Obama holdover Resigns

George Selim, a prominent Obama administration holdover known for engaging fringe Islamic radicals, has resigned from the Department of Homeland Security. Selim left his post as director of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), a senior administration official who is not authorized to discuss personnel matters confirmed to Conservative Review Sunday.

The former DHS chief submitted his resignation Friday, following his testimony Thursday before the House Oversight Committee.

A DHS source familiar with the situation who is not permitted to discuss the matter publicly explained that Selim often clashed with Trump administration officials, who sought to do away with the past president’s policies. Senior officials effectively quashed Selim’s efforts to maneuver Obama White House policies and strategies into the new administration, leaving a frustrated Selim with resignation as his only option.

Conservative national security experts have almost unanimously condemned the CVE approach as an ineffective program (at its best), and one that empowers Islamist groups and undermines Muslim reformers (at its worst).

The CVE program is seen as dangerous because its inherent political correctness disallows counter-terror analysts from observing whether there is a religious component to radical Islamic terrorism. Under President Obama, countless Muslim Brotherhood-connected groups shuffled in and out of the White House to stake their claims in the debate.

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source: https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/obama-holdover-tasked-with-countering-violent-extremism-resigns


    • Great news yes, Islam is a highly political organization, as such the true aim is to overthrow our government by replacing the Constitution by small increments with Sharia Law, this is the history of Islam, so if that’s the case and it can be proven, then why aren’t these Vermin [with a capital V] charged with Treason, if they aren’t citizens then deport them. Nah the ones that resign will probably get that proverbial “Golden Parachute.

  1. Islam, as a religion is not the problem! It’s the Imams that interpret the Koran. Followers of Islam cannot question the Imam. Get rid of the militants, the anti christian, anti jewish imams and all can enjoy each other. The three, Islam, Christian, and Judaism are tied to one another in theology. It’s the rogue Imams that creates the scisms.

    • So glad to find someone on here who is able to see past the prevailing hate-speech! Indeed, all who worship and obey the Infinite Being – regardless of what name is used – are Sisters and Brothers in one Ancient Faith. God bless us all!


      • If you would research ancient philosophy (I really feel you don’t care) you could find common ground for all religions. Interpretation is the difference. If you can’t look beyond your own mind then have a nice day but stay aware from insulting truths.

    • It seems that BO (by the way so many did not take full advantage of his initials’ appropriateness) populated (if you’ll excuse me) his White House with potential enemies of America and that’s why we went through such a depressing period of weakness.

    • If they’re citizens charge them with Treason, if they aren’t citizens and cannot be charged with Treason then deport them, these Vermin will not stop unless they’re forced to stop, they should be considered dangerous to this Republic, don’t think for a minute because they’re forced to resign this is the end of them, they are to any form of Democracy as a deadly cancer is to a body, this cancer does have a cure though, the question is will the doctors apply that cure.

  2. Muslims In
    their politically correct MADNESS, their cult of so-called multiculturalism” they REFUSE to recognize the fact that
    radicalized Islamic terrorists have declared war on ALL OF US and I think Islam, as a religion is not the problem!…Viva TRUMP and hope GOD help the USA

  3. Praise the Lord, and Trump too; another one of our former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s ( sorry but that IS what he is! ) Islamic brethren is outed and made to leave! Drain the NWO swamp, drain the anti-American swamp Donald!

  4. It’s about time! Take America back from these hate filled people. The cause nothing but problems and the so called quiet nice ones are quite for a reason. It’s called “I agree”.

  5. Get them all out. And especially any muslime! They have no part of the United States; won’t assimilate, and want only to establish a presence and kill anyone not of that despicable “cult” (it’s not a religion).

  6. Get rid of all those Muslim BASTARDS! Not any Muslim should be allowed to hold any public office! That includes the Kenyan OBAMA, the Muslim that pretended to be an American! He should be in GITMO now for impersonating a President & an American!

  7. Trump needs to fire all those from Obammy’s time because all theycwill do is try to keep the FAILED WORTHKESS Obozo IGNORANCE going and we have had 1000 years to many of his CRAP. So throw them out and if they were stabbing Trump Admin inthe back make their landing spot a prison cell preferably one in some 3 world Hellhole like they deserve and hopefully someday some Obammy will be joining them permanently.

  8. Check history back to the 7th century to see how”peaceful” Islam is/was. They could make the Nazis look like piker when it comes to killing races and religions.


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