California Issues Travel Ban To Conservatives

How full of hypocrisy is the state of California?

In March, California became the seventh state to join the lawsuit challenging President Trump’s revised travel ban. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra blustered, “The Trump administration may have changed the text of the now-discredited Muslim travel ban, but they didn’t change its unconstitutional intent and effect. It is still an attack on people — women and children, professors and business colleagues, seniors and civic leaders — based on their religion and national origin.”

So they’re against travel bans, eh?

Not quite. On Thursday, Becerra announced the state is extending its state-funded and state-sponsored travel ban to four more red states: Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas, which join Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee in being targeted by AB 1887, which attacks states that it says have laws discriminating against the LGBTQ community.

AB 1887 became law on January 1; it states that California is “a leader in protecting civil rights and preventing discrimination” and should not support or finance “discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

Becerra stated, “Our country has made great strides in dismantling prejudicial laws that have deprived too many of our fellow Americans of their precious rights. Sadly, that is not the case in all parts of our nation, even in the 21st century.”

CNN whines: “Alabama, South Dakota, and Texas all recently passed legislation that could prevent LGBT parents from adopting or fostering children and Kentucky passed a religious freedom bill that would allow students to exclude LGBTQ classmates from campus groups. “

Hilariously, Rick Zbur with Equality California, celebrating the decision by California, stated, “These discriminatory laws in Texas, North Carolina, South Dakota, and other states are completely out of step with the values that make California the vibrant economic powerhouse that it is.”

Calling California a “vibrant economic powerhouse” in the same breath as denigrating Texas is utterly ludicrous.


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    • Sigh. I have a son, daughter-in-law (both working & paying for the lowlifes) & new granddaughter there, but whenever I visit and do minimal shopping, I make sure to prominently display my NRA membership card when I pull out the debit card.

  1. How do we the people vote California out of the union? They are an embarrassment and a disgrace. If conservatives are not welcome there, they can kiss their tourist trade goodbye. You couldn’t pay me to go there.

      • Between the leftist loonies, the illegal criminals and their sanctuary city mentality, that’s probably a wise decision. Being there would scare the crap out of me. Not worth the hassle. Visit Michigan, it’s a beautiful state, especially the Upper Peninsula. People are nicer here anyway and Lake Superior is way better than any ocean!

    • That state is a nation-state that receives massive Federal government handouts…Kalipornia’s government could NOT survive on its own taxation. IT DEPENDS on the federal government monies.

      • Stop funding and boycott travel to California – it’s already not safe to go there.
        Would love to see them succeed – then we could tax everything they shipped “to the states”, food wine, etc. They would fold and American would get rich again! They have no industry, other than immigration. And believe me, In Cali, it is an industry in every sense of the word. Let them tax the illegals – see how long they stay!

        • Great IDEA to TAX ILLEGAL’S…except that they as a whole are the “under dogs of society”…as has been TAUGHT in the PUBIC SKOOLS, churches, etc… That statement speaks volumes of how well they would be PROTECTED by: religious “charity organizations”, LaRaza, judges on LaRaza’s board, the UN Legal Council, the POLITICIAN’S that have been remunerated for their agreeable stance to Open Borders….for 40+ YEARS… , and, of course, ANY & ALL LIBERAL Action Committee’s and their PAC’s.
          THEN, we would see a DRAMATIC reversal of ILLEGAL’S attempting to “get in”.

  2. I Created, Built and Sold 3 business in the 1970s and 80’s. Even back then it was rather easy to know it was becoming a Socialist state because of the likes of Jerry Brown and others so in the mid 1980s I left for Good!!!

  3. One of the largest attraction in Californiacation is Hollywood with that being said who in the hell would want to go there to start with

    • The scenery is to die for. But the political atmosphere all but squelches the beauty. I know, I’ve driven the entire length of that State. Breathtaking.

    • Definitely agree with you on that. Hollywood is nothing more than the cesspool of America. Most of the occupants of Hollywood don’t know what talent actually is since they’ve never had any.

      Give it time, mother nature will take care of California soon than later.

  4. Like I really give a **** what CA does or thinks —- the only problem is sending their rejects to DC to HURT everyone else……Cut off ALL federal funds and let’em have at it…..

  5. I want. be going to California,and spending thousands of dollars on vacation every year at least a month out of the year. That’s hotel rooms, food,all kind of home items, jewelry,cameras,renting boats, going out to night clubs almost every night, etc. We can boycott California too, and never miss it.

      • Kalipornia could NOT SURVIVE FISCALLY WITHOUT Federal Grants, Stipends and the bureaucracies CREATED to hand this largesse out!
        Same thing with NYC!!!

        • san fran just paid out 197k to an illegal for a sanctuary city failure more will come..lLike the giant get killed trying to kill a cop and the city burns your family gets millions, or freddie gray get busted while selling drugs with neck surgery die in van city looted family gets millions or nyc criminal trespasserS steal elderly family homes get free electriic free gas pass on all city violations famillies pay massive lawyer bill. Criminals get to keep homes,the country will go broke and there will be civii war citizens get killed and criminals lawyers get rich

  6. ALL states NEED to BLOCK ALL ‘liberal’ invaders from californicate and elsewhere!!
    DO NOT ALLOW them to influence conservative states policies or citizens!

  7. LBGT, or any other acutal or percived sexual preference is the way one is wired but they dont come with a built in megaphone, I have no problem with them, just quit driving other people insane with their retoric and loud public flouting of their situation. there is enough news and information being put out every minute of every day that we dont need more looking for acceptance when if the truth was knows they already have it we are tolerant nation !

  8. So why would we want California liberals in Texas anyway? Thank you for keeping some of your liberals home. As for those outnumbered reasonable Californians, we assume they will be moving to a more conservative state as soon as possible.

  9. Every conservative in California should move, not do business with anyone in California, and let them eat their own. Conservatives can move back in and start over after California destroys itself and is ready to be rebuilt.

  10. CA should split to North and South. All the conservatives could ‘migrate’ to the North and leave the libs in the South with the San Andreas fault.

      • San Francisco is mid state, the country above it is beautiful, and they hate what the state is doing to them. They have no say… Frisco and Los Angeles run that state. I was born and raised in Eureka (the real Northern Calif) I left 31 yrs ago. Jerry Brown was gov. then to.. My poor sister is still there hating everything that state has become.

  11. Is there any way we can “excommunicate” California? Perhaps Texas could at least require Californians to obtain visas and restrict the number allowed to enter the state. I am told that there is a secessionist movement in California. I would encourage it. Perhaps Texas should do the same. On a serious note: I understand that Texas governor Greg Abbott has moved all of the state’s physical gold to repositories within the state where it cannot be confiscated. Good move by a wise man.

  12. CA is it’s own worst enemy! The businesses are leaving at a rapid rate. The CA unfunded debt is almost a trillion dollars. They, like Omusim care is falling apart!

  13. Who would to go or live California anyway? With one of the highest murder rate, high taxes and let’s not forget the high number of illegals.With businesses closing and hospitals shutting down and they want to dictate to states in what laws they can have?

  14. It’s pretty obvious that California lawmakers have religious prejudice against Christians. The Constitution gives us the right to practice our faith as we choose and California lawmakers are choosing to take away our rights. These lawmakers are choosing to ban Christians from their State and one wonders if they will ever get their heads out of their own butts and realize that they’re just opened themselves up to A monumental amount of class-action lawsuits. And too a great idea would be anyone who is thinking of traveling to California shpuld decide not to. Christians and other people of faith should boycott anything that’s related to California.

  15. If we take those who work, the Liberals would not have money to do their crazy stunts. I would say that most in CA are on welfare or state programs. If the Conservatives leave who will pay into the welfare system to keep the food stamps and government assisted programs going. Brown invite :all: illegals to come to his state. Who will pay the taxes and buy homes. My husband and I took a trip to California a few months back and I was in shock to see the number of homes for sale. I mean nice homes. Will they get the money they invested? Will the illegals take over those homes? Business has left the state leaving no jobs, and if they have jobs how will they pay the employee who wants to work. if they pass the 15 dollar an hour for minimum wage how is the employer going to pay that amount. Brown needs to go. Why has CA had so many fires and droughts in the past years? God is judging CA, so Christians in that state need to confess their sins and get right with God. It takes only one person and God can change things.

    • We lost money when we moved. Who knew we were in the midst of a housing bubble that just burst?

      I’m thinking God had other plans for us. The job relocation came at the right time. We lost money, but, it’s only money, right? Can’t take it with you and we are far better off being where we are now, as opposed to being in CA, then. All three of our grown children live here now, too. Plus our nine beautiful grandchildren. 🙂

      • It might be that your location will help relocate your family. That is what I am thinking about my situation. I have family in CA as well and wonder what will happen to them. Strange but when they found out I voted for Trump, I had a granddaughter tell me to go to hell. I still pray for her and love her, and should she one day need help. I hope to be able to help her.

  16. To think I was born there, too. Ouch. Couldn’t escape from that looney bin fast enough. Been gone for closing in on a decade now. Just feel badly, both my spouse and I are conservative. Guess we won’t be allowed to see family there anymore. What morons!

  17. Yeah, California is crazy – no argument there – but where are your voices attacking the absurdity of laws that enshrine the treating of fellow human beings as “non-citizens” or even “non-beings”? Where is your critique of the righteousness of using mob rule to exclude other people from participating in activities of their choice, because something about them offends the arbitrary rules of YOUR “religion of love and peace”? And yes, the rules are arbitrary. Look up the history of how the edict against gays was created. Is it listed in your ten commandments? No. (Adultery is, but NOT homosexuality. Maybe your god made a typo? Or maybe he’s more concerned about what the straight people do than what his gay children do?) Anyway, was the anti-gay agenda a pearl dropped from your god’s lips directly into the mouths of Adam or Noah or Mary or any of the other miserably flawed and vanishingly few mortals who have supposedly ever been privileged to receive any direct contact with him? Again, no. It was decision conceived and adopted by the (all male, of course) elders of the early church as an easy social strategy to distinguish Christian society from Roman society. There was nothing divine or morally absolute about it. The edict for Christians to hate gays, like the edict against the belief in reincarnation, was incorporated into the Bible by ordinary men seeking to create a platform by which they could define the new religion and, in the process, consolidate their power over the church and the people. Sorry that reality isn’t very romantic. It also doesn’t give Christians much of a moral leg to stand on to complain when SOMEBODY ELSE’s religion or ethic of “love and peace” draws a moral circle that excludes you. Guess that’s where that “eye for an eye” strategy (as exhibited in the moral behavior of many species of animals, including our primate relatives) – gets you.

  18. I have no desire to visit Califagnia, much less live there. I would like to see all the SANE people leave Califagnia before it’s to late.

  19. Well I have no plans of ever stepping foot in that looneytoon state any way. And my state isn’t even listed in their “ban”.

  20. Does this mean that they are keeping the idiots they have in congress in California or does it mean that I cant go there? Either way works for me.

  21. California is NO longer the Golden State it was,not vibrant and economic powerhouse,it is BROKE.Amazing how Democrats can sell lies to their STUPID voter base

  22. California is not a vibrant economic powerhouse with a $458 billion dollar debt, a goofy legislature, and a Moonbeam governor who’s an idiot.

  23. HMMM…these “extended families” of ILLEGAL’S do NOT receive Constitutional Rights as NON citizens. The LIBERAL Judges have GRANTED these ILLEGAL’S rights NOT awarded to ILLEGALS by our Constitution.
    These “proactive” judges posturing and RULING as legislators NEED TO GO!

  24. The Socialist Republic of California, land of moral decadence and leftist depravity, what Conservative would want to go to that emerging third world country?

  25. The only thing that keeps California businessmen in California is their wives and relatives who do not care what it takes to earn enough to stay there. I left Illinois for good in 1998 because I saw how insolvent and corrupt that it was. By staying, you are propping up these corrupt regimes.

  26. Well let em ban other States, what should take place is all States should ban California from them, stop their products from crossing the borders and see how long they last also cut off all Federal funding from the California know it alls. I Tired of California all mighty thinking. Put em in their place.


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