Judge temporarily halts Texas sanctuary city ban

A federal district judge on Wednesday ruled to temporarily block a new Texas law that would have banned sanctuary cities in the state, just two days before the law was set to take effect.

Federal District Court Judge Orlando Garcia granted a preliminary injunction of the sanctuary cities ban, Senate Bill 4, saying in his ruling that the law would have eroded the relationship between local law enforcement and immigrant communities.
In a 94-page ruling, Garcia wrote that there “is overwhelming evidence by local officials, including local law enforcement, that SB 4 will erode public trust and make many communities and neighborhoods less safe,” adding that “localities will suffer adverse economic consequences which, in turn, will harm the state of Texas.”
The new law was pre-empted by federal immigration law, which supersedes state law, the judge found.

“The Court cannot and does not second guess the Legislature,” Garcia continued. “However, the state may not exercise its authority in a manner that violates the United States Constitution.”

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source: http://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/348659-federal-district-judge-rules-against-texas-sanctuary-city-law


    • With a name like Orlando Garcia do you have any doubts? call me a racist or bigot, i do not have any doubts which way he leans. he leans so far left he needs to be propped up to keep from falling over.

  1. This what will happen all over if we get more and more of these Hispanics in power…Whitey will be shoved aside for their power grab…

    • sounds like you’re afraid of being in the minority. That’s because you KNOW how minorities are treated. Texas was Mexico for much longer than it’s been texas.

        • “back across the rio Grande” never been there.
          as for minority status. The US Census Burea says that childrfen under 18 will be non-white majority by 2020, and the total US population will be 56% non-white by 2060. About time.

          Have a good week; hope you weren’t in the storm. UNDOCUMENTED, of course, will be rebuilding Texas.

      • Every liberal runs with this same old song….someone else’s country before we took it over. Texans fought and won a war with Mexico. We didn’t take it over. Why are you here taking advantage of what my forefathers fought for? Go live in Mexico!! But you will have to do it legally, as Mexico has very stringent laws governing immigration!

        • Mexico is America. look at a map ;the name of our country is THE UNITED STATES. it is located in America. Mexicans live in America .North America is Mexico, THE US and Canada.

  2. good, make the whole state of Texas SANCTUARY. It used to be Mexico. everybody knows it will be undocumented workers rebuilding Houston. Undocumented Texans died trying to help flood victims. they pay MILLIONS in taxes, and get no welfare. yes, really.

  3. “The Court cannot and does not second guess the Legislature,” Garcia
    continued. “However, the state may not exercise its authority in a
    manner that violates the United States Constitution.”
    To finish Judge Garcia’s statement “However a Judge may exercise its authority in a manner that violates the United States Constitution”.

  4. ENOUGH of this ‘Crapola’… Time for Trump to say ‘TOO BAD!.. and SHOVE IT where the SUN don’t shine!! Obozo did ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that really WAS illegal- and totally supported by these SUBVERSIVE liberal/progressive ( so-called ) JUDGES! DACA for instance was a totally ILLEGAL executive ( notice the small ‘e’ 0 order by Obozo! )

  5. Time to end the BS that JUDGES get appointed for life, this judge and his family should be deported to any place but here. Tired of these buttholes blocking laws and putting Americans lives in danger. No to DACA DEPORT them all. Let them go back home and build up the country and people the left behind. If they work to change their country then they wouldn’t have to run away like cowards.

  6. YES, it sounds likehispanic, protecting ILLEGALS, he shouldn’t even be on this case, he needs to remove himself, because of being personally involved

  7. With that opinion that judge just became a lawmaker instead of a judge. The state of Texas should tell that sorry ass pile of shit to go to hell & enforce the law.

    • why do you think over 400 some cities, countries, municipalities and, now, complete STATES have voted to become “Sanctuaries”? do your homework


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