Fox News Hires Tomi Lahren

On Wednesday morning, Fox News announced that 25-year-old conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren is no longer unemployed. After a litigious separation from The Blaze triggered by her suggestion that it was hypocritical of conservatives to be both anti-big government and anti-abortion, Lahren is now slated to be a regular contributor to Sean Hannity’s show and play a “signature role” in an unspecified future “digital product.”

When the legal dispute with The Blaze finally wrapped up back in May, Lahren said in an interview with Playboy that she was definitely interested in working at the “mecca” of conservative news. On Wednesday morning, Fox confirmed that they’ve nailed down a contract with the popular figure, though the network didn’t offer many specifics about the roles she will play.

“The network said on Wednesday that Lahren will have a ‘signature role’ on a digital product under development and be a commentator on the network’s opinion programming,” ABC News reports. “Her primary home will be on Sean Hannity’s show, where she was to debut on Wednesday.”

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  1. I thought Miss Tomi was a wonderful example of brightness and patriotism until she
    announced her strange opinion on abortion, which sickens me. I hope Fox News will
    be careful not to subscribe to the “pro-choice” agenda. Maybe a woman who has an
    abusive husband should be able to “choose” to kill him too…. (Lighten up: I’m kidding!)

    • To think such a “rational” person can believe in promoting the killing of innocent human babies….really fits with the Satanism/paganism of the sodomy-baby-killing sacrifices of the “secret” Luciferean societies. She must be invited into their naked Rothschild orgy parties where cut-up “babydolls” decorate the tables. All the”spirit cooking” of the Pedesta elites who are bribed and controlled puppets of the super elite Epstein-types on tape.

  2. FOX NEWS is slowly becoming polluted. She’s one of many examples.
    Since Rupert Murdoch handed the reins to his sons, James and Lachlan,
    I have been watching a slow liberal cancer take over FOX.

  3. mark Levin said several months ago that fox would start getting moderate to leftist on their network,looks like he is is destroying itself.i watch fox business more than fox.varney,cuvoto,lou dobbs,they have phased out Charles payne and eric bolling on phony charges.wonder who will be targeted next.


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