Violent G20 Protesters Trap Melania Trump

First Lady of the United States Melania Trump was forced to miss a G20 event in Hamburg, Germany on Friday after leftist riots on Thursday left 130 police injured and parts of the city in flames.

The First Lady’s communications director Stephanie Grisham confirmed to reporters that Mrs. Trump was indeed stuck at a guesthouse, “The Hamburg police could not give us clearance to leave.”

“She was prevented from participating in today’s spousal program, which she was looking forward to,” added Grisham.

Not long before this confirmation from Grisham, the first lady tweeted

Video of the violent Thursday night riots show many cars on fire, items being hurled at police, hordes of protesters swarming streets and being hosed down as police attempted to control the situation. Clashes took place within a mile and a half of the G20 summit where world leaders are meeting for the next two days.

Hamburg shopkeepers have reported that left-wing extremists have demanded money in exchange for preventing the destruction of their stores. Police warned ahead of the G20 summit that left-wing extremists were coming from even outside of Germany to riot.

The G20 summit is taking place July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany. U.S. President Trump is participating and holding meetings there with many world leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President of South Korea Moon Jae-in, President of China Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto, President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and others.

The world leaders including Trump are continuing with their events Friday.


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  1. ANYONE who would protest an international summit to exchange ideas is an idiot.

    Would they rather we resorted to war for the purpose of spreading our ideas?

    • Isn’t that what the protesters are doing? Destroying property & lives to spread their ideas? Seems like it to me.

  2. I blame this completely on Merkel. First off, the President & First Lady should have been housed in a hotel. They weren’t. They were placed off site in some building between the Iraq & Russian contingency. That was the first slap in the face. Secondly, the Secret Service should have stepped out & just started firing, since the First Lady was at risk. This is totally unacceptable.

    • Obummer dropped the ball when it came to making the hotel reservations. Reservations needed to be made before the election because hotels were already filling up by then. Apparently Shrillary & her slut of a husband would have been in the same situation as far as housing goes. Goes to show that the only person who matters to this POS of a POTUS is himself. As far as SS firing, I would need more info to make that call. If she was safe where she was, then no. If she was in immediate peril, you bet. If they shot people when she was not in immediate danger it would have just stirred up a huge international incident & the dumbocrats & libtarts would have made a big thing about it being Trump’s fault. We don’t need to add fuel to their demented 2 cell brains.

    • George Soros too, that guy runs around the world paying protesters to jump in and cause hell! Why can’t he be held accountable if everyone knows he is funding protests and riots!!!! He is old. old, old. Too bad he just doesn’t die, he is evil at its best.

  3. Time to “shoot to kill” these protesters if they decide to destroy private property. During the 1968 Democratic convention, yes the Democratic convention in Chicago, they were rioting and the then Mayor Richard Daily order police and national guard to shoot to kill any looters. Funny how that seemed to stop the looting. I am sick of these protester inciting violence to get their way, so time to shoot to kill of them that do this whether in Germany or in the U.S.. The Black Lives won’t matter if the loot.

  4. AJT It’s Germany for pete sakes. They are a warring people that should have been know for some time now. Remember WWI & WWII. Our first family should always be protected from mobs. That was wrong and when Merkel comes back to America let her stay in a tent. She is worthless anyway.

  5. Mark, I stayed at the Chicago Hilton Hotel, week after the 1968 Democratic Convention, while talking with hotel staff, they relayed what we saw on the National News. Bleeding Rioters, accusing the Chicago Police of beating them. But the next morning, there were empty Ketchup Bottles on the ground of the park. On the third floor of the Hotel (individual rooms) some one spread a gallon of lighter the length of the hall, lite it off, but there was no serious fire, as the carpet was fire proofed.

  6. These punks need to go to jail any time that they cause a riot. The German gov’t lets them get away with this behavior because Angela and friends agree with their politics.


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