Clinton Framed The Trumps

Look, we know it’s the National Enquirer, which once ran the headline, “Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby” (insert your own Chelsea joke here).

But the grocery store tabloid has gotten a few big stories right, like former Sen. John Edwards’ secret love child; Jesse Jackson’s illegitimate daughter; Gary Hart’s affair with Donna Rice (who can forget that photo of Rice sitting in the former senator’s lap on Hart’s yacht, aptly named “Monkey Business”).

So, with a few grains of salt, consider the Enquirer’s latest “BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVE! Hillary Clinton: How She Framed Donald Trump’s Family.”

“Hillary Clinton and a firm with ties to the Democratic party setup President Donald Trump and his family in an attempt to destroy the billionaire businessman and politician according to the National Enquirer,” writes the Daily Mail.

The tabloid magazine, which has made no secret of its pro-Trump agenda, came to this conclusion after what they describe as an ‘exhaustive investigation’ into the matter.

These attempts by ‘evil’ Hillary to bring down her rival included luring Donald Jr. into meeting with shadowy Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskyaya claims the tabloid.

And the firm in the middle of all this is Fusion GPS, according to the tabloid, the same group that allegedly compiled Christopher Steele’s scandalous dossier of claims about President Trump that was published in January.

Fusion GPS previously denied these claims, stating: ‘Fusion GPS learned about this meeting from news reports and had no prior knowledge of it. Any claim that Fusion GPS arranged or facilitated this meeting in any way is absolutely false.’

‘To put it in spy terms it was like a honey trap, Only they weren’t selling sex to Donald Jr. They were selling fictitious dirt of Hillary,’ said former CIA officer Larry C. Johnson.

‘And once they bit on the meeting, they had him right where they wanted him!’

As for why this firm, Fusion GPS, would want to aid in this setup, a congressional source told the tabloid: ‘These guys had a vested personal interest and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.’


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  1. What a ridiculous notion, to believe The National Enquirer about squat! ? Yes, the Vlintons have framed everybody all over the world for decades and decades dinglehandedly and all would be perfect in the world if they’d never existed. Was anyone surprised that this narrative would crop up as Trump and how he’s lived his life for 70 years begins to catch up with him? Of course it couldn’t have been any of his own actions in business all those years, along with his family’s. Was there anything he ever did in this country or for this country in 70 years? Not in the 30 plus years that I’ve been watching and reading about him. Never.

      • When all you have is sarcasm and insults, you don’t have much. No logic, no support for your “theory,” no nothing.

        • Your like my sorry-ass sister who wouldn’t acknowledge all of the support that is out there because you two dumb-ass bitches only read Leftist propaganda! Have a nice day, stupid; you both are helping in your own lynching and time will tell very shortly which one of us is “Right” – guaranteed!

          • Again, the best you can do is throw out insults to people you know nothing about as well as your own family member? Like Trump, that says a lot about you but nothing about the other person. And that is why you have the life that you have. If all you do is converse with people to try to prove you’re “right,” as if that is what conversation is about, then you limit yourself and never get any growth in awareness.

    • Bet you were never that all-knowledgeable about Obama and the trail of deceit that follows him well under the MSM radar. For all his faults, Trump loves this country and the people that make it work. Obama and his wife have hated us since long before he ran for the Illinois Senate… even pushing infanticide at that early stage – I have the letters.

      • I can always tell what someone reads full-time just by the wacky comments made. Write down a list of what Trump ever did for this country or its people in his 70 years before this. Don’t give me the list his team made up. Go back and look at all the news stories printed up about him for 70 years. You won’t find squat that he did FOR people. Others managed to get through investigations and have no charges brought up because there were none, though I know you believe differently. But until the evidence is there, one has nothing. In Trump’s case, he wants to end anything that could find the evidence, and that is a real problem. And he knows it. Thus, all his hullabaloo of excuses and accusations and blame and shame attempts of others. Just like every other person sitting in jail? It’s a “frame up.” No, it’s a Constitutional crisis he’s creating now, and I will not let that go unchecked. He is not a king, remember? Or are you looking for one? There’s a vital reason we have checks and balances. They exist so that no one branch or person can usurp all the power. Remember?

        • Donald J Trump took the 1 Million Dollars his father gave him as a young man and created Billions . He has refurbished and renewed old buildings all over the USA and all over the World , less waste and less land fills . And he employs thousands of people to run these huge Hotels and Resorts giving some life blood into our failing economy and lack of jobs ! Half of this USA is unemployed and he has helped to lessen that , which is more than I can say for Obama , Bush W and the Clinton’s combined !

    • And Clinton was so clean of any wrong doing, right? And CNN and the other MSM are so factual in their reporting, right?

      • The subject is Trump and the current ridiculous theory, which we all knew would be his next move because he’s always do obvious. In the past, recent and otherwise, we’ve seen others get questioned for hours by the House or the Senate or the FBI or others. Are Trump and the others incapable of that? They get to be held accountable just like any other public servant because that’s what they are – they are to serve the will of the people. So that’s what investigations are about – checking to see if that’s indeed what has been going on. It isn’t about serving themselves and never has been. Did they forget? Have you forgotten? I would think that every American would want to know the truth about things no matter what that truth turned out to be. That’s all that’s going on – a search for the truth. What’s to fear about that? Nothing, That’s all I’m looking for – the truth, no matter which names are involved. I don’t care if they’re Democrats or Republicans or other or a combination of all. Americans want to know the truth about any and all of them and we have every right to demand that and expect it.

    • Thanks, Vickie. Now sit down and shut up. All you did was parrot the talking points of the left BS. All the repeated negatives of President Trump are running out of steam. Get behind the country instead of ripping the seams. In 3 & a 1/2 years you get to vote again.

      • You’re quite amusing. For how long have you thought it was your right to speak to others in this manner and think they’ll actually ever give you the time of day? Not a believer in the Constitution or the tenets of this country, are you? Forgot that your freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins. Forgot or never learned that things like integrity and manners, dignity and worth for all individuals is part of this country’s belief system and will remain so in spite of you. I won’t be waiting for 3 1/2 years, I don’t suppose, but that remains to be seen. It’s always one day at a time. Don’t forget, though, that you are not mentally, morally, or spiritually better than anyone else here.

        • Yes, very amusing you are…………74 comments 35 upvotes…………..
          hmmmmmm. Seems you have already served notice that you are a distorted liberal who cannot shut their pie hole and get behind their country. Sorry, just telling you for real so maybe you might wake up.

          • You’re still talking about me and all sorts of other things that really have nothing to do with the original post at all. Continuing to talk about me or try to sum up who I am, as if that has anything to do with the topic, gets us nowhere. I’m not trying to have a contest of who’s right or who’s wrong contest because none of us knows the answers yet. We have yet to separate the truth from the lies. This isn’t a sports game where there are winners and losers. We’re involved collectively in trying to figure out how to live together in a democracy where all voices get to be heard and where agreements are made for the collective good of all and not just for a ome. Just like any other “family,” no one ever gets things all his way. There’s always give and take. Any family that allows some to lie or cheat is dysfunctional and will not last. Any family that allows bullying and name calling or blaming and shaming won’t last either. It will never move forward productively. The only kind of family that allows that kind of negativity is an authoritarian one, and there had never yet been an authoritarian it dictator type family that has ever produced a happy and healthy anf productive group yet. If only half are the least bit satisfied, that’s a failure. I am assuming no one wants this country to default into it being known as the great American failure. However, there are definitely those who do. There are those and other leaders and nations who cannot stand the U.S. orbour allies. They hate our successes, can’t stand that we sre as powerful as we are or that others look up to us or that many would want to live here or st least in a democracy if only they could.

            I’m pretty sure that if you and I sat firm snd just talked face to face that we’d fudvovervwr havfvmirr similarities than differences. Maybe not. But I ar least like to think the conversation would be civil and that we’d actually listen to each other yo find out where the common ground is. Of gourse we won’t agree on everything but so what? No two people ever have anyway. I don’t hang out with people just like me. Where’s the learning in that? And after we end the conversation, we put it all away and go get ice cream. I’ll even treat. ? Have a nice Sunday night. No matter how this all plays out, it’s only a tiny blip on the life clock thstvwrvhsvd do little bontrol over anyway. Earth will keep spinning.

    • I guess you come up with your idea without looking beyond the hatred you have for the man. Lets start with his rescue of GI’s stuck in in the middle east because our government could not find transportation for them. Trump own an airline at that time so he sent planes at no cost to bring them home only asking for fuel cost only. just resent he offered to bring a boy to the US for treatment England refused to allow treatment. I could give more examples buy it would take up more space here.

    • The Clintons and the Bushes [ bad cop, good cop, good cop , bad cop ] makes no difference they are all one big happy family , there is no difference between them and there doesn’t have to be when they all have the same common agenda !

      Democrat / Republican whatever these two families want to call themselves it’s all a game . A game they played on the PEOPLE for 16 years !

    • The mess obama created is being cleaed up by President Trump……guess you not well up on this…you know, poor reader!~

      • We all have the same news available to us to read/listen to. No one has an “inside track” so it’s a matter of what one picks to view, read, and listen to. I don’t pick from sources that I know are purposely slanted right or left. Why would I pick things I know are designed to lie and manipulate and to always show particular people or events in a good light while always showing others in a bad light? That isn’t news, it’s propaganda. So we’ll just all keep watching things all play out and see what turns out to be true and what turns out to be not true. Time will tell because it always does, even when humans try to deny it. We don’t alwsys know the whole effect a leader or policy has on us till an amount of time has gone by. Sometimes, that means years, not just days or months. The history books describing this time years from now will be quite interesting, We’re all going to look back and have a much different perspective of it all than we do now, just as we have with other eras in history.

  2. Considering the over 50-100 “coincidental” deaths surrounding the Clinton Crime Family, it is well with in the purview of their influence to do exactly that and not bat an eyelash. Afterall, they have contacts who took care of other “problems” that stood in their way. Hillary had no trouble giving the stand down order on the Benghazi-gate four to cover up the gun-running scheme to take down Syria’s Assad. She had not trouble selling 20% of country’s uranium to Russia and collecting private premiums through her fraud foundation and Bill’s speaking fees jumping up by 50%. She had no problem promising favors to the Gulf States for a payment of over 100 million dollars. I can totally believe that, being the consummate politician she is, that she would use underhanded tactics to make sure she won. She was so smug. She forgot one thing…We the People.

  3. You know that the nation has fallen into serious decline when the National Enquirer prints more accurate news than the major media organizations.

    • The National Enquirer is a pretty accurate publication and other Tabloids are usually pretty dead on as far as REAL NEWS AHEAD OF TIME !

  4. YES , Just like Comey framed Trump when Comey insisted that Trump have a one on one meeting alone behind closed doors at the Trump Tower . Then a few weeks later when Trump insisted that he and Comey speak for a minute alone in the White House we find out MONTHS LATER , OH NO this should not ever take place ! An FBI DIRECTOR never ever meets with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES alone ! All a HUGE setup !!!!

  5. Why is it that the Senate and the House aren’t lessening to the people, by the people for the people, not by the Senate and the House for the Senate and the House.


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