Black Host: Armed People Are Harder to Lynch

During an interview for the upcoming episode of Breitbart News’Bullets with AWR Hawkins,  black, syndicated talk show host Stacy Washington pointed out that armed people are harder to lynch and she expounded on the helplessness blacks faced when Democrats disarmed them during the Jim Crow era.

Washington spoke at length about how Democrat-comprised groups like the Ku Klux Klan were able to terrorize blacks who could not shoot in defense of life or property.

She said, “Martin Luther King Jr., was denied a concealed carry permit. His life was threatened a lot and he really wanted to protect himself with a concealed permit but he could not because he could not get one. This is hold-over racism from the Democrats and their Jim Crow era controls and all that.”

Washington went on to discuss how the KKK was able to “basically [terrorize] blacks in their communities.” She said they were “lynching people” and doing other “horrible, unimaginable atrocities.” And blacks could not fend them off because they had been disarmed by the Democrats.

She fast-forwarded to the 21st century and said, “For those who don’t believe that the gun is the equalizer, I can tell you now that someone would have a lot of trouble trying to lynch someone in our neighborhood.” Washington said she and her neighbors would be hard to lynch because they are armed and would use their guns to defend their lives and their property.

Breitbart News reported that Martin Luther King Jr., was denied a concealed carry permit after he applied for it in 1956.

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  1. If she knows the history of the Democrat Party toward blacks then why do so many blacks support the Democrats?.Martin Luther King was a Republican.

    • Because they’re given just enough in handouts to keep voting Democrat while they screw us all, “I’ll have those n****rs voting Democrat the next 200 yrs” – LBJ

    • Because of BS programs like the war on poverty….$23 trilion spent and what do we have to show for it…..mosr folks on welfare of some kind than ever before!!!


  2. Armed black people, poor black people in particular, are also harder to rob, terrorize, and bully, which is why there is so much opposition in DC, NYC, ‘Chiraq’, LA, etc., to the exercise of their 2nd Amendment rights. Criminals have no problems with any gun laws we enact, because, OOPS, they don’t obey any of them !

    Attempts to ‘tax’ bullets, and other outrageous ‘fees’, proposed as measures to ‘reduce gun violence’, will actually only deny self-defense to the most disadvantaged, the most vulnerable, by pricing effective self-defense out of their reach.

  3. 97% of blacks vote for demonkrats because they either don’t know or refuse to believe the truth about slavery and segregation. This white boy knows more about black history than the majority of blacks in the country!!!!

  4. There is a reason liberals want to take you guns….just look at history…from hitler to stalin!! when you give up your guns, they have you by the balls!!


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