Trump RIPS McConnell on Twitter

On Wednesday, President Trump tore into Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Twitter. McConnell had snarkily suggested that Trump’s expectations were simply too high upon entering office; the president didn’t know how sausage was made. “Part of the reason I think that the story line is that we haven’t done much is because, in part, the president and others have set these early time lines about things need to be done by a certain point,” McConnell told a crowd in Florence, Kentucky. “Our president has of course not been in this line of work before, and I think had some excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process.”

It’s also why Trump should have put the squeeze to McConnell and other moderate Republicans months ago, rather than sitting on the sidelines and letting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and McConnell take the lead, then chiming in at the last moment with vague slogans about “getting it done.” Trump could have demanded a true repeal; he didn’t. He could have demanded a replacement bill that fulfilled basic free market conditions; he didn’t. Yes, McConnell has failed to motivate the Republican caucus to do its work. But Trump hasn’t been particularly helpful.

In fact, Trump undercut his own resistance to McConnell’s naysaying on Tuesday by endorsing interim Alabama Senator Luther Strange rather than Roy Moore. Strange is a McConnell ally; Moore would have been a voice of resistance to the McConnell block. Instead, Trump stood with McConnell.

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  1. The GOP has had almost 8 years to come with a viable solution to Obamacare. They don’t want a solution to Obamacare. The GOP is filled up with RINOs who want a single-payer program so they can control the healthcare for millions of Americans. They don’t want to give the American people back control over their health care which means control over their lives; this is the RINOs and left-wing Democrats way of taking power away from the people. Look at it this way if you take somebody’s control over their Healthcare away from them and put it in the hands of the government, the people will be afraid to come against the government because they will be afraid that they will lose their health care or be compromised in some way. And guess what they’re exactly right. Listen up folks if you don’t rise up against these establishment politicians now, they will control your lives from here on out. The federal government which is the establishment federal government wants to take over the control of your life. If you control your own Healthcare decisions and are given great options to put together your own health care package, then you have the control. The more you give away your rights to make your own decisions about your life to the government, the less control and power you have. Wise up folks and wise up now and refuse to put these people back in positions of power and put them on notice that their little shell game is at an end.

  2. It is too bad, Sen. “SURRENDER MONKEY” McConnell has made it necessary for Trump to state the OBVIOUS. McConnell redefines “incompetence” and “doing nothing” as “deliberative”!
    The man looks and acts like a post turtle. No idea where he is (except on a gravy train), no idea where he has been, no idea of how he got there and no idea where he is going (other than nowhere, he hopes)!

  3. Take big business out of the picture. Stop spending outrageous amounts of money on our military and useless Government officials, workers. Spend our money on Government sponsored healthcare, and education, for everybody. The reason we all pay outrageous prices for everything, is big business. We need to start firing all Government officials that support big business, as they are not working for us. The United States Taxpayers. Anything less is just stupid. Wake up people. We need to take our Government back from big business. Trump is big business, and he is not working for us. Example, war is big business. Who do you think is making all the materials for war? Big business! Wake up!

    • Well it all started with the Supreme JOKE! I mean court, once they said it’s legal for big business to contribute any amount of money they want to politicians that’s when big business took over. Also Ryan & that Mitch the BITCH McConnel need to be GONE!! If you have Netflix watch the documentary called We’re Not Broke, then let me know how you feel about this corporate run politicians.

  4. Sad to say but the writer is right! “Bitch turkey-neck McGobble” and his traitor friend “Ly’n Ryan” are part of the two-headed, one totalitarian oligarchy that is successfully engineering a coup against president Trump and those of “US” that put him in office! The “Re-PUNK-licans”, the feckless bastards that they are should have made these two traitors step down long ago! The Dark State is large and in charge and in reality it will take a REVOLUTION as the final SOLUTION to restore our nearly dead Republic back to what it was before it became “TRANSFORMED & TRANS-GENDERED AMERIKA” like our former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist had warned the dumb-ass sheeple that had voted for this demonic psychopath!

  5. Get that stupid dumb establishment (Mconnell) SOB out of off office! Somebody that pretends to be on your side and then,behind your back goes to the other side,like Bitch MConnell) thats lower than toe jam! Get away you SOB and never ever come back!

  6. President Trump AND the American people know exactly how Congress’ “line of work” and how “quickly times happen in the democratic process”. That is why Congress has such a low job approval rating. We are desperately in need for term limits. These “career politicians have screwed our country up almost to the point of no return.
    Advice from taxpayers and LEGAL voters, DO THE JOB YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO OR GET THE HELL OUT!!!

  7. If you have Netflix watch the documentary called We’re Not Broke, then let me know how you feel about these corporate run politicians.

  8. McConnells’s snarky comments about President Trump’s expectations being too high when he entered office kind of says it all. This is where the Republicans honestly are they want to keep the status quo corrupt political machine running in Washington just as much is the Democrats do. The American people gave the Republicans back the House and the Senate because they promise see they would repeal and replace Obamacare for years and haven’t done anything for 7 years you keep that promise. As a matter fact after President Trump was inaugurated the Republicans I shored him that Obamacare would be repealed but they blatantly lied to him and the American people. They had nothing in place and many of the RINOs’ true colors have shown and they voted against the repealing and replacement of Obamacare and thereby. Only lied to the American people but they have once again betrayed us. Any of the RINOs Who voted against the repealing/replacement of Obamacare wrote on the back of President Trump and we’re reelected. Now they’re attacking him. Did they seriously think the American people are going to forget that and for that matter stand for that? Republicans him just proving once again that they’re no different from the Democrats. The Democrats had seven years to address the major horrific problems in Obamacare and the difficulties with the American people were going through with their escalating deductibles and exorbitant rate increases for medical care and they’ve done nothing. The Democrats lied to the American people from the beginning saying we could keep our plan and our doctor and the only time they admitted it was when they were quite. They even had the unmitigated gall to ask for and get an exemption from President Obama for themselves and their staffs from Obamacare. 2016 was the referendum against the corrupt political machine in Washington and those who supported which are both Republicans and Democrats as they continue to prove. American people are more than tired of being betrayed and lied to. President Trump was elected because the American people have had enough of the corrupt politicians that are currently in office who only take care of themselves and their own special interests at the expense of the American people. It’s more than time for us to clean the swamp and we need to do it soon. We must take back our country before it’s too late. Kicking people like McConnell, McCain, Graham, Schumer, Pelosi, Walters and others like them out of office has to be our main objective. Term limits now! We the people need to push for a referendum to be added to the 2018 election in which the people decide and vote for or against term limits and we need to do it now.

  9. Man – it’s time to take back america…..I noticed today that soros/obozo ANTIFA was in VA doing their thing while white supremacist politicians said their piece. The constitution is for ALL or NONE…. You may not like it but it’s what the founding fathers fought and created….
    Hmmm – Trump is the elected president of the US.
    Trump is the Commander in Chief.
    Trump has the best generals and close advisers in the world.
    The DC turds are afraid of any success trump will have and trump is a threat to their power and BS.
    NATION finished their investigation into Russia / DNC and shows an inside leak with gucifer 2.0 used as a half a**ed attempt to foot print the russians….

  10. McTurd and RINO haven’t done an honest days work in so long they have forgotten how to get things done. Life is too easy on the federal teat.

  11. McConnell SUCKS Retire you old goat and take Ryan pelosi boxer and schumer with you. The world would be better off without all of you in office


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