CNN: ‘Shameful Nincompoop’ Trump Is ‘Unfit’

Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Republican strategist and political commentator Ana Navarro said President Donald Trump was not only unfit to be president, but also “unfit to be human.”

Navarro remarks were about Trump’s reaction to the events over the weekend in Charlottesville, VA.

Navarro said, “At a moment when the country so badly needed to hear from the president of the United States about healing and unity and condemning white supremacy and condemning racism and condemning neo-nazis, he was a coward. He didn’t have the spine to behave like a leader of the United States. And I feel that is shameful. I’m glad the Republican leaders are calling him out on it. I’m glad elected leaders in the Republican party are finally, finally stopping looking the other way and confronting the fact he’s not only unfit to be president. In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he’s unfit to be human.”

She added, “Look; he had an opportunity. He’s had two days. He’s had more than two days to address this, and he has failed to do so. To do so now under duress because of public perception, because of public pressure thank you, buddy. I really don’t need it. I think it’s spiritual leaders, I think it’s the governors, I think it’s the other elected leaders, I think it’s U.S. citizens, I think it’s regular people who need to step-up. And we need to be the ones that unify and heal ourselves because the president of the United States is a shameful nincompoop incapable of doing it on his own.”

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  1. Just another in a string of nitwits on CNN fake news. Typical snowflake mentality and a disgrace to what was once a profession called journalism. Wow, if she is an example of what our colleges are turning out then maybe the anti snowflakes should tear down our colleges and leave our statues alone! What an idiot she is.

  2. These people really need to move to this fantasy land that they believe in! And do it quickly! We had years of a total communist loser! And now these media losers are unhappy! BS!

    • “communist loser”. Our entire Trump team is controlled by the Russian communists and KGB killer Putin. You’re on the wrong side

      • THAT’S already been DEBUNKED loser!! Even the HATEFUL media has moved on to the FAKE racists NARRATIVE. Next month it’ll be some other manufactured BS. How can you not realize that you are being conned by a well funded HATE group known as the DemonKKKrats???

      • you’re a typical liberal idiot, when you wake up you’ll realize that you and your party are the communist losers. Join the right so you can begin to shed your shame

      • Obama Never Told 21 States Russians Were Hacking Their Voting Systems
        State election officials still don’t know which 21 of their jurisdictions Russian hackers targeted,

        State election officials still don’t know which 21 of their jurisdictions Russian hackers targeted, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

        Secretaries of state — who are the top election officials in 40 states — told TheDCNF they were shocked to learn of the Russian hacking when Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials first divulged it at a June 21, 2017, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing. (RELATED: Obama Administration Never Warned State Election Officials Of Russian Hacking)

        “We can’t find any secretaries of state who say they have been told they are part of this list of ‘targeted’ states.” said a spokeswoman for the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), which is the oldest nonpartisan professional organization for public officials, representing top state election officials in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

        The testimony of Jeanette Manfra, acting deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity and communications at DHS’s National Protection and Programs Directorate, before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence stunned NAAS.

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        “We have evidence of election-related systems in 21 states that were targeted,”

  3. “we the people”-Happen to not like your Medias-Disrespect toour President of U.S.A. Who do you think you’re??We Elected President Trump-And we Can End up shuttingy you Down-Because were sick of your -LIES.!!!OurPresident likes to get The Facts and Truth before he Talks-Your Media-Doesn’t do that-You just Spead lies and Garbage Just like OBama-Would talk-Before he had the Facts-And then he Ended-up Wrong.But It isn’t going to Matter what Trump-Says-Your going to be Against him-You just won’t give him a Break-Just makes me Sick.!!!!

    • I would Jesus said, that is that evil hates the truth. And Trump was one of the only ones the scanner for the American people and told the truth without going over there and being for one side or the other as both were involved. I want to meet you to come forward with all the videos and all the actions of the so-called white supremacist that have taken place over the last several years! Then I would have somebody who are not media whores ,come out and show all the extra aggression by the left against the right for the last year counting the attacks on conservatives at Trump rallies and everything after that, just period of time.

  4. It was TWO stupid groups that came together so what do they think would happen ? The police were told to stand down so they did nothing to stop it. So how is any of this Trumps fault. We have too many offended people right now.

  5. TOTAL DIRESPECT for our president – if she thinks that her garbage spewing is helping our country, she is dead – wrong. Show a little respect act like an American

  6. Exactly why I’ll never watch the Communist News Network again! Where were they when Obama never commented on the killings of policemen in Dallas, or his stance with the so-called Black Panthers, or the Muslim Brotherhood? This is total BS!

  7. CNN has gotten the NYC Macaroni total BS award the last 2 years. In a celebration of the awards they gave Dog crap on a plate at 30 rock which the media raved about

  8. AJT CNN is known for hating our President, why would anyone in their right mind listen to this shit that CNN is spreading? If CNN along with the rest of the worthless media would work with our President and stop all the kids play perhaps things in this country would start to turn around. The reason Our President can’t drain the swamp is because the Swamp people are causing all the problems for him. Tired of all this shit being done to our President and it’s the media that is to blame. If Obozo or Hillary took a shit we hear about it. enough is enough

  9. Who is the the nincompoop here? It seems to me that the democrats, the CNN(Clinton News Network), the people who are living in a fantasy world and all the liberal bird brains are the nincompoops. Not the President. They are so out of reach with the American people. No matter what President Trumps says or does it is wrong. They lost the election and now they are hell bent on destroying this country and President Trump. We the people know this and we will stand behind our President and let these idiots bury themselves. Shame on you Ana Navarro and the rest of your fake news reporters, you are unfit to be a professional journalist and unfit to be an american.

  10. CNN Communist Network News has spoken again and we should all just automatically believe it. Not. That is why nobody is watching them anymore. They are like the rest of the liberals up to the eyeballs in debt like California, Detroit, but they will always have someone to bail them out, like Obama who likes to steal your money.

  11. Just because Jebby lost, rino Ana has disrespected along with cnn our duly elected president..for once we have someone speaking truthfully and calling out the hateful left..doesn’t mean we embrace any hateful groups..we condemn all of them..kkk,neo nazis,blm,antifa,etc.

  12. CNN—Communist News Network of lies. Kind of says it all. Nobody cares about this garbage they spout. We elected Trump…..Now support him instead of tearing him down.

  13. How can this stupid,moron be in news. Only on CNN. This lady needs a new brain and new schooling. No wonder CNN is in the pits. With employees like this no business can survive.
    Shame on her and shame on CNN,Her comments are completley out of line and uncalled for. Everyone agrees the oposite is true.

  14. 100% correct. He is a disaster. Evil personified. 8 months in, the edge of nuclear war and Nazis marching in our streets. Jail him and his Russian kissing cohorts asap. Speaking as a Christian, I’m disgusted at the terrible example he has shown the world.

  15. The mayor of this city is a democrap and had the police stand down. The family of the woman that was killed should sue him personally. Who in their right mind would allow counter protesters near each other and not expect them to clash. Antifa came armed and ready for war. CNN should be shut down as they are making it up as they go along.

    • “Antifa came armed and ready for war”, along with Barry’s BLM thugs.
      You won’t hear much about that from the media propaganda ministry.

  16. CNN NEEDS TO GET A LIFE ! They sure don’t have the RATINGS ! They should not be classified as an informative news site but an ultra left terrorist rablerouser !!!!!

  17. So she’s a Republican strategist… sounds more like a Republican traitor to me; another faker on the take! Here is what she should have said:

    No time to be nice… the polemical penman is out to awaken the sheeple! I just listened to TRUNEWS. com as most patriotic Christian Americans need to do; it was announced that the devil that planned the event was a Obama supporter! He had stated how he loved being a provocateur. This event was staged by the Left to place blame on the Right! I had told my friend this morning and just now Rick Wiles reiterated what I was thinking: why are the “law enforcement” standing back and allowing all of this rioting and violence happen – Ferguson, Baltimore, Texas, was it Houston or Dallas where the police were ambushed and now the city where they let the Marxist/Communist thugs pull down that statue. My Lord sheeple, how ef’n stupid can you be, all of this violence is being permitted as they want a racial war as all Communists come to power with civil war and bloodshed! Sheeple had better get their heads out of their asses and their smart phones out of their ears and fingers because they are being played as the idiots that they have become! The black, soulless bastard, Muslim-Marxist jihadist Obama and his Dark State, all Satan worshipping communists are large and in charge and Trump and his administration and the American sheeple had better understand this really quick because things are going to get worse and that is why I say: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION, hopefully not Right against Left as they are orchestrating but rather EVERYBODY against the Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls that are behind these orchestrated dog and pony riots that are being induced by their provocateurs! I had seen this coming decades ago and my friends and family all thought that I was way out there, well my handicapping is proving true to form! GOOD against EVIL is being played out in these End of Age days and to deny that is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that!

      • Does this sound like a compatriot Dem, dummy!
        … and the crack-like addicted sports junkies fell for it; like I say, the country has become one of SHEEPLE! The players and owners had realized that they have gone too far and that the GOLDEN GOOSE was about to stop laying golden eggs so they back-tracked in a real hurry and the fuk’n SHEEPLE fell for it, what AZZHOLES! Sheeple need to get a life of their own rather than having to live vicariously through a bunch of highly paid scum bags!
        This explains exactly why the country is in such a deplorable and very soon communist State – they have no fortitude, discipline ( just look at all of the obese beasts ) nor willingness to sacrifice to save their own fat, lazy asses and this dead Republic, just a breath away from becoming a Communist State. Our culture is being destroyed, first the family, the police, then the statues and now our greatest pastime and who knows what is next! Yes SHEEPLE, just keep being amused as you are being destroyed from within, what a bunch of sorry, gullible bastards!
        You can bet that the former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist “Bath-house Barry” is leading this communist symphony from his most luxurious ( yeah he loves the poor, he wants more of them, more money for him and his commie minions ) political bunker i. e. HELL HOLE just down the road from the WH. Baa, baa, baa, we want Obaa-baa-maa, as well as his ole ugly commie political whore Killory, bleat his suicidal useful idiots on the Left !
        REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed; the alternative will be living a life of misery, squalor and servitude to the Godless, totalitarian State that is 95% in place already ( largely thanks to the sheeple and the NFL and “Hollow-wood” too ) and they are working like hell to get that last 5% by disarming “US”, and they will! Keep on being fools, fools

  18. LOOK who’s CALLING Trump, a ‘shameful nincompoop’!!
    AGAIN, they’re blaming the BEST MAN FOR THE JOB for
    their personal STUPIDITY!!
    Dumocommies ALWAYS call attention to their ‘weaknesses’!!

  19. Obama’s plan to destroy the nation is still gaining momentum. Yes, the White neo-nazi’s have been around since the demovermin formed the KKK, but barry soetero and george sorass have formed their own leftist fascist terrorist armies called antifa and BLM who are under their full command. I’m not defending either side of the spectrum, both are evil and destructive and they should all go straight to hell. Trump spoke the truth, and blind, ignorant a$$holes like navarro should either take the time to educate themselves on what is really going on or STFU before its too late.

  20. This woman is a common Kook. CNN should fire her immediately. This whole childish silliness without even listening to the first comment Pres. Trump made. Any person with an IQ above one should immediately understand the content and context of his message. Are there not other hate groups which are evil and dangerous to our Society Like BLM?? I want CNN to fire her for her idiosy . CNN if you do not you are Cowards.

  21. cnn ana u are a joke. U are unfit to be a reporter. These stupid leftist are ruining this country. Trump was right to condem all parties involved with the riots. It takes 2 to tango. The leftist need to leave history alone. leave the statues alone you dumb sobs

  22. Communist News Network on full Socialist parade again. No one with a functional brain believes anything you proclaim as news. CNN is a Democrat leftist tool, financed with Soros money. That’s all it is.

  23. she should be next in a long line of nincompoops that need to be fired. On second thought CNN should just be shut down and reinvented as a real news Network, meaning non biased and factual.


  25. CNN and their so-called correspondents are unfit to tell the news. They wouldn’t know the truth and report on it even if their lives depended on it. The nincompoops are all the liberal jacka$$es on CNN, especially this idiot Ana Navarro. This pos just like all the others like her would never be satisfied no matter what President Trump said. His first statement was good enough for anyone who had a brain. HE WAS CORRECT BOTH SIDES WERE GUILTY. Not just the White Nationalists, so were the BLM, the Antifa and everyone of Soros’ groups. If she and others like her can’t handle that, then resign and become garbage collectors because that’s the best all them are good for.

  26. Ana Navarro has never been a republican!! She is a liberal race baiter for CNN !!
    She is so uninformed on current events and politics, I fear she suffers from liberalism – a mental disease. I wouldn’t believe her if she told me the time of day .
    In the future I will delete any and all articles about her. Time is too precious to waste
    on her and the democrats she represents.
    MAGA ????????????

  27. When the Muslim attacked the nightclub in Florida the Media went Berzerk when Trump called it a Muslim Terrorist attack BEFORE the facts were in!! They said he could not be President for making statements BEFORE all of the facts were in!!!NOW the are upset for him doing it!!! The Hypocrisy of the libtyrd Demorat MSM snowflakes is astounding!!!


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