Dem Proposes Memorial to “Welcome Illegals”

You will not believe what this Democrat lawmaker wants to do at the Southern Border.

Rep. José Serrano wants to turn the Southern Border into “Ellis Island” by erecting another “Statue of Liberty” on the border to welcome illegals.

Nope, we’re not joking!

These people are mentally ill.

Democrats care nothing for the safety of the American people.

Liberals don’t care about the drugs, gangs, sex trafficking and illegal weapons that flood across the border.

All they care about is creating a new army of Democrat voters.


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  1. The Damn-o-rats are so self-serving, they will sell out our citizens and our country to increase their power and their wealth. They are corrupt!

  2. Yep, it looks like the controlling left wing of the DNC wants bad to be good and will keep feeding their P/C C/M garbage to us little working tax payers until we enjoy it.

  3. Ola, senor Serrano, muy stupido, sie? However, if you were to suggest a statue waving goodbye to all the illegal immigrants that are becoming emigrants, including democrats who are unable to handle defeat, then we might talk a little more.

  4. Democrats hsve been going out of their way and have no shame at all in supporting “illegals” and betraying American citizens and the United States. All candidates who win elections take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this land. They are elected to represent the American people and the United States. That is something that the Democrats have refused to do. They have clearly broken their oath of office and must be held accountable and be removed from office immediately. The fact is the Democrats are proven traitors and have lost all their rights as an elected individual. Wake up America we have to take back our country and we need to do it now. Term limits!

    • The sad thing is, the democrats care nothing about the Constitution or the laws of our land.They look at it like, “the Constitution says what we want it to say and the law of the land is what we want it to be”, as long as it benefits the democrats. SAD! I can’t understand why we are not, pardon the expression, raising hell about it. There are republicans involved in this crap also.

      • Yes these people know our laws and Constitution, they have no problem breaking our laws and what the Constitution stands for because there is no one in our justice system that will hold them accountable. Our justice system and our representatives and appointed officials have a set of laws for them, they are not afraid of being arrested for what they do. As for the rest of us, we are held to a higher standard of laws and ignorance of the law is no excuse for us but they can plead ignorance and get away with it.. The double and triple standards are ruining our country, we are losing our freedoms and way of life, they think of themselves as Kings and Queens. The US citizens that believe in freedom and the Constitution as the law of the land really need to think about using our 2nd amendment right to combat what is happening in the Washington, District of Criminals. Before it is to late, it has been over do for decades.

  5. The oath of office that this pond scum took to uphold and defend the Constitution obviously doesn’t mean anything to him. But then, it doesn’t mean diddly-squat to any Democrat and precious few Republicans for that matter.

  6. We should do something to welcome these illegals. 50 cal. at watchtowers automatically controlled and mines such as bouncing betties under the ground.

  7. mentally unstable democraps, YOU LOST GET OVER IT ! illegal people, are gust that, what’s the problem ? with doing it the legal way?????? get all the illegals out, if this was Mexico they all (illigals) would be in a Mexican prison, that’s how Mexico treats illegals, 10 year sentences……………

  8. Fuck you democraps your not going to violate the laws of this land you fucking retarded traitors your loyalty should be to the american citizens not to illegals or to the new weridos order you democrap traitors should face capital punishment for mass treason this is america not fuck up Mexico or any other fuck up country from south of the border us citizens want their borders enforce with us combat troops an the big huge wall come across that border with out the proper paperwork then you will never see light again democratic losers lost to a simple man like trump

  9. What a freaking loser rat, they are illegals and violate our sovereign right to control ingress and egress of our borders, when are these socialists/communist going to listen. These malcontent legislators are the problem and the reason why California or where ever they crawl out of are becoming untenable for decent people.

  10. Send that wetback Serrano back to Meheeeeeeko on a rail after tarring and feathering him. We don’t need no crummy Meheeeeeekans telling us what to do. Probably not even a citizen except of Meheeeeeeeko!

  11. This just about does it don’t it another jug that should not be in any political position period! He would have had to take an oath to this position and no way in hell could he have answered YES to that oath truthfully! This SOB needs to go away, FAR away!

    • And take Congress, all of them, with him and let us start over and put grown ups in congress instead of spoiled kids.

  12. When one of their family members gets killed, raped or robbed they will quickly change their mind, like the idiot who just moved back to the USA from England, because of security.

  13. This is exactly how the Bronx, N.Y. cesspool has come about. You will be hard pressed for anyone speaking English. I am an outsider, this is where I was born? These lowlifes have decimated the Bronx. The poorest third world nation, if you do not work, if you do not pay taxes, you have an expensive late model car? Free air conditioning, free electricity. Free everything. These corrupt politicians have guaranteed employment, the ignorant masses are told vote for me, to maintain receiving their freebies! Taxpayer paid cars, insurance, registration fees, AAA, unreal.

  14. Trump is building it. Its called The Wall. Dump more Democrats in 2018 and maybe the rest will wake up and work instead of promoting Give away programs. Workers are tried of their crap policy.

  15. Evidently there are some who missed the actual message he was trying to get across because some took him literally instead of figuratively. Duh, He was NOT saying we should fund a new statue there. He was saying that like the statue in the harbor, our message as a nation is that we welcome immigrants (legally) rather than want to keep all of them out by biilding walls everywhere and isolating ourselves from accepting any more people from anywhere got any reason.

    It is tiresome to continue to see such articles designed purposely to misinform people and keep them angry and hateful. I like to think Americans have bern educated enough to see that sort of schlock and to ignore it for what it is – false. Thinking liberals and Democrsts are all for opening up everything to everybody is stupid and also false. Who wants others to believe such garbage? What is gheir real purpose for trying to keep people not united at all? Who stands to gain something if Americans battle themselves? What is that group’s purpose and why?

  16. Man, I keep telling the Leftist useful idiots that they have suicidal wishes for supporting treacherous bastards such as this AZZHOLE!

  17. Commiecrats and the Mexican Mafia posing as Commiecrat Latinos all need to be tried for TREASON. It is time for a SECOND REVOLUTION and this time we need to rid this country of all Communists.

    They should be treated as traitors. Also, they should pay higher taxes or out of their own pocket for the support of the illegals as I don’t want my tax $$ going for them. Also, they and the illegals should be sued or fined if they take a job away from a US citizen. The men who fought at the Alamo are probably turning over in their grave thinking that they lost their life for nothing. At least they fought to keep Texas, etc. and not give it away like our stupid liberals are doing. SHAME ON THEM.

  19. Oh, please. Anyone believing that this is what he said or inferred with his comment most definitely needs to read it again a few times. Do we really have to explain what he said and what it meant ho people who supposedly have spent their whole lives speaking the language and even taking years worth of courses in it in school?


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