Majority Have a Negative View of BLM

A majority of registered voters in America have a negative view of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to a new Harvard-Harris Poll.

Key findings of the poll on the related topics of the Black Lives Matter movement, police, and race include the following:

  • Fifty-seven percent of registered voters say they have an unfavorable opinion of Black Lives Matter protests and protesters, while only 43 percent say they have a favorable opinion.
  • Seventy percent of registered voters say that black on black crime in African American communities is a bigger problem today, while 30 percent say police violence towards African Americans is a bigger problem.
  • Fifty-six percent of voters think the police are too quick to use force, while 44 percent think the police typically only use force when necessary.
  • Sixty-four percent of voters think race affects police use of force, while 36 percent say race does not affect the use of force.
  • Fifty-four percent of voters say police are too quick to shoot African American suspects, while 46 percent say police engage with people of all races about the same.
  • Fifty percent of voters say the criminal justice system treats people of all races and ethnicities about the same, 50 percent say it is biased against African Americans and other minorities.

“The Harvard-Harris Poll is a monthly poll released by Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) and Harris Insights and Analytics,” according to its website. It debuted in February 2017. Harris Insights and Analytics is a Stagwell company.

Mark Penn, the pollster for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign, is the managing partner of the Stagwell Group, and is one of the poll’s co-directors. The two other co-directors of the poll are Stephen D. Ansolabehere, a professor of Government and the director of the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University, and Dritan Nesho, a fellow at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science.

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    • But the killing of Other blacks by blacks won’t happen. They settle disagreements with violence of all levels. They want to be treated with peaceful means; but their actions to others of Any kind is that of violence, killiing, and a one-sided view/opinion, (THEIR prejudiced//biased//bigoted decision), of whatever occurs. They point their fingers and make accusations. Those fingers and accusations should be pointed accusingly back at their prejudiced group.

  1. BLM!! ha ha ha what a farce, joke, etc.

    Coloreds are one of the most violent races on the planet…next to mooosies….they’ll kill you for your sneakers, or just for the fun of it…..

  2. This last year has set back intergration 50 yrs. I grew up where bus drivers stopped buses on Va. side of Key Bridge and told all “Colored” to move to back of bus. I liked to sit in back and I was told I could not sit there in Va. My grandfather was in Army and assigned to War Dept as a JAG officer to Air Corp, we were at height of Depression, my father had died and Mother had little work experience (Clerked at Macy’s NYC) so he became my lrgal guardian. One day a beautiful black lady knocked on the door, she asked my grandfather for room and board in exchange for doing house cleaning, and cooking.. He said, NO WAY, but I’ll give you a salary and she stayed with us until after her died and with my mother’s help, got a Gov’t. job, she kept in touch with my mother until mother died. I will always remember her, she played with me, treated my skinned knees and gave me snacks.

  3. Yall beez raciest jes caus we likes gold toofs an old cataracs to drive an likes to steel witties monies an his ho’s!

  4. Shameful lot demean themselves and pulls the whole race down. If there is racism they are the cause of it. Whites by into this crap that I feel is a lie and used for gain.

    • I don’t know what they gain when they say they are protesting and they burn and destroy automobiles and homes and businesses. They show up to voice their opinion wearing bullet proof vests and carrying weapons. I guess they can’t be heard with just a bull horn.

  5. Please STOP using BLM to identify Black Lives Matter. Our Govenment has named the Bureau of Land Management the BLM. It’s to bad that the BLM ends up with 2 radical
    organizations. Black Lives Matter is a criminal type group. All they do is destroy property, hurt and kill people to force their ways on America. Bureau of Land Management in some
    ways turned into similar type of organization. Look at Southern California where the BLM
    closed off thousands of acres to Hunters, Recreationists at al. Then comes Nevada and
    Oregon where the BLM has tried to put a long time cattle rancher out of business and
    tried to steal his cattle. At least they were stopped by other ranchers and citizens without
    firing a shot. But NOT in Oregon. BLM again. This time they KILLED a rancher by shooting
    him in the back.
    Again, stop using the letters BLM for the Black Lives Matter radical gang! The letters
    belong to the Government agency Bureau of Land Management.

  6. I’m shocked. Not that 57% have an unfavorable opinion, but that 43% apparently agree with BLM, or are neutral. Then again, 43% would be that same group of miscreants and cupcakes that make up the progressives, far left progressives, and over the edge brain-dead progressives.

  7. IF BLM to the members, why don’t they take over the messed up schools in the inner cities, where the administrators are soaking their states for salaries, $/student (THAT is why they take attendance, for the state kickbacks), and pensions? NOBODY values the students, so the students DON’T value learning to read/write English, communicate (besides defacing RR cars), and computation? Harvard?!?!? pfft They can’t see beyond their ivory towers and escalating professorial salaries, paid sabbaticals, publications and wealthy, fenced in homes.

    • NO, we don’t need this bunch of ignorant haters to take over the schools!!!!!!! What we need is to have these people and all of their ilk to be removed from society, an let the real people run the schools. Get the government and libs out of the way!

  8. If Blacks, or anyone for that matter, want more respect from the police, they should give respect to the police, follow orders from the police, and stop attacking the police. Once a dog snaps at you the next time you see that dog you are pretty sure he will snap again. The same is true of Blacks. They are constantly attempting to fight the police. They refuse to follow or obey orders from the police, like “put that weapon down” or “take your hands out of your pocket”. When the police attempts to question a Black, they get up in the police person’s face acting all cocky and bitchy. Then they expect the police to just let them alone even when they are committing a crime. If they want the police to stop watching them so closely they should stop committing so many crimes.
    I have resided in a large city in the Philippines for a few years. I have yet to see even ONE police car on the streets. Occasionally i have noticed police on the street searching cars for weapons in an attempt to stop Muslims from setting off bombs. Unlike in the Black community, few people here commit crimes. Therefore, no police are required to be watching them. The Blacks could learn a lesson from this experience. Stop committing crimes and police won’t need to be on the streets in your community to protect innocent people.
    I also see very few police cars on the streets in White communities. Again, unlike Black communities, few White people commit crimes. So, no police are needed on the streets in White communities to protect innocent people. BLM is another word for hate!

    • I agree with most of what you say, but, there is way too much generalization(spelling?) going on here! I believe most “dark skinned” people are good people, just trying to make it this world. They need protection from the trash around them, same as everyone. I don’t believe in “race”, except for the human race, so, lets stop this nonsense and treat everyone with respect!

      • Hello Doug, i am with you 100%. Many good people on both sides of the isle so to speak. I was a teacher in the inner city for many years. My students were mostly African American. I got along good with them but only after they got to know me. Seems these kids are being taught from an early age to hate all White people. They do not know for sure why they should hate people like me, but they just follow the orders of the adults around them. I also worked as an RN in Home health for a while. one patient, a Black lady around 35 years old and single, asked me why i was a “good guy”. I asked her why she would ask something like that. She responded something like she had always been taught by parents, uncles and Aunts, cousins, etc, that White people were out to kill Blacks any way possible. She was taught all White people were bad. She said she was shocked i was a nice guy. This is what is wrong with the race issue. Young children are being taught false hoods that cause them to become almost like terrorists in their thinking against White people. They truly believe we are monsters. Very sad.

        • Thanks for your response, Bill, and don’t you think that many light skinned people are taught the same about dark skinned people? I wasn’t raised by bigots, so, my views may be less color based. I live in the south, so, I have seen the “racism” in practice, and have seen from both sides. My family is mixed with all shades. I have a grand daughter that is “mixed” that is in collage, and she is picking up this nonsense about race, and I don’t like it at all. She has a dark skinned boy friend that just can’t believe how we treat him just like anyone else. Maybe one day this will change.

          • Hello again Doug. About light skin people teaching their children the same thing about dark skin people. Hell i did not even know black skin people taught their children to hate whites. That was total news to me the day my patient told me that. Personally, i have never heard any of that from either side. My parents and other family members never talked about Blacks. So i have never heard anyone saying negative things about any race while i was growing up. In school for 20 years my students were majority Black. I had some White kids. The racism was almost totally coming from the Black kids. They tried every way possible to get a White kid alone and then they beat the hell out of him or her. I have never once heard a White kid talking negative about Blacks. I had heard many Black kids talking smack about Whites and other Blacks that were to “White acting”. But, i have never heard adults speaking like that. Most of my Black adult friends were educated and never talked smack about anyone. Just calm professional people with a great job they were happy to have. So this race thing of today is a mystery to me. I think it is mostly political. People are very open to suggestion and both Dems and Republicans seem to play upon their sympathies. Many weak minded people believe what politicians are saying. We as a people are pretty much spoon fed what the establishment wants us to believe. Racism is something that is pushed by our government leaders for self power. It is actually the government that groups people by race. Why can’t we all just be called Americans? It is the government that won’t allow that. In school, all students are grouped by the government into racial groups. Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian. So, the main problem is coming from the indoctrination by government officials. I about wrote a book. talk later.

  9. I was wondering why the Bureau of Land Management had such a reaction. Now the headline makes much more sense.

    I’ve always thought the idea of “Like us or we’ll kill you!” was a bit counter-productive. However, as part of the Leftist conglomerate, counter-productivity is normal.

  10. BLM is comprised of low-intelligent one-dimensional misfits and supported by the greedy liberal left. That whole faction is hypocritical and racist, contrary to what they and their media pals say.


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