Trump struggles with Afghanistan

Pressure is growing on President Trump to settle on a strategy for the war in Afghanistan.

Administration officials have been embroiled in a heated debate for months about what the strategy for the war should be, with Trump reportedly frustrated to the point that he raised the idea of firing the general in charge of U.S. forces there.

The dramatic suggestion underscores the sense that Trump is looking for a way to resolve the nation’s longest war, but it has only heightened the frustration of those in Washington who want the president to make a decision.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, threatened to take matters into his own hands if Trump doesn’t chart a course for the war by next month.

“If the president fails to do this by the time the Senate takes up the defense authorization bill in September, I will offer an amendment to that legislation, which will provide such a strategy,” he said in a statement.

McCain accused Trump of making the same mistakes as his predecessor, Barack Obama, in failing to provide a “successful policy and strategic guidance from Washington.”

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  1. John Mccain need to sit down and STFU. The man is a traitor on so many levels – from Vietnam to the present day. The health care vote he cast was the last straw. The man is mentally incompetent and needs to be recalled before he hurts this country any further. His come back to the Senate for the vote and his behavior on that day was just another instance of him giving the big middle finger to Trump and America. He has become Obama.

    He is going to do something about the war in Afghanistan. Is he so insane he thinks he won the election? This is a very angry, bitter, Iinompetent, deranged man and he needs to go.

    Remember – Obama said Afghanistan was the war to win and that was one of the reasons we withdrew from Iraq – leaving every bit of our equipment behind for ISIS, and leaving the void for them to fill. He created ISIS and now it’s worse than ever. I think we should pull out completely and let the Afghani’s have it. They have killed almost as many of our guys as the war itself. Not worth it anymore.

    McCain recently said he is anxious to get back to the Senate to work with another loser,
    Schumer, on immigration reform. Are you kidding me? Make no mistake, their idea of reform means only one thing. – BLANKET AMNESTY.

    As a fighter pilot Mccain was responsible for the fire on the USS Forestall and the resulting loss of life. He was grandstanding again, hot dogging, and did what they call a “wet” start of his jet as a prank. A prank, on the deck of an aircraft carrier during war time! Doesn’t sound to me like this guy was ever capable of good judgment. That little stunt ignited a missile on another nearby jet. (They are all in very closed proximity to each other on the deck of a carrier.) That set off a chain reaction of explosions that resulted in a fire that engulfed and almost sank the ship. He had to be rescued from his jet by helicopter. Don’t you wish they hadn’t? I do. After the incident, he was the only one to be transferred off the ship. Probably to stop his shipmates from “dealing” with him. The man has been a menace and a traitor for most of his adult life! His comrades from his days as a POW don’t call him “Songbird” for nothing.

    Sorry, I pray daily he doesn’t ever come back to the Senate. We have enough traitors there already.

  2. Now 2 Presidents and several top level, qualified advisers have wrestled with “what should our plan be” regarding Afghanistan. It is therefore not a simple solution. There will be reactions to every action, and there will not be one that makes everyone satisfied.


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