DHS Bypasses Environmental Regs to Start Border Wall

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) signed a waiver of environmental regulations on Tuesday to allow construction of upgrades to the border wall and new wall prototype projects to break ground.

The department issued the waivers to bypass “certain laws, regulations, and other legal requirements to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers and roads in the vicinity of the international border near San Diego,” according to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from DHS officials.

DHS stated the agency has the authority to waive these requirements under laws passed by Congress to enable securing the border with Mexico. That authority stems from Section 102 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA), signed by then-President Bill Clinton. Congress updated the law five times under the George W. Bush Administration.

The waiver allows construction to proceed in the San Diego Sector where upgrades to existing border fences are already approved. The waivers will also allow new border wall prototype projects to begin construction immediately, officials stated.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/08/01/dhs-bypasses-environmental-regs-start-border-wall-construction/


  1. OMG it is the end of the world, we did not follow the EPA who has outgrown what it was intended to do. It was not intended to be a socialist experiment to make things impossible to Grow a crop, still water reserves and force farmers and ranchers out of business.
    I will say this. Congress and the Senate needs to make sure that the inspectors cannot be bribed by businesses and can’t not be allowed to be paid directly by the businesses they inspect or will get more mistakes such as the Gulf of Mexico. They need never to send an inspector by himself or to be subject to the businesses they inspect.

    • No the EPA is there to ensure we have a Healthy, Balanced Environment that Humans and All that make up this Earth can thrive on!! We need EPA. AND as a farmer or rancher you need to know that the ground, the air and the Water is SAFE not just for the animals and crops.. but for your Family’s safety~! NO Brainer! UR Blaming the Wrong entity for your problems. Everything in life and nature needs balance…. when there’s imbalance then problems occur.

      • As we have in Texas the TCEQ they are needed, but the federal equivalent needs to follow the laws on the books but need more power to enforce the regulations that prevent the contamination of our ground water, etc. The expanded created laws that were produced under President Obama are a slap in the face of our farmers and ranchers. A ditch is not a river or stream and neither are their man made reservoirs. The earth if properly treated can do its own correcting, I don’t believe in abuse such as not properly monitoring Fracking Oil Companies that create leaks into the ground water. Enforcement of existing laws are what are necessary and we should never allow the inspectors to be directly responsible to the businesses, but paid by the federal government and monitored for their proper enforcement so they can be protected by unscrupulous businesses.

    • Bribery is Illegal! However, Big Corporations in a sense bribe by making Giant size contributions to Political candidates and that’s Why the Repubs in Congress ignore the people because they are beholding to the big corporations and lobbyists. We Need to Get Big money out of politics and make it a level playing field so that the average person.

      • You do realize that the Democrats have more billionaire contributors than the Republicans? This has been their excuse for attacking Republicans for years. The other lie is that the racists joined the Republican PARTY. After the Civil War, the Democrats sent out pictures of white Republican government politicians. So that the KKK could find them and hang them. Of the 4400 persons lynched by the KKK 1/3rd were White Republicans. In the 60’s the Democrats could not pass the civil and voting rights acts because even though they were the majority party, they could not get enough of their party to pass them. They contacted Everett Dirksen to get his help. 64% of the minority party (Republicans) voted for them and only 34% of the Democrats voted for them. So don’t tell me the Republicans are the ones blocking the legislation, it is the Democrats. We have been lied to long enough. It is the stonewalling Democrats.

        • Hey George Soros is a Banking Partner of Trump Treasury sec. It’s true Politics make strange bed fellows. Come on right wingers WAKE UP AND smell the COFFEE! These people in the WH don’t give a crap about us working Americans. Tell me when was the last time the GOP cut taxes for the working man?

      • Just look at Trumps gifts to those sitting on the NJ Gaming Commission? Then look at how he tried to get them to TAKE an elderly NJ women’s home threw Entiement Domain for a Limo Parking lot for the Trump Casino. That shows you how corporate America works. It’s even WORSE now that Citizens United is legal. While we all KNOW about crooked Hillary. How come you right wingers DON’T SEE the similarities to how Trump operates? Besides didn’t you know that Trump held fundraisers here in NY for President Clinton and for our Carpet Bagger Sen. Clinton. So tell me whos worse. The politician that gets bought or the rich man that buys them?

  2. E – xtortionists P – ilfering A – merica , under the former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist which was meant to destroy capitalism is being reined in by this administration and thank God and Trump for that! This department should become extinct!

    • Trump is the Russia loving Authoritarian wanna-be. He is UnAmerican… doesn’t understand the Constitution, has No respect for our 3 branches of Gov’t, No respect for the Rule of Law.. He’s a Conman, Crook & Liar! Laws are there for a reason. Finally, the Wall is a HUGE Waste of $$. Most Undocumented people are those who came here with a Visa and overstayed !!
      1. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/visa-overstays-outnumber-illegal-border-crossings-trend-expected-continue-n730216

      • I suggest that you change your name to “Dopefor AMERIKA”, it defines you to a tee! You give your “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist a pass but perhaps you are one of his brethren – wouldn’t surprise me a bit! Baa, baa, baa, we want Obaa-baa-ma bleat his sheeple! You are a fool!

        • NOT FOPR LONG. As soon as Mueller morphs his investigation same as Kenneth Starr did with the Clinton investigation. Trumps ties to Russian bankers will come out. See Trumps family finances will become a BIG part of this. Now that a Grand Jury has been seated. They will have the power to subpoena all kinds of information about the Trump business. More then any Prosecutor can. Considering this investigation is only 2 months old and Kenneth Starr took over 2 years and changed direction 3 times while investigating Clinton. This will force Trump to resign or face HUGE conflicts as President

    • Stop watching Faux news InfoWars or Hannity. Assuming you are talking about Pres Obama… he is a Christian and a Capitalist who BTW got us out of the WORST Economic Recession since the 1930’s and he did it with Capitalism~! Trump was a BAD Businessman who Filed Bankruptcy (4) FOUR TIMES… He stiffed a Lot of Small businesses and ended up having to go to Russia to get $$$ becuz no USA bank would lend him $$$ after so many bankruptcies. Trump Colluded with Russia.. that is Treason.

      • Typical reply from the Leftist, useful idiots with suicidal wishes such as yourself! I guess I should watch CNN, right? DopeforAMERICA is what you are, you will see very soon which one of us knows the score!

        • I’m an educated American who uses Facts not Propaganda to form an opinion. It’s people like you who voted for FakePresTrump who has installed his criminal family & associates. Bannon is in our W.H.. Bannon is quoted as saying he is a Leninist.. and wants to see our country Fall!! That is UNAMERICAN! Trump is Owned by Putin~! Wake up!

          • Nothing Fake about President Trump. If you get rid of those people that voted five or ten times in Californication, Trump won the popular vote also. Your hope for American is sharia law right.

          • MORE RIGHT WING NUT PROPAGANDA!!! NO Proof that anyone voted illegally except for republicans. Besides so many of your right wing nuts say that a lot of Lefties are registered to vote in 2 places and do just that. Yet you fail to realize or choose not to admit Jared Kuchner the Presidents Son in law is registered here in NY & in NJ. Just a short LIMO ride over the Hudson river and he votes TWICE!!!!

        • So you would rather have the economy of 2008? You think the CUT TAXES & INCREASE SPENDING Repubs are better? Be serious. America was in the TOILET in Jan. 2009. The highest unemployment since the Great Depression. But in 2000 when GW took over America had a BALANCED BUDGET. In FACT the Gingrich Budget he forced on President Clinton had netted a SURPLUS for 3 years!!! So tell me again how GOOD the GOP is today for America? Tell me how good of a Businessman Trump is when he wrote off $900,000,000.00 in ONE YEAR. Yes that $900 MILLION in LOSSES in one year. But you still think he is better then Obama. WOW!!!! The ignorance of the right continues to amaze me.

  3. DON’T GIVE ME THIS CHIT……..They’ve been DOING surveys and demanding more since the river road and fence in 92…..and it goes back even further ——BS plain and simple…..

  4. The national debt was doubled in only 8 years more money spent than during our entire history, billions and billions unaccounted for google it. The world left in turmoil due the a failed foreign. Policy that gave rise to Isis control in Iraq and Syria. The illegal immigration system break down done on purpose by over whelming the system thought not enforcing federal immigration laws. There is a reason why half the nation hates Obama it has nothing to do with race, but his sneaky illegal deeds and obstruction of justice in endless criminal scandals. The most corrupt exective branch in history was allowed to walk away laughing after all the destruction they committed.

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