame fake reporting. Whatever happened to reporting “news”?

  9. As Shakespeare said…much ado about nothing. The Democrat Bolsheviks use the phony Trump- Russian collusion to detract from the truth. They had Seth Rich murdered for passing off the DNC dirty trick e-mails to WikiLeaks. The real scandal with the Russians is Hill-Billy’s quid pro quo giving up our uranium to the Russians for millions funneled into the laundering..Foundation. Then Dirty old man Bill collects a 1/2 million and 2 under age hotties for a vodka fueled speech in Moscow.

  10. The only ” twin Russian bombshells ” would be a great looking Russian woman with 44D’s.
    The rest is strictly more Lame Stream Media bullsh*t non- verifiable puke , that will continue to come out. If I was Trump I’d IGNORE the whole thing, issue a statement that there is a special investigator that the Democrats have been calling for, & say ” I have no comment until the investigation is complete & a report is issued”. Other than that, he should concentrate on getting things through Congress he ran on & if the liberal Democrats keep up the same bullsh*, just simply remind the American voter who is NOT looking out for their best interests.

    • Right now, it’s not so much the Democrats as it is the RINO Republican whom are holding up actions that should have been already taken. Ryan and his followers believe that they can create a socialist solution, where as we had a good solution before Obama and Pelosi began to mess with it! A loyal Republican needs to take Ryan aside and explain the facts of life, and If he persists then perhaps a recall can be instigated?

      • It’s obvious the GOP doesn’t know how to govern,. Unlike the Democrats who will stick with an A-hole of a candidate, the GOP SAYS they are ready to lead the country forward, then can’t do sh*t. They have a chance to show the voters what the voters put Trump & themselves in command of the government for, & they’ll fu*k it up like a bunch of morons,
        The GOP are a bunch of ball-less wimps, who if they keep up the BS,
        will lose some part of Congress in the 2018 mid terms because people will stay home & say ” what difference does it make which party is in power, cause there all the same ”
        Ryan is no better than John BONER.

  11. Even Liberals cannot think Trump is stupid enough to fire the head of the FBI to stop an investigation. I think he wanted a deeper investigation that would point to the DNC and Hillary and Comey was going to quit before getting in there to deep,

    • I think you’re right Kmat! The problem will be to filter out all the Liberal and Obama people who’ve been there for so many years. I think there needs to be a new form of Loyalty Oath with much heavier penalties for disloyalty being instigated.


  13. It’s me again. I told my wife some years ago, to just wait and things would change with the Saudi’s. People I read then, real people who I respected, said they knew, from their reliable sources, the S’s were paying the terrorists to leave them alone, and go after other people. Eventually, the T’s amassed enough wealth and power to where they no longer needed the Saudi’s money. They then said they would eventually kill the royal Saudi family. Now the S’s are more friendly with us (to $110 Billion for arms) to protect themselves against the people they paid to leave them alone. Golly gosh, who would’ve thought that would be the outcome. I wonder what that will mean to our Aerospace industry. Just one more area where Trumpism is going to mean a bonanza – for OUR country, for a change. The liberals (read that as pre-communists) never investigate the real bad guys, who have no respect for our Constitution and laws, but go after real patriots who want to make America great again. Like when I was in Aerospace for over thirty years. Is there anyone out there left who doesn’t understand that Trump has literally saved our lives? Not just business. But making our military what it used to be. Putting pilots in the air with planes who provide our pilots with enough AIR TO BREATH. You know, little things like that.

  14. Everyone on here should write their congress person and both Senators telling them what they want done, after all, we pay their wages, why shouldn’t we tell them what we want? If enough people will write, maybe they will wake up. If we do nothing we can expect nothing.

    • Unfortunately, few if any are read by the person whom they are addressed to. They have readers whom decide which communication will be forwarded to the politician him or her self!

  15. comey has been lying scum for a string bean punk…sap couldnt do the physical part if had to be in the ranks of the FBI..comey=appointed liar

  16. More fake news from anonymous sources to wapo, next CNN, abc, cbs and other left wing whacks spread the story as if it is real news. The loooooooooney left is out of control. Stand up people to this witch hunt! Our country is facing a coup by the wacko’s. Let’s help our President, as draining the “swamp rats” is going to be a fight to maintain our freedom and way of life!

  17. Most news coming out is much b.s. President Trump will win big time. All those twinkle toes will lose big time. 2018 and 2020…….

    • Personally, I think that RINO’s should be prosecuted as traitors! Let them switch sides and take the reward for being a traitor to their electors! Sure, sometimes there will come a time when Conservatives are not wholly wrong, and it would be to the best interests of those who voted them in as Republicans would frown on those votes, but that would come out in the wash. Of the one hundred Senators, about fifteen of them have in the past voted against the majority, giving passing either a close pass or dropping the article! I can identify at least one from my state, whom on important legislation has voted Democratic more than he’s voted Republican, and yet he is held as an honored and revered senator among his fellows!

  18. Guess the media has not heard. We DON’T BELIEVE THEM. I don’t believe there was any Russia connection. I believe Seth Rich was the source of the DAMNING information that wiped mud all over the Democrats. And the death of Rich has Hillary’s fingerprints all over it. Want to give our nation to a criminal who has killed hundreds? Go ahead. Tell the media to back Hillary. See how long they survive when a dictator like her takes charge. LOL
    And the guy below has correctly pointed out that the CLAIM that Trump admitted firing Comey because of the fake investigation? Simply is NOT there. More fake news.
    FOLKS.. Get it straight. You can depend on EVERYTHING the media says these days being LIES.

  19. No names nothing but FAKE NEWS, both CIA and FBI stated there was no evidence between PRESIDENT TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN AND THE RUSSIANS. The new investigating committee isn’t even set up yet to be investigating anyone, when they are you’ll know all the LIBTURDS will go into hiding hoping they aren’t found out their criminal pasts.

  20. Trump you have been advised by many. Stop fighting little fights with the Media, Forget about them, just keep doing the job promised, get rid of every Democrat in the White House. Good idea stop press conferences all together as did Obama. The more you say the more they twist whatever it is. Don’t give them anymore rating material and they will have to create more lies elsewhere. You are the President period, so do the job and move on. If most can’t see the Mueller has a conflict of interest then get McConnell and Ryan to fight it The Deputy Attorney General is on the wrong side I don’t care how great they claim he is, something is rotten in Rottenville DC.

  21. What is the big deal here? Every world leader works together at times to prevent world disasters. They have done this throughout our history. Pres. Washington had informers and aids all over England. Benjamin Franklin spent more time in Europe making backroom deals than anyone. These useless demoRATS need to be sent to “Re-education” camps on American History through Viet Nam. After all did these meetings not result in the removal of the tyrant Assad of Syria? If so, then how many thousands of lives were saved? Comey is nothing more than a little schoolyard bully whose feelings have been hurt.

    • Nope archipapi the Liberal Press is Much, Much worse. The Conservative Press has mostly educated readers, and they won’t be lead astray by the Alamist Screaming of the Democratic, Liberal , Press. This is what in the end leadto the second World War! With the exception of the OPINION page ALL news reports should be able to provide a source. The so called in named source is usually an idea in a journalist’s head with no connection to reality at all to the truth! Conservatives do sometimes get a bit wild, but their brothers and sisters most always correct them.!

      • The Liberal Press is always wrong and the Conservative Press is too often lying…….not much of a difference….

  22. If you won’t name the source, stick your fake “news” up your a$$. I don’t believe anything the media is pumping anymore. Done with it. Trump is my America First President.

  23. Notice how the NYT posts it’s misleading hews heading, “what they allege Trump said first..Then in the end stating “according to them.” Placing in your minds that Trump did in fact say it.
    “I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Trump said, according to the Times. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’ deliberate misstatement has taken off.”
    It should have been posted as… According to the Times, Trump said…..
    “I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job,”
    Notice how a different way of putting it makes! They tell the truth but twist it around.
    The left are masters at that type of misleading!

    • I agree pilgrimson. The sad part is that many of the press still think that the Times and WaPo are honest, and they repost their declarations. I believe that it’s about time for some one to take them to court and make them prove their so called news of shut down as a moral impediment to the USA!

  24. well, I see, the washington compost and the New york times are really keeping themselves busy with bull shit. I still say Trump has a good idea on how to deal with the lame stream media. Cancel White House briefings and give out printed news releases. This just might solve all the problems with these nit wit news people. When they print anything other than way it is given to them then will see just how lop sided they are.

  25. Stay the course DT. Drain the swamp. We the people are with you all the way. Then go after barry killary jarret clinton holder and the rest of the crap. We are praying for you. If our God is with you who can be against you.

  26. If the Washington Times can not back up their source it is just FAKE NEWS. We the people are getting sick and tired of the so called anonymous sources. Let these people that are committing Federal Felonies step out of the shadows and produce the proof before Congress.
    The President has the Constitutional Authority to fire at will any federal employee hired by the United States Government without any reason. Those who cry this is unconstitutional need to learn more constitutional law..
    Either begin prosecuting Lakers or the reporters that refuse to give up sources as accessories after the fact to the leaks of classified materials.

  27. As regards the “significant person of interest”, he has quite openly and freely said he will answer any questions. Oooooooo. What’s he hiding.
    Fact is, the Obama administration officials met with counterparts in IRAN ( a declared enemy) before Obama was mistakenly sworn in as POTUS.
    BEFORE he was sworn in, his officials met with IRANIAN THUGS.
    Funny, no uproar in the press over that “scandal’.
    Geez, you people, get a life already.

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