Baker Breaks Down After Being Compared To Nazi

In a disturbing report from The Daily Signal, a Christian baker from Colorado, Jack Phillips, broke down over the vitriol that’s been unleashed on him since he held true to his religious beliefs and declined to service a gay wedding. Phillips found the accusation that he’s just like a Nazi, launched, incredibly, by a government official, the most hurtful of all, especially since his father fought against the Nazis during WWII and shared with Phillips the first-hand horror he encountered.

Phillips was sued by gay couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins for refusing to make them a custom cake for their wedding back in 2012. The baker says he services people from the LGBT community all the time, but felt it was against his Christian faith to make the custom cake and therefore be participating in the gay wedding.

“I serve everybody,” he told the Signal, “I just don’t make cakes for every event; it’s never the people, it’s always the event that I look at.”

Phillips’ case, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, is now set to hit the Supreme Court.


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  1. Find this just awful! Loving Jesus and upholding God’s Bible should be admired. The people against him are acting like Nazi’s

  2. Nazi’s BROWN BOOTS……..Lock Step AND Lock THINK !
    The ALT – LEFT………..This IS the real-life Movie of INVASION of the BODY(and MIND) SNATCHERS !

  3. Does anyone remember the statement “No hat, No shirt, No shoes”, that gave owners an out, well why shouldn’t the owners right to hold to his religious beliefs.

  4. This is the state of freedom of speech in America. There are millions of Americans who oppose or don’t believe in gay weddings, abortion, climate change, a porous border, medical marijuana, etc. Any number of things. They all don’t oppose nor not believe in each of these ideas, but at least one of them. Then when they put their voice to their thought they are attacked. They are yelled at, screamed at, attacked on social media, protested at their home, at their work. The people doing these attacks do it because they think they are the enlightened ones. That they hold the moral high ground. That they are smarter. They try to shame and silence people who express their thoughts….so what do the people being attacked do? They go silent. They go deep. Not because they are scared or change their view, but because they get tired of the bs. Then they exercise their freedom of speech at the ballot box. This is why Trump won.

  5. Typical LGBTQ HATE attack people so they become the bad guys when the TRUTH is the LGBTQ SICKOS are the real bad guys. See they want to have far more rights for themselves than anyone else does. This has nothing to do with the baker saying no it is about getting an agenda passed that makes them to be better than everyone else. This case should have been thrown out long ago but it gives the wackos publicity and money to their cause so the LIBERAL IDIOT Judges are making sure if gets it.

    • Actually most lgbt’s just want to be left alone to live their lifestyles in peace. They are just as offended as any ‘straight” would be. Also the activists are showing their own stupidity when they ally themselves with Muslims against Christianity. What do they think the Muslims will do if they gain the upper hand? Hint: we have some tall skyscrapers and they will make a splash hit on the street below.

  6. Beating down those who don’t submit is what the left does. It’s time we stood up and fought back, calling them out for what THEY are.

    • REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, guaranteed – like it or not! Freedom, as they say, doesn’t come free and I’d say an installment payment is past due! We haven’t been a nation ruled by law for eight years; the REGIME in MOSCOW WEST no longer adheres to the rule of law and neither MUST we if we are to remain free! Armr=========================== ? —-,we will be needing them!


  8. The liberal media’s relentless efforts to demonize people who don’t agree or go along with Gay marriage and the other lies associated with this fake civil right movement from the Obama era. Jack Phillips is an honest business man who is wise and sane enough to know how seriously inappropriate it is for same sex people to believe that they play in any relevant part of marriage-not a chance! a marriage will ALWAYS be about a man & woman, and not about self chosen homosexuals, who have pushed their perverted concepts into areas that will never make their lifestyle relevant to anything important, nor will attacking businesses like this man’s bakery change anything important-they want to make this guy a serious example, but they’re only show how insane that their self chosen lifestyles really are, and there’s just no way that this perversion will ever be the norm-it won’t! but calling the Phillips baker a Nazi only shows and proves how retarded the liberal media has gotten in their war against other people deep rooted in truth and sanity, who can never see any relevance to two men marrying one another-that’s in God’s hands, and when he’s ready to render his judgments, people will know, and it’ll be too late! trying to normalize Homosexuality and Gay marriage will continue to divide our country, and it won’t change a single thing out there!

  9. Many of Hitler’s Nazis were reportedly gay. The Christian Faith is based upon natural procreation, the family of Mans’ male/female connections. A Christian must follow God’s commandments in order to thrive. Gays do not naturally procreate. Gays can be very aggressive and very creative. By the way, all of the ‘isms’ are not faiths but Man-made political ideologies based on power and money: like socialism, naziism, fascism, communism, scientology-ism, islamatism …. etc. etc.

  10. It always amazes me how the LGBT community is so ignorant that they think this kind of thing is going to make them more acceptable. It has EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE effect. They aren’t happy being allowed to live their lives and marry, they have to make sure they shove their misguided lifestyle in everyone’s face. This is going to backfire on them in a very big way very soon. Their rights are not more important than someone’s religious rights, I don’t care how far left they go.

    We need to get rid of all the useless establishment Democrats AND Republicans in 2018, and elect people to represent us with some balls so this issue can be handled properly. A way needs to be found in law that can address the needs of both these groups of people and work out a compromise. Current reps won’t touch this because it is, like DACA, a hot potato, but it needs to be handled so this nonsense can stop once and for all. Maybe we will get something more concrete from the Supreme Court on this issue, that will lead the way. Religious beliefs are not a minor issue. If you need more proof of that look at the so-called religion of Islam.


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