Coulter: Even Trump Can’t Help Goldman Sachs

Having pulled off the monumental achievement of getting elected with zero help from Wall Street, President Trump is at risk of throwing it all away. He seems to be turning his White House over not only to liberal Democrats, but to the very type of liberal Democrats he railed against on the campaign trail.

It’s like voluntarily getting an AIDS transfusion.

Until Trump, voters had two choices: A Republican beholden to Wall Street or a Democrat beholden to Wall Street.

But Wall Street despised Trump, and he despised them. This allowed him the luxury of denouncing both Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton for their ties to Goldman Sachs, especially Hillary’s six-figure “speeches” to that investment bank.

Ninety percent of Wall Street’s money went to Hillary’s campaign. Wherever the other 10 percent went, it didn’t go to Trump.

What does that mean?

[Fox News’ Sean Hannity frantically waving his hand]: I know! I know! Since he owes them nothing and they’re universally reviled, he needs to turn the keys of the kingdom over to Wall Street bankers!

No, actually. It means that he should stay the hell away from them.

The Democrats, who are evil but not stupid, know what a gift it was for Trump to have had no Wall Street support. And they are already plotting to win Trump’s voters back.

A hand grenade has recently been tossed into Trump’s camp in the form of Stanley Greenberg’s mostly-overlooked report for Democracy Corps. Greenberg, the Yale professor-turned-Democratic pollster, has conducted extensive, in-depth interviews with the beating heart of Trump’s working-class support: the voters of Macomb County, Michigan, which went for Obama twice, but then flipped to Trump.

They were impossible to move. They love Trump, have no regrets about their vote, disbelieve the media and detest career politicians like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. They just “pray he keeps his promises and succeeds.”


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  1. As Born Conservative and true dislike for Pelosi’s Democrats Shenanigans, I read Ann’s comments with great interest – because she is Fact-Checking the Realities of the President I Voted, and I/f/o Draining Existing Swamp and get America Back on Track, NOT CREATING A NEW ONE. Can’t have help noticing that after all the evidence presented, as well as destroyed, Hillary Clinton still walks the streets of America, FREE OF ANY CRIMINAL CHARGES.

    Although Ann’s argument regarding Goldman Saks, and Trump’s favorable criteria to bring them on board – it appears that some of them do carry a lot of baggage that can hurt Trump badly, that can even grow to become a HUGE issue that could dangerously easily fuel the Impeachment Nation Agenda”, as Clapper loves to say, “Not Knowingly”., if our President doesn’t made a U-Turn, or even refuses to go back to fulfil his Campaign Promises, and place the right True Conservative staff to his Cabinet…

    Could it be possible that no one in the WH has the intelligence and/or knowledge to give President Trump a “truly FACT-CHECK of what it is going on? At times, I regret to say it – it appears that our President is “sinking into the Swamp” he promised to Drain BUT, for unknown reasons, has not yet started!

    About Sean Hannity who I respect, would like to add that “he ought to get his foot off the Gas”, regarding his outrageous support for our President Trump because, it is getting his loyal viewers tired of it – every day they same comments, make people tired, and bored! Thanks Sean.


    Semper fi.

    Regardless of whoever he/she is, there is so much “Negative Matter” anyone can carry on their shoulders and still, function normally and fulfill his campaign promises….

  2. Buy stock in Goldman Sachs because it always makes money. They’re so crooked but they make money so everyone buy their stock and make money off the evil bastards. It would be really funny we’re making money off of them.


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