Kellyanne Conway Smashes CNN’s Cuomo

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” White House aide Kellyanne Conway and host Chris Cuomo had a heated exchange.

The argument centered around a New York Times report that in June 2016 Donald Trump Jr., then-campaign chair Paul Manafort, and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner met with a Russian lawyer linked with the Kremlin.

After a long question by the Cuomo, Conway said, “Aren’t you the least bit reluctant, if not embarrassed that you now talk about Russia more than you talk about America? Doesn’t this bother you?”

Cuomo shot back, “No Kellyanne, this matters.”

Conway said, “I think America matters.”

The back-and-forth continued with Conway saying, “Chris, you were just — okay. Listen. You were just able to speak two minutes uninterrupted, and I frankly think it was more punditry than reporting. So I would like to respond. If we were in court, your side would not even survive a motion to dismiss because you’ve got nothing. On this one, Don Jr. Has very clearly said he was told that there would be some kind of information helpful to the campaign. It quickly became very apparent there was not. Let me say something about who goes into these meetings in the Trump campaign. We were a very small operation. I was not involved in June. I was involved in July. And became the campaign manager in August. It’s very typical to have principals in the meeting. We had a fraction of the staff than Clinton had over there. You’re trying to have your viewers think because these three principals were in there, it was viewed as some type of seriousness that simply is not true. This was standard operating procedure for the campaign.”

Later in the exchange, Cuomo said, “You don’t care if Russia was trying to get inside your campaign to affect the election?”

Conway replied, “You don’t know what I care about. Why don’t you ask me?”

Cuomo said “That was a question. There was a question mark at the end of it.”

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  1. He’s like that because no one is watching. CNN has reverted to being the Clinton News Network and has absolutely no credibility.

  2. Ever hear of Rus Thompson?
    He just made a plea bargain!
    The charges were voter fraud!
    Ever hear of Carl Paladino?
    They are both Trump supporters!
    It is way past time for Americans to take America back!!

  3. I am content enough and patient enough to watch and listen for whatever the investigations discover in what is going to be a long and involved search for the truth. No one knows what the truth is yet. Yes, there seem to be some (on all sides) who claim to know it, but they cannot make that claim because none of the investigations is over. I would think!that every American wants to know the truth no matter if it turns out to be what they had once believed or not. This is not some sort of contest, not a foodting even where there are diners and losers. Getting to the truth is what actually makes us ALL winners. It is what actually allows us to remain free. There are plenty of people to question, plenty of documents to pore over, and many paths to follow to make sure a thorough job was done and done well. We’d go better to simply back off and stop the constant yammering, sounding like cheerleaders for one team or the other instead of what we should never- people united to find out the truth and to go from there.

    • There is no there, there. This whole investigation is nothing more than a leftist smoke screen to protect the Obama administration’s legacy and hide the Democrats underhanded hijinx for the last 8 years. Total witch hunt and the Dems and the MSM are going to pay a huge price at the ballot box because of it. The American people are sick and tired of all this crap. That, in a nutshell, is the reason Trump won the election.

      • You are definitely behind the news, the truth, the investigations, and the pulse of the actual nation. None of the investigations and evidence being gathered are going to go away. They will, however, get more damning. I was around when Nixon went down. That investigation took two years. And it was not so intricate as this one either. Nor did it involve as many people as this does. Some diehard Nixon supporters were still telling me it was all a joke, a scam, an attack from the opposition party right up till the end. Well, one week later, Nixon resigned. Russia and Putin are enemies of this nation and our allies. To think anything different about them or any personnel they send to “meet with” anyone here is to not understand history or have read anything about who and what Putim is and how he operates. But our Intel and that of the rest of the world knows. So do our Russian experts who have dealt with them for decades. This is not about Obama or eight yesrs. It is not about Hillary Clinton. It is not about liberals unhappy with the outcome of the election. It is about Russia interfering with our election process for a lot of months and trying everything they could to see how far they could get in interfering with it. Do you not understand how much Putin wants to overpower the West and dominate? He cannot stand the West and the power we and our allies have. Neither can China.

        When a person wants to “win” so badly that he or she will do anything to do so, that’s when he involves himself in lying, plots, cheating, doing illegal activities and destroying his credibility, integrity, and values and morals in the process. What’s left? More of the same as then comes the covering up because bits of the truth always start coming out sooner or later. Try and cover up more but people who demand the truth don’t give up. They never should – even when other voices are trying to shame them for trying or are calling them names or even threatening them with jail or with violence. The biggest sadness I have about any of this is that a citizen or number of them supposedly serving the public would do such a thing with a foreign power and worse, actually be happy oing it and not see how wrong it was. Just as sad is to see any citizens fighting those who are trying to get to the truth no matter what the truth is. Americans ALL deserve to know the truth and SHOULD know it. Thinking it is already known is way off the mark.

        • You must be an MSNBC/CNN watcher. Lady I’m 61 years old and I was around too. Get a grip. Hillary lost and Trump won and this isn’t even closed to Watergate. NOW let’s move on and fix our country.

          • You know nothing about me or who I voted for or from where I get all my news. Still, you decide to reduce someone else to a stereotype to suit your own point of view. That says a lot about you but it says nothing about me. So does feeling it is just fine to call me “lady” and to “get a grip.” It is not fine. It is rude and unnecessary.

            Yes, you were about 18 when Nixon resigned. Maybe you had spent two years following it all as I had, but I doubt it at that age. I was 28. It was a huge and horrible historical time, a first for our country to go through something like that. Tumultuous. But we all got through it and went on.

            You are correct to say this is not like that. You think all is well and just want to “get on with things and fix our country.” We agree on that. However, we disagree on what is involved in moving on and fixing. Moving on and giving, to me, means doing what’s bring done. Investigating all involved and leaving no stone unturned. I want the actual truth about it all. You want to believe the truth is already known. What you believe may turn out to be the truth but we’re a long way from that conclusion right now.

            Nixon was a crook – but at least he was “our” crook. Regarding what is going on now, the issue is not just our crooks, and we have plenty of evidence already to show how many crooked things have gone on already in the course of the lives of some of the players, and the amount of things will continue to pile up. Along with that, we can’t even say the crooks are just “our crooks” because they include those from an enemy foreign nation whether you wish to believe that or not. The list of those involved will get longer, too. The fact that ANY of our citizens got involved in any way with any Rusdua (and lied about it) is absolutely unconscionable. Hoping and being willing to meet with Russian citizens who claim they have information for you that you can use against a candidate in an American national election is all right with you? Would you agree to meet with them? Would you ask them who was sending them? Would you ask why they want to give you the information? Would you stop to ask yourself what they expect in return? Would you not wonder that the information might be used to blackmail you in the future? Would you not think that could affect your father/president and the country? Would uou really say “I love it!” about getting material to use? Once he uttered those words, it was very clear there was collusion. It did not matter that he came out if the meeting with nothing, which is his claim. That remains to be seen and that is a separate thing. Just the fact that he went, that he believed he was going to get something, that he said he loved what he was going to get shows intent, and that makes it collusion. It is in an email that he wrote and admitted to.

            You can add in all Trump Junior’s lying about it, the cover up, the lies still going on, since every time he says the whole story is out, more is then discovered about it. And like everyone else who first said he/she never met with any Russians, the same credibility problem jumps out. Lies, then part of the story, then lies, then more cover up, then lies, then more discovery, then more lies, ad nauseum. It doesn’t matter which person it is, the same procedure of lies and cover up and discovery keeps coming. Flynn. Manafort, Sessions, Kushner, and more. And like Putin runs all his show but manages often to be steps away from the players and claim innocence, we have Trump doing the same thing. He did not run his businesses not knowing who was doing what. He just didn’t happen to be standing along with the worker bees while they were spread out doing their thing.

            All this IS part of “moving on and fixing our country.” It simoly doesn’t happen to look like you imagined it would. It certainly doesn’t look like anything I imagined either. But it is what it is. It’a pipe dream to think any of it is going away soon or that things are going to be smooth sailing for a long, long time. But the country has gone through hard times before and it can deal with all this, too. It all depends on the willingness of its people. Neither party has all the solutions and all are going to have to work together and figure them out. I wish you well.

        • Vickie take a breath. Your going to give yourself a heart attack. I could say the same about Hillary, Obama, Holder and others in the Obama administration and the corruption and collusion with Russia but what’s that going to accomplish. Okay? Look, sorry I offended you but your 2 page manifesto tells me a lot about what your politics and conviction are. So let’s just agree to disagree but you are going to be very disappointed I fear. Do yourself a favor and turn off your TV. Life will become so much simpler, quieter and more enjoyable. Believe me, America is in much more capable hands than it’s been in for a long time. Trust me.

          • The difference is this. One group/party is being investigated. The other is not. There is plenty of propaganda going around on Facebook about both major parties, but I don’t follow any of those because they’re mostly junk,

            I’m fine with anyone of any party being investigated as called for. Fine with due process followed as in charges filed if there is evidence to justify it and then having a trial anf awaiting the verdict and making peace with that, I don’t want to see corruptuon anywhere. But I also don’t want to keep seeing irrelevant names brought up every time something comes up in the investigation actually going on. We’ll just have to go one case st a time.

            If I write more than you wish to read, then don’t read it. I taught English for decades and am a writer so I likely write more than most do in comments. But why write back with personal and belligerent wording or snide and sarcastic comments? It’s a form of bullying, just as bullying in speaking of in physical ways. It ruins any point you may have been trying to make with me. I’m not battling you. Just talking about politics and sharing ideas and listening to another’s. If people aren’t willing to try to understand each other and let go of the anger that’s coming from wherever it’s coming, then how can they ever be unified again?

            Anyway, thanks for your ideas. Have a good weekend.

  4. Meanwhile; in an ACTUAL American court, Rus Thompson plea bargained to charges of voter fraud!
    He is a friend of Carl Paladino!
    They are both avid Trump supporters!
    Perfectly clear?

  5. Conway is talking about credibility?
    STILL waiting for Rush Limbaugh’s “stand down” cables!!
    Who had American Ambassador Stevens, and his bodyguards, murdered?
    Who had a motive?


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