Publisher pulls book about Hillary’s faith

The publisher of a book about former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s faith — written by her pastor — has pulled the book after discovering portions of it were plagiarized, CNN reported.

The Rev. Bill Shillady, a United Methodist minister, said the book, “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” was based on emails he wrote to Clinton during her presidential campaign and in the aftermath of her loss. The former secretary of state appears on the cover of the book and wrote its foreword. Clinton is a lifelong Methodist and, according to CNN, Shillady has been her pastor since 2002.

Shortly before the book’s publication in August, CNN reported that Shillady copied a portion of a devotional from another pastor without attribution. The Rev. Brian Milford, president of The United Methodist Publishing House, which owns Abingdon Press, the book’s publisher, told CNN that their report prompted the publisher to conduct an “extensive review” of the book.

Milford told CNN in a statement that upon review, Abingdon Press was “alarmed to discover other content unattributed by the author.”

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  1. Of course there’s plagiarism involved with Hillary — she is dishonest, and she associates
    with dishonest people. It’s who she is….

    • No she really doesn’t, they’re just like her. Ordaining homosexuals and women-both unscriptural, performing gay weddings, for many years supporting the Word Council of Churches- who never saw a communist they didn’t like. And the list goes on.

  2. Why would anyone with even an ounce of sense purchase anything that portrayed Killary as religious? She is a known liar and criminal and possibly a murderer, therefore she has forever hung a cloud over any claim she might make about being religious.

  3. The Methodists have mostly been in the “far country” for years. They are generally more pagan than followers of Christ. A good example here.

  4. Pulled a book about her faith? I don’t see why they should, I’m certain this pamphlet of financial quotes couldn’t be that big of seller anyway.


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