Russia’s New Combat Ship Is A Direct Threat

A concerning report from Russia published earlier in the month announced that the nation seeks to expand its control of the Arctic Circle via the construction of a class of nuclear-powered, laser-equipped Arctic patrol ships dubbed “combat icebreakers.”

According to the Russian news agency Sputnik, these mammoth-sized vessels will contain mounted lasers designed to “perform precision cuts” through ice, thus providing the Russian Navy with a considerable advantage over its U.S. counterparts.

While this laser technology must first be developed, Sputnik noted that “engineers have already taken the first step in the creation of lasers specifically designed for this task” and plan to “begin testing of a 30-kilowatt ship-based laser, designed specifically for easing the movement of ships operating in the Arctic environment,” sometime this year.

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  1. Since we already have high energy lazers that anyone can see destroying planes and all sorts of things, if the US would wake up and put some on ships to be ice-breakers we could – – and we should. The Arctic Ocean is a new area of competition for military and commercial control.

  2. Looks like the ConservativeNewsRoom.Com has decided that the “fake news” of CNN and the rest of the “garbage news outfits” is the way to go! If the USA had nearly 100% of our Northern border frozen water for 1/3 of the year we would be building ship like this also. Russia has the International authority to clear the ice for whatever use, as do we! Our home problem is that we have a Congress, lead by the Democrats (by Coward’s fiat), which finds that spending this nation into destruction is much easier to do, and then they can “make a deal” with whomever attempt a take-over, where they will find that the “new rulers” will not see any difference between Liberals and Conservatives!

  3. The Dark State had better quit rattling the Bear’s cage because the Dark State will get it’s ass kicked – guaranteed!

  4. Good luck with that. Our twenty year old ice breakers are still better tech than Russia’s new stuff. And like all the other Russian “tech” it had better have been built in the middle of the week :LOL

      • Very well could be. They are not a stupid people but, they have a bad habit of their tech not working real well or copying others with not doing the research themselves.

  5. So what they basically have is the laser powered Icebreaker BFD .We have Subs that can sail under the arctic ice cap be advised.

    • SO DO THEY….along with the new – T-14 – T-50’s….etc Boy are you behind the times especially in modern warfare and equipment….

  6. Laser cutting of ice will still take longer than the time required for a B-1 bomber to deploy its payload on Ivan who is busy cutting ice w/his laser technology comrade

  7. I think this is a fake news article, they are also planning putting laser guns attached to shark’s heads, like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, lol


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