Oregon Adds ‘Third Gender’ Option

Authorities in Oregon have introduced a third option of “non-binary” to its driver’s licenses, becoming the first state to provide more than two genders on an official identification document.

Instead of identifying themselves as either male or female, residents who determine themselves to be “non-binary” will now have the option to choose the letter X to avoid revealing their biological gender.

Oregon’s Driver and Motor Vehicle Services said it introduced the practice after a judge in Oregon ruled last year that veteran Jamie Shupe, who had been living as a woman, could be legally recognized as neither man nor woman but instead as “gender non-binary,” becoming the first person in the United States to do so.

Shupe told NBC News that he and his partner watched on live-stream as transportation officials took a vote on the matter, describing it as a “highly emotional” moment.

“It was highly emotional. Me and Sandy watched it on YouTube, the whole time the two of us tightly clinging to each other, and crying. I keep drying them, but the tears keep coming,” he said.

Last week, Washington, DC, became the first jurisdiction to offer a gender-neutral driver’s license, and lawmakers in California and New York are drawing up similar legislation.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/07/05/oregon-adds-third-gender-option-drivers-licenses/


  1. Is another of the many states or mentally insane, as there is no third sex never will be, but those who are forcing it on other people will answer to God, when They leave this world.

      • When perverts start making the rules, the end is near. A good example was Obama, or better known as bath house!

        • Ok, sure. When you run for President I will make sure not to vote for you. One Idiot in the White House per Century is permitted. Did you also have a TV Gong Show?

          • John, the idiot is gone now. He’s in a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US. Get the picture?

          • John,
            I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making it easier and easier that this once-proud South Side Chicago democrat (me), is now a “racist”, “bigoted”, “woman hating”, “deplorable” conservative voter.
            Thank you…..!

      • YOU have the twisted mind! The gays are either male or female! Or have ALL gays decided to go the pervert route?(as you suggest)!! See how STUPID your logic is??!! You don’t even KNOW that a gay person can be male or female, so they must be a pervert!! Just like your indoctrination that if a person is not dumbocrat, then they are homophobe, islamaphobe, racist, etc!

      • remember your high school biology.. “deviant sexual behavior”?? any new definition doesn’t change the animal..

  2. Dumb asses, if you have a penis, male, not female. I don’t care how they have the body parts they have, it’s such a simple thing. It’s a shame how some parts of the country are going to hell.

    • This goes to show us how they have indoctrinated these young people, they don’t even know what gender they are! There are only two choices and they can’t even make that decision! How do we expect them to be able to vote even when there are only two choices left? WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  3. Of course it was “an emotional moment”. All the left reacts to are emotions, not logic. Funny how they insist that global warming is scientific fact, but gender is just an emotional trait that’s subject to change at will.

  4. This comes from a state who’s current governor called for the FBI to “take out” the occupier’s of a vacant ranger station, a former governor that raped an under age teenage girl and the Oregonian paper called it an “affair”, a city councilman that had an “”affair” with an underage teen boy and no charges brought, and an ex-mayor of Portland who had a Muslim terrorist on her payroll. I regret to say that I was born in that state, but may never live there again due to this kind of insanity.

  5. The phrase “He, she, or it” has been around for ages. Fashion isn’t the only thing that comes back around to repeat “it”self….

  6. The nut jobs are all around us and coming out in full force. This is what liberal teachers and professors are doing to our youth. How could any sane person be that confused??

  7. There are only two genders–male and female. What is going to happened when two people of the same name, one male and one female end up in court? It is possible. Not likely but possible. How is a judge to know which person to call to testify? How is a cop going to write down whether it is a male or female they are stopping for a traffic violation? They are opening a can of worms they won’t be able to close again.

  8. There is no significant third gender. Almost all people are born either female or male, regardless of what government may say. Fortunately government isn’t in control of that question.

  9. Blah, blah, blah. If you don’t like what God gave you as your junk get it removed and get on with life but DO NOT expect to be accepted going into restrooms that DO NOT match what is between your legs.

  10. Sadly, Oregon has joined krazy kalifornia as the most IDIOTIC place to live, can’t wait for the bankruptcy that is sure to come to both of these idiot states!


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